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Self-Realization About Youtube

So, I've been making videos for a while now, trying to unlock that partnership "magic" just so I can get to a point where I'm actually making something for the things I produce, and I've come to a realization:

It is entirely unlikely that my main channel will ever achieve partner.

Unless I change things drastically. I can't keep making these sporadic videos and expect to reach the same status as Wheezy Waiter and the… Continue

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Let's Get Saucy

I've been trying to teach myself to cook so I can avoid eating out as often as I have in the past (because it is needlessly expensive and I like having more control over what I'm actually eating).

I know the basics, but recipes sometimes are beyond me (mainly because I am lazy and don't feel like making anything until I'm really hungry, which means I don't feel like getting really involved in cooking that's going to take an hour).

One recipe I've picked up from the parents… Continue

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I Spend Way Too Much Time Alone

I really do.  And because of this, I think too much (yes, there is such a thing).  I over-think everything that happens and often come to the wrong conclusion.  Someone will mention a medical condition and I think "oh geez, do I have that?"  I start analyzing the symptoms and find that they match... but it could also be some kind of weird hypochondria that happens BECAUSE I heard about it.

The thing is, I can't really think of a solution to this.  The easiest is of course, go… Continue

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The Computer Fully Obeys Murphy's Law

Whatever can go wrong, will. And it will always happen to me when I absolutely need something done.

All I want to do is use Compressor to render my video. Why won't you let me do that, computer? It's not an unreasonable request. You've done it with such ease in the past. What's different this time?

Too much open? Why are you trying to save anything to the hard drive? You're supposed to be using the external, after all.

This is a colorful way of saying: Today's… Continue

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Doctor Who Has Lost His Best Companion

Elisabeth Sladen, best known for playing Sarah Jane Smith on Doctor Who and later in her own spin-off series The Sarah Jane… Continue

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The Absolute Insanity of Oleander Drive

Anyone who has driven in Wilmington has probably experienced the madness that is Oleander Drive. Recently, I've noticed exactly how mad it is.

On Thursday, I narrowly avoided a rear-end collision. While stopped at the Oleander/College intersection waiting t turn on College, the guy in front of me stopped short, causing a chain reaction that ended with the three cars behind me hitting each other. The car directly behind me was pushed into my bumper, but it was only a mild tap and I… Continue

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A Production Day

There was a time when I didn't think it would ever happen. Today, I finally got back into directing a short film.

I know I talked about this yesterday, but I was fully prepared to write a fail blog today with the excuse that nothing went right and we didn't actually shoot anything.

Not to say that everything did go well, but we still got something shot.

The real issue today was the lack of an actress. I know this was totally my fault due to my poor planning… Continue

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Return To The Director's Chair

As most of you know, I've directed a few short films in my time. For example, "Taboo" (which has just recently inspired a short film currently being shot in L.A. More on that some other time) was what I consider my best directorial work thus far.

But that, believe it or not, was way back in 2007. Certainly not the last film I have worked on, but I have been working as camera, writer, editor, etc. on all these other projects. And it's not for… Continue

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Troy Women

Whenever I can, I try to get out to the theater. Live performances are always so much fun, and I agree with Oscar Wilde when he said:

"I regard the theatre as the greatest of all art forms, the most immediate way in which a human being can share with another the sense of what it is to be a human being."

The UNCW Theater Department prints this on the first page of every program they produce, and it's absolutely true. A well done live show can be both effective and… Continue

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Final Day of Tutoring

This semester I have been tutoring students every Thursday at Isaac Bear Early College.

When I first started, I was very nervous. I thought I would end up with students who did not want to be there and would, as such, not try to learn anything. They would be unwilling to listen to anything I said. Fortunately, minus one or two exceptions, that was far from the case.

Most of the students I tutored seemed very keen to learn and to figure out how to improve their writing. I… Continue

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Bandits Is Just A Good Movie

I don't know if a lot of people know about it, but it really is.

