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A song, for Esther Day

Hi Everyone,

Last year, when my mom was in the hospital, I discovered the Vlogbrothers, Nerdfighters, and the story of Esther Earl. Feeling inspired and a bit depressed, I wrote this song. I decided that I would record it today for Esther Day.

I hope it helps you if you need it. It was cathartic to write.

(I don’t want to push this sort of thing, but if you do like it, it’s only a dollar on my bandcamp page. :) You can also find the lyrics on the song…


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Seeing TFIOS on the big screen.

Hello my friends!

 I know it's been a very long time since I've updated you on my life (not that anyone seemed to notice!) The lack of views doesn't bother me too mush as this is more of an outlet for me to get everything out. More of an online diary if you will. I've finished some very stressful exams and played some pretty exciting matches.

 My life has been going pretty good lately and I think I've definitely happier since school finished. Recently, I went to see The Fault…


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The Fault in Our Stars Trailer is live!

As the majority of the Nerdfighting community will already know, TFIOS had its trailer released not so long ago and can be viewed below. I personally cannot wait for this (so far) seemingly amazing adaptation!.



Dave J.


Added by Dave Johnson on January 30, 2014 at 9:30am — 3 Comments

Recently finished Looking For Alaska and The Fault In Our Stars

And John Green is almost as cruel as Steven Moffat. 
I feel like his books should be analyzed, but they are
Im not a very emotional person, but this was quite depressing. 

So yeah.
What are your guys' thoughts on the book?

(to all 4-5 people who might actually see this.)

Added by Kevin Corina on July 30, 2013 at 3:43pm — 1 Comment

Delayed TFIOS reading. No spoilers just observing my habits while reading

So I started reading TFIOS. I'm delayed I know. I finally started to appreciate the concept of Johns books therefore must read them all. I have TFIOS and An Abundance of Katherines left. Anyways. 

I realized I am about half way through and keep putting the book on pause. I get to a happy moment and stop. I find reasons to postpone the next segment. It had occurred to me that this was happening and I started questioning it. I realized that I pause in happy moments, either…


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The Fault In Our Stars: Grief after books/Me talking (The Natty Rant #2)

Hello, um, people? Friends? Readers? RANTERS! Hello Ranters. I recently read 'The Fault In Our Stars'. I know, I didn't really know if I liked the John Green books, I was content with having read 'Looking For Alaska.' I was honestly quite scared. I didn't want to disgrace the name of, like, my favorite youtuber, by not liking the book. But then I sucked it up, and bought it. I wanted to be in the little party aswell!

I am reading 'An Abundance Of Katherines', but before, I was…


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TFIOS audiobook

I just bought the The Fault In Our Stars audiobook today. The woman reading, Kate Rudd, is a surprisingly good voice actress for Hazel. At first I didn't think she could ever match the amazingness that is John reading it but then in the bit when she meets Kaitlin at the mall she does a really good imitation of her slightly British accent. I love the way her voice changes ever so slightly for different characters. 

I am, in fact, listening to the audiobook right now as i'm writing…


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Just a Dandelion


I am just a dandelion – as every person inhabiting planet earth. Eternity is a concept beyond my grasps and comprehensions. It comprises of thousands, billions of momentary lives – like mine and yours. We flicker on and out. We are here one moment and the next we may be gone. How much…


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TFioS. Hoooooooooooooly sh-

I stayed up until 4:32 last night reading The Fault in our Stars by our very own John Green, and OH. MY. GOSH.

If you haven't read it yet (haha) then READ IT. BY GOD, READ IT.



I actually bought the book a few months ago, along with Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children (another book that I'd recommend). I read Miss Peregrine's Home etc., but not TFios. My reasons? Well, to shorten the answer, I was afraid of it ending. I was afraid of reading it…


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Nerd fiction.

So, at 2:30 in the morning when I should be writing or sleeping I decided to procrastante on the internet, and stumbled across Google where I got curious. And looked up "The fault in our stars fanfiction" just to be curious. And I found stuff; beautiful, sad stuff that makes me cry when I read it.

So, do you Nerdfighters ever read fanfiction? I wonder John does. I'd love to know.

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The Fault in Our Stars, Again

Yes, this blog is about The Fault in Our Stars by John Green.

Yes, I know everything is about The Fault in Our Stars by John Green.

No, I don't think it is old. Nor do I think it will ever be old because it does not have the capability of being old. Have you forgotten that it was written byJohn Green? Let this serve as a reminder.

I read…


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The Fault in Our Stars

There are very few moments that create the feeling of that proverbial shift in life. Once in a while if we pay attention, we may notice something that inspires us. This inspiration is the driving force that we define as growth.

I have just finished The Fault in Our Stars, and I am left speechless. This beautiful and tragic story has the unique capability of also creating a sense of duty. I do not feel that I will now go and change the world—or even myself—but I do have a…


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Thank you John Green.

Dear John,

I want to thank you for the wake up call that you gave me through TFIOS.  I had an undiagnosed illness that I've had for five years. It caused me intense abdominal pain to the point of collapse, weakness, and exhaustion and I have full body tremors to go along with it.  I became withdrawn and stopped interacting. I have lost close contact with friends and the only thing that kept me going was figure skating, but even that was being affected.  I couldn't even keep a job; as…


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Before now, the vast majority of quantum events occured during the start of the universe

Welcome to another delicious image blog! Packed full of those pixelins for maintaining a balanced mentality.

I didn't get it until I clicked on it. Maybe you should too...

Sir Reginald Cuppington III for president. Vote for cups! (And mustaches)…


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The fault, dear John is not in our stars…

This book is my ‘An Imperial Affliction’.

I have just finished reading The Fault In Our Stars (at time of writing, it is 06:06am GMT), and I wanted to kind of do a review whilst the book is still fresh in my mind. If I have any spoilers, i’ll try to keep them as unspoilery as possible because this book is beautiful and you shouldn’t know a thing about it than the blurb.

The Fault In Our Stars is John Green’s fourth solo novel, after such best sellers as Looking For Alaska and…


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Hi! I'm new, but I've been a Nerdfighter for forever and I am advocating for a special cause right now... Save-It-For-The-Tenth/ 157200601053355?ref=ts

It's a facebook page for people who want whoever gets their copy of The Fault In Our Stars early tom you guessed it,


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T-Shirt Designs Discussed In Nerdfighter's Chat

A few nerdfighters and I were talking about what shirts should have. Ladies and gentleman, here is "The Hectic Glow" shirt. I know it's bad but, hey, The Hectic Glow is so awesome we'd buy anything related to them, right?!

Let's get Hank and John to see it so maybe we can make it…


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In which John celebrates the amazing Lectrojog of Amazing and announces the forthcoming reconstitution of the Foundation to Decrease Worldsuck. All of our royalties from sales of the Nerdfighteria shirt will go to fund the Foundation to Decrease Worldsuck.

Get your Nerdfighter Community shirt:… Continue

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Signing Psychosis Takes Over

In which John goes well and truly mad from signing and then discusses the ruins of Indianapolis.

Indianapolis: I'll be reading from The Fault in Our Stars on November 1st at 7:30 PM at Clowes Memorial Hall at Butler University. The event is free and open to the public. On 11/11/11, at 11:11 AM, I'll be at the Bean in Chicago along with other people celebrating… Continue

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