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I really don't get why people used to say YOLO, I mean seriously.... You are just stating that death will occur and then there is nothing. I believe that you live in every moment you seize and every risk you take. You only live as many times as you exceed your own standards. Sure, this acronym is really long, but it's way more accurate than YOLO. …


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Life. What is life, you might ask? Take a moment to try and come up with a meaning of life. What did you come up with? Probably something that no one else did. To me, life has a different meaning to everyone, some might enjoy it, others might regret it. You won’t see many of the millions starving in Africa to be enjoying their life, would you? Then again, there are many people who do enjoy their lives.

Although, this is a really wide topic with little or nothing to convey upon it, I…


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July 8th, 2013

Dear Reader(s),

I'm not exactly sure how to start this detailed telling of my life-so-far, so I'll describe the place I was born.

Carpinteria, California. Some may know of it, most may not. Carp is a small town about 15 minutes towards the coast from Santa Barbra. It's a small town, but bigger than the place I live now. This little hippie town is right on the beach. I remember growing up, seeing sand on all the main roads during March and April when it would get windy.



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11th April 2013 Thursday 6:00am

Okay, I really want to start writing everything RIGHT NOW because I feel like time is marching on and I am the fat kid visiting a safari. I can’t keep up with the tour group and I fear I may get left behind, for the Lions. Time feels so short and I just can’t describe how I am feeling. My exams are coming up and I don’t feel as if I am ready. I don’t think I am mature enough for these LIFE DEPENDING choices which will…


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Just a Dandelion


I am just a dandelion – as every person inhabiting planet earth. Eternity is a concept beyond my grasps and comprehensions. It comprises of thousands, billions of momentary lives – like mine and yours. We flicker on and out. We are here one moment and the next we may be gone. How much…


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The Network that binds us... seriously

I am a father of 6 children, my wife had three and I had three when we met and we love them all so dearly. Three months ago I had to make a choice to move from Ohio to North Carolina for work but it was at a cost. While two of the children live with us 4 of the children do not.

My wife's oldest child lives with her father, my oldest lived with us as well but she is almost 19 now and has moved out and is still living in Ohio. My second oldest who will be 17 this year lives with…


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First Post

So here goes my first blog post ever..

I am a senior at UCSB majoring in psychology with no desire to become a psychologist. You can imagine my parents' excitement when I told them that little jewel of news. I also have to explain it to every single person that asks me what I am majoring in because college small talk is always leads to the question "What do you want to do with your degree?" 

Why must you ask this question and then don an expression of…


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The Fault in Our Stars

There are very few moments that create the feeling of that proverbial shift in life. Once in a while if we pay attention, we may notice something that inspires us. This inspiration is the driving force that we define as growth.

I have just finished The Fault in Our Stars, and I am left speechless. This beautiful and tragic story has the unique capability of also creating a sense of duty. I do not feel that I will now go and change the world—or even myself—but I do have a…


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Life and Death

          I have been thinking a lot of Life and Death lately. I keep thinking "What would it be like to know I was going to die soon?" I wonder if I would accept it or I would freak out. I know you guys don't know me so you don't know how this effects me. I always thought I'd be strong, now I don't know what I'd do.

          I've also been thinking about why I've been not doing fun things. Like today, I could have rode in a mechanical car kiddy thing and I didn't. Why have I not…


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Good Greif

The original link to this blog can be found here:

Along with many other blog posts.

"It is not the way you deal with triumph but the way you deal with loss that shows who a person truly is"-Some famous dead guy that I just misquoted.  He's probably rolling around in his grave or whatever,…


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Today is my Birthday

Hey everyone!! It's just after midnight here in Thompson, Manitoba - making it January 3rd, 2012, my 23rd Birthday!! 2012 is going to be a big year for me so in turn the age 23 is going to be big as well. As you may or may not know I am a fourth year Sociology student at St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish, Nova Scotia and I will be graduating this May. After May 6th (graduation day) I will be entering the 'real world' and have to become a true adult, which university does a really…


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My Art Homework.

     So, I'm done my art homework, and I have nothing to do! I had to do an assignment about the Die Brücke art movement, and an art appreciation of Emil Nolde's "Masks Still Life" If anybody has any interesting facts or opinions about either, let me know, because I've got four more days of work to fill, with nothing to add...


     Se onr sverdar sitja hvass!

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Beauty. The start, the journey and the final, grand note.

For we all wished to sing, 

the things that we love to hopelessly cling.


But alas some are forever lost,

from their dreams they are forever tossed.


But one merely needs to listen,

and then the tears will truly start to glisten.


Some become bitter out of their loss,

their hearts covered by ages of unforgiving moss.


For why am I…


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The Great Divide

I suppose it only seems fitting to post this on what is also Esther Day, though with the far too soon passing of my fellow nerd-fighter friend George Pjevach, it is even more pressing. My first reaction to his death (at the age of 16) was shock, then grieving, and trying to grasp and learn of what had happened, while trying to…


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A New Beginning

Today is August 1st, 2011.

Today is also the day that marks a beginning. My beginning.

A beginning of what you might ask? A beginning of book reviews, writings and rants upon some subject I see that fits my tastes of ranting. If that makes sense, though.

I’m Cerise. 4’11. Tiny. I like many things and I can’t stick to one thing for long unless I try hard enough. I’m very lazy when it comes to most things. Like figure skating in the mornings before school. In 22 days I’ll… Continue

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Random Life Goals!~

So, I've been thinking a lot about life lately. It's mostly because I got out of a two year relationship with someone I was once engaged to, and now she is dating the guy she chose over me...while we were still together. I'll let you figure that one out.


There's a lot I want to do in my life. I know a lot of people say that, but I've already done a lot, and I can't help but want more adventure (yes, this is my "Disney Princess heart" speaking) - I mean, I've been to Japan,…


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How does one get out of his/hers town/state?

I start this blog post with a question, 'How does one get out of his/hers town/state?' Now this question isnt answered by directions or "Googling" it. This is just a question waiting to be answered by people who have left there town/state for something better.

Now Colorado may be a great state to many people, but to me..... Its just Colorado. Nothing more, nothing less. This may happen to many "kids" my age but, when you we're born and raised in Boulder.... You've seen it all thats…


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Blog #6 (Games)

Feb. 5- Double points weekend of Call of Duty Black Ops

Feb. 6- Glee

Feb. 7- Played Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4

Feb. 8- Got out of class early.

Feb. 9- Valentine Glee

Feb. 10- Ate at Shealy's BBQ.

Feb. 11- Watched xXx.


This weeks