I remember watching this movie when it came out on video (I was working at Blockbuster at the time) and thoroughly enjoying it. So, a while back I saw it on sale for a cheap price and picked it up. Finally got a chance to watch it again tonight.

After watching it again, I figured out what I like about it;…


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Script Frenzy Update

So, by the numbers I'm a bit behind on my Script Frenzy script, but I already have the whole thing planned out, so I just need to take a day to get it on the page.

I think that's the point, really. That should be the slogan for Script Frenzy and NaNoWriMo:


One of the hardest parts of writing is actually getting over any concerns in your abilities as a writer and producing something. Or, at least that's my biggest problem. I'm still trying to… Continue

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Another Day, Another Blog

Week two of April. This is when my motivation for BEDA/VEDA/Script Frenzy starts to die. I just get that lackadaisical feeling where I just want to sit on the couch and watch television.

Fortunately, I don't have cable. Unfortunately, I have several stacks of DVDs I've yet to watch.

Still managed to get my video for today done, even with the prolonged nap in the middle of the day. I think one of my main issues is not having a definite plan. Look at vloggers like… Continue

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From Hell to Breakfast - A 5RG Tale

At last, an entry into The Tenth Daughter of Memory! No punishment for me!!



From Hell to Breakfast A tale from the 5 Regular Guys Universe

      I swear all I wanted was a couple of eggs... maybe a piece of bacon... or two. I know I shouldn't eat it, and she'd kill me if she ever found out, but when death is around the…

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We Ask That You Refrain From Any Audio/Visual Recording


We still have that?

The folks and I went to the Alabama Theatre tonight and saw the Drifters, the Coasters, and the Platters. Great show, but I have no footage because the Alabama Theatre wants to try to sell their really crappy DVD copy of the show.

I mean, I could run out to the car, get my Canon DSLR and record the whole thing in HD and be far beyond anything the Alabama Theatre could do.

But, I digress.

The show was great.… Continue

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Despicable Me: A Nerdfighter Movie?

This isn't the first time the claim has been made.

My parents are currently in town and we decided to watch Despicable Me tonight (Dad told me to find something cute that Mom hadn't seen. This is what Red Box had to offer). This was my second viewing, and I noticed a few things.

Of course, there is Vector, Gru's chief rival and the new supervillain on the block. His name was chosen because, as he claims, he is "committing crimes with both direction and magnitude" (and… Continue

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Then There's Thursday

Ah yes, the other hurdle to success this month.

My schedule is strange this semester. I have one class on M-W, while everything else is T-Th, with Friday free.

However, I forgot to take into account how tired I usually am by Thursday afternoon. I've been asleep since I got home at 5p.m. (it is currently 11p.m.). I haven't filmed anything today (except for a few things first thing this morning), so I'm going to have to throw something together last minute.

Also… Continue

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Oh, the Humanity

So, my first punishment video is done and posted.

The real humiliation wasn't actually the act of having a small dog lick peanut butter off my nipple, it's having the video posted to my Youtube channel knowing that everyone is going to see it.

For the first time since joining Youtube, I don't want one of my video getting views. And yet, the views come. This video already has more views than yesterday's and is about to surpass my monologue video (as I type this, it probably… Continue

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A Few Kinks To Work Out

Somehow I knew Tuesdays would be a problem.

And, instead of planning ahead and having a video ready before my full day began, I spent yesterday hemming and hawing over driving to Durham and back.


On the plus side, my first punishment has finally been filmed and will be uploaded tomorrow. About to throw a quick teaser video onto Youtube for tonight because I just don't have the time with an 8a.m.… Continue

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Today Has Been Interesting

Didn't sleep well last night. Nerves.

Performed my monologue for my acting class, which is being uploaded to Youtube as I type this. It went well. Had a few moments where the lines escaped me, but I didn't let on and kept going. I felt good when I was done.

After that I met with my advisor about registration for next semester. I don't know why, but I seem to treat him as a therapist and tell him a lot more than I probably should. But it's cathartic, you… Continue

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