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I miss the way nerdfighteria used to be

I love nerdfighteria to death. I want to start with that so know one murders me after reading this blog post. 

I have social anxiety, I like to sit by my self at lunch and listen to my ipod, and I always feel like people are talking behind my back. Know one understands this about me and even though I have plenty of people I could call my friends they're never quite there for me. I have the luxury of saying that I have never been bullied, however I seem to be a drama…


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I'm New At This

I'm new at blogging, I'm new to this site, I'm actually kind of new to NerdFighting.  OK, Not kind of new.  I started watching them three weeks ago.  I don't really know what to say in a blog.  So, if you read this, I just wasted part of your short, measly little life.  I apologize extensively

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Maybe I'm just paranoid.

Hello Nerdfighteria. 

How are you today? Good? Tired? Suffering from a kind of anxiety that resonates from the BIG DECISIONS you are making about your future? Really? That was kind of a rhetorical question. Sorry. Anyways. Yes. To get to the point of this blogpost.

Dear Nerdfighteria, are there any Nerdfighters who are moving to/live in Melbourne, Australia, who are starting university in the first semester of 2013. I know it's a long way off, with it only being January…


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Teaching Myself The Uke

Added by Jennifer Sargent on September 14, 2011 at 12:26pm — No Comments

WOOT I'm getting better about making videos....

So I made another video and have another few planned out and will be making and posting them soon, I decided I wanted to talk about the way that we as people take so much for granted and and are surrounded by millions upon millions of things that are beautiful in many ways,  (I feel as though I'm doing a shameless plug for my channel, but in a way I guess I am). This video was done as a response to Felicia Lam asking me to show proof of my happy dance, so I did a happy dance for her, also…


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How anti-climactic...

People sometimes ask me: "Hey, why are you always so nice?"

What a lovely question! - You might be thinking. No. This question questions the very fibre of my being. It is a question that questions my personality, my existence, my soul and my nature of life...

And I honestly don't know how to reply to it.


"Oh, you know, just doing good I 'spose!" ?


"Well, that's what all British people do!" ?


"You see, I was abducted by…


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Charles W Video Blog Episode #063 - Because I’m an idiot

Charles W Video Blog Episode #063

Because I’m an idiot

Recorded on 09/26/10

In this episode, I talk about my weekend with my family, the thank you event for helping Cardinals Care, and my ghost hunt coming up this weekend at the old Milton School.

Ghost Hunters Episode Information:…


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.:My French Shananigans:.

At school, I sit in my seat and think about what I want to do when I get home.

In French class, I think about what I want to do in French.

When I walk outside to my next class, I think about just making a right instead of a left and head home.

As my last class comes around, I get anxious and wish I were home.…


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Day 121: BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!

Technically, today is Song Tuesday. I'm going to go ahead and move that tomorrow, since today is my birthday.

Yes, the day of my birth. The day I came into this world. The day of happiness. (That last one made no sense). I'm actually turning 19 today, which is somewhat frightening.

As I mentioned, we actually celebrated my birthday on Sunday. I could talk about all the things I got, but that would probably bore and serve no purpose. Not that…

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Day 120: Things That Amuse Me #5

My next installment of Things That Amuse Me involves a guy who reviews things. I'm also fairly certain I've mentioned him before.

Things That Amuse Me #5: The Nostalgia Critic

The Nostalgia Critic is actually a character created by Doug Walker. The Nostalgia Critic reviews movies and TV shows mostly and has a tendency to be quick-tempered and very frustrated because he has to review some of these movies. Most of his reviews are negative ones…

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I haven't been on here for about.....7 months.......

I've been busy, but not so busy that I can't check up on here every now and again, so my bad. I'll try to do better. Or, actually start doing something..... but I digress, I will be more apart of this now. Hopefully.

Let's start fresh.

Hi there! My name's Christina! How are you doing?

Here are some random facts about me:

I could probably be considered a pyromaniac. My mom calls me that, anyway.

I'm supposed to be working on a speech… Continue

Added by Christina on January 2, 2010 at 9:54am — 2 Comments

How "lumos" almost burned my house down

STORY… Continue

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I've never made a blog before!

It's true.
I've never made a blog.
The closest thing I've done
Was when I made a vlog.
So is it ok
If in this blog
I shun all the no rhyming ones?

Added by Liz on November 20, 2009 at 1:14am — 1 Comment

My first blog about my life, WoW...not world of warcraft!

Ok, Well, I'm Diana nice to meet you all! I hope we can get along! Since I'm new on this site...Since I FINALY was un-lazy and got online to make my account. Right now, I'm in Las Vegas, The place I was raised in really. I HATE it here, never come here. It's like a place with nothing but anti-nerd/geeks and in my highschool I'm going to, Freshmen fridays. Were the bullies come out of their dark dark caves and do the worst posible thing they can to us with out making us cry...But some people do.… Continue

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Well I don't have to think too hard about a topic for today.

NUTELLA!(wow that website is creepy...)

This is absolutely one og my favorite foods. Its a chocolate hazelnut spread for biscuits and bread. I put it on anything basically. Yesterday my breakfast was an apple, yogurt, and half a slice of bread with nutella.

Its only about 4 bucks a jar and you can find it in your… Continue

Added by Jami Alcumbrac on April 3, 2009 at 8:45am — 2 Comments

I'm new!!

Hey guys! This is my first blog post and I just wanna say that I'm so excited that I've got an account on here! YAY!!:D Anyways! I'm just gonna have a look around here and relaxed you know? Well if anyone wants to write a comment or something, feel free to do so!!!:)

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So where I live [and some other states around me] it snowed...A LOT.

They originally fore-casted it to be about four inches, but we all know that meteorologists get things wrong about 70% of the time. It snowed about fourteen inches. Yeah. And my brother and I had to shovel through it.

It was fun until the shovel hit the snow. I shoveled for about 45 minutes. Then, it was time to enjoy myself. I stabbed my shovel into the snow, and fell backwards, letting to snow capture me. I got up,… Continue

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