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Still on my "Summer" Break

So I leave San Diego in 2 weeks. I've yet to pack remaining clothes and supplies in 20+ lb boxes, and meanwhile friends who are already in college are writing out essays and working their brains to death like it's the junior year of high school again. Friends who are high school seniors are frantically getting to their college applications, and friends who are high school juniors are finally getting a taste of academic hell.

Meanwhile, I have little…


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The Dark Knight Rises premiere (Spoiler Alert)


 Just kidding.

The movie was brilliant. The entire film was crafted with wonderful precision and would make any Batman fan, new or old, proud. The film was fulfilling and well worth seeing over… and over… and over… and over… 

 And to those who were hesitant:

Anne Hathaway was purrrrfect (pun intended). I called from the …


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TDKR: Catwoman and Madame Defarge

Listen, Jena, don’t take this the wrong way, but I’ve been thinking quite a bit about Anne Hathaway. Since Nolan cited A Tale of Two Cities as chief inspiration for The Dark Knight Rises (TDKR), it’s hard to miss the shades of Madame Defarge, that Dickensian revolutionary, in Anne Hathoway’s Catwoman. Just going by the trailer, we see similarities in the way these two characters think and speak.

In the newest trailer for…


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Evil characters, general noobishness, and nerdiness abounding

My first blog on any new site always talks about noobishness, my general nerdiness, and a desire to actually keep up with a blog.  Well, take that as said, note that I make no promises regarding further blogs, and on to the meat of the post.


I recently got cast in a show.  It's not an opera (sigh) but it's sort of a musical... i.e there's some hymns or something?  The show's called Dark of the Moon.  I am Mrs. Bergen.  The first reading is on Monday, so for…


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Late image blog is late

*Yawn* *stretch* "Why am I at my desk on a pile of paperwork, and why is my image blog not done?"

Yes, that is what I think when I wake up in the morning.

Another amazing EBO logo, I love the course shapeliness!










I wonder what the…


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Blog #7 (Rainbows)

The reasons why the past week have been awesome.

Feb. 12- I went to Chiles with the Parentals.

Feb. 13- I watched the Grammys with the family. (Loved the Mumford and Sons)

Feb. 14- Read part of Will Grayson, Will Grayson by: John Green and David Levithan

Feb. 15- Watched a cool episode of Chuck on Hulu.

Feb. 16- Watched Glee on Hulu.

Feb. 17- Had Burger King for breakfast and had tater tots right out of the fryer.

Feb. 18- Went to Bo's with the Parentals… Continue

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The Death of Kasper

During last week's session we had our first non-voluntary, non-final-boss-related character death.

And guess who that was.

Ingvar (Wes) was hired early-on in the campaign to kill someone, but he didn't realize that that someone was Kasper (me) until he saw me entering the appointed house at the appointed time.

I had Feliks (Nick) in tow as a watchdog/meat-shield, hoping that he would bite the big one on the building's magical defenses. As it turns out,… Continue

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Hidden Acres Diary - Departure

Sunday of Leavetakings.

So, I woke up at 6:30ish and really didn't want to get out of bed. Its warm. And comfortable. And I was tired. But I got up, eventually. Then I had to pack up a bunch of things, because I didn't do that the night before. Oops. It was close to 7:00 by the time I got everything packed up and I was dressed for church. Then I had to get all my stuff down stairs. I kept bumping into things while trying to exit my room and then had to thread the needle around lots… Continue

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1/12/09 Golden Globes 2009, Heath Ledger and Bad Journalism

Wow, ok, lots of views. When the Oscars roll around, I'll make a bit more of an effort then. lol.

A rather quick recap on the Golden Globes. I'd say that if you actually want to know who won without me failing at it, go here for the complete list of winners:

It was Sally Hawkins, not Sally Field. I don't know, all these Sally people, gettin' me confused. Sally Field is in Brothers and Sisters, so I… Continue

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Random Blog

Its thunder storming, again. And I am deathly afraid of thunder. I tired to fall asleep but I can't so I figured I'd just blog about my day. I got up at eight on a saturday which is extremely rare but I had a very good reason, I was going to see the Dark Night :D! It was amazing. Heath Ledger made a perfect joker and Aaron Eckhart was very good at playing two face. The whole movie was just jokes. I want to type more about it but I'm afraid I'll spoil it for someone. But oh my I loved it! That… Continue

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NFI - Day 106: Hile Gunslingers!

In which Mike talks about his favorite book series; The Dark Tower by Stephen King and shares his passion for it and why our "Ka-tet" should read this Epic tale of Roland of Gilead, the last of the… Continue

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