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Death of the Shadows

This is the story of a lonely man with a hunch in his back, a crook in his neck, and a face that has never left its shroud of shadow. The shadow has followed the hunchback since birth. I was there you know, slipping silently into the operating room and speaking soft words to the mother who soon succumbed to the stealthy shadows of death. As she spit out her last words, the darkness and pain inside her wrenched itself out and onto the newborn who had just pushed himself out into his dark new…


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Wishing death upon others (please read).

 Whenever there is a crime or hearing, there is a mass of people shouting, "death penalty!" You can delve further into these outcries, and find vehement death wishes on the charged person, that are enough to make your stomach roll like dough being stretched by your grandma for sugar cookies.

 What really sparked my acknowledgement of death as a form of retribution was reading about the Colorado shooting. All the comments on the top article were people discussing how they would go about…


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The Fault in Our Stars

There are very few moments that create the feeling of that proverbial shift in life. Once in a while if we pay attention, we may notice something that inspires us. This inspiration is the driving force that we define as growth.

I have just finished The Fault in Our Stars, and I am left speechless. This beautiful and tragic story has the unique capability of also creating a sense of duty. I do not feel that I will now go and change the world—or even myself—but I do have a…


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Life and Death

          I have been thinking a lot of Life and Death lately. I keep thinking "What would it be like to know I was going to die soon?" I wonder if I would accept it or I would freak out. I know you guys don't know me so you don't know how this effects me. I always thought I'd be strong, now I don't know what I'd do.

          I've also been thinking about why I've been not doing fun things. Like today, I could have rode in a mechanical car kiddy thing and I didn't. Why have I not…


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Beauty. The start, the journey and the final, grand note.

For we all wished to sing, 

the things that we love to hopelessly cling.


But alas some are forever lost,

from their dreams they are forever tossed.


But one merely needs to listen,

and then the tears will truly start to glisten.


Some become bitter out of their loss,

their hearts covered by ages of unforgiving moss.


For why am I…


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The Great Divide

I suppose it only seems fitting to post this on what is also Esther Day, though with the far too soon passing of my fellow nerd-fighter friend George Pjevach, it is even more pressing. My first reaction to his death (at the age of 16) was shock, then grieving, and trying to grasp and learn of what had happened, while trying to…


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Day 4 (Religion) & Day 5 (Death)

This note is coming today in 2 parts. Mainly because yesterday I was too busy to post one. I woke up at 7:30 got dressed left the house went to the Gun and Knife show and was there till about 12:00. Got home and left with Heather to get lunch for the family to eat. I ate and then took an hour nap at 2:00. After being woken up the whole family got into Heather's car and we drove to Greenville, where we shopped until picking up my grandmother from…


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Reading the poetry of Seamus Heaney

Here is a link to my blog: Time4Reading
"Between my finger and my thumb/The squat pen rests. / I'll dig with it."

There are times when words, the language we decode from the page, evoke emotions beyond understanding--we simply feel the lines--we simply "get it." Well, when I read Seamus Heaney's poetry, I am overwhelmed, I feel closer to…

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Blog #7 (Rainbows)

The reasons why the past week have been awesome.

Feb. 12- I went to Chiles with the Parentals.

Feb. 13- I watched the Grammys with the family. (Loved the Mumford and Sons)

Feb. 14- Read part of Will Grayson, Will Grayson by: John Green and David Levithan

Feb. 15- Watched a cool episode of Chuck on Hulu.

Feb. 16- Watched Glee on Hulu.

Feb. 17- Had Burger King for breakfast and had tater tots right out of the fryer.

Feb. 18- Went to Bo's with the Parentals… Continue

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After Death

I had spent a long time considering with I would want done with my remains. Not being part of a religion the two choices I was deciding between were leaving it to science or cremation. That was until I was told an awesome new…


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The Human Condition (TtEoaA) - Real Fiction: Scales of Balance

He strode, wounded and dazed, across the desert expanse, each boot step muffled by the damp earth. The sun hung high above, but a chill wind whipped across the arid land, cutting through his meager protection. Lost in thought, he barely noticed the piercing cold.

Upon the trackless waste he walked, time passing without meaning. She had told him to abandon hope, the very thing he clung to for dear life. She said that she would take the son they were raising together, sell the home…

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A first time for everything: the death of defiance.

First I Facebook, then I tweet and now I blog. I am getting into a lot of things I swore I wouldn't. I don't mean like drugs and stuff, but for the longest time I told myself that Twitter is an overrated fad and there's no point in it. (Notice I use the present tense.) Well, I got on Twitter for the first time today and...

...I still think it's an overrated fad, but I'm doing it anyway. And now I'm blogging about it. Ugh. I don't blog! I've never blogged! It's like a public journal and I… Continue

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Spring is in the air...

...and I'm choking to death on it. Just kidding. lol. Just thought I'd use some of a lyric from one of my favorite bands Love You To Death (The actual lyric goes "Love is in the air and I'm choking to death on it)

Anyway it's day five of the BEDA. So far I'm in the clear of at least completing a week without missing a day. lol. *Thank goodness for Pickens County being on Spring break!*

After next Sunday, I'm not sure how things will go down.

I always love going to… Continue

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New Year's Resolution

perhaps I'll have a blog post every day. ha. ha. ha.

I'm quitting my addiction to bits and bytes, dropping by to say hello, goodbye, and best wishes.

I'm not leaving for good, just quitting an addiction and that means that I can't spend a lot of time here trying to relate to people's problems and trying to feel through their experiences because those experiences are yours to keep. More than that I'm trying to live like a person again and that means I can't escape to the… Continue

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April showers...

Music by: Kevin… Continue

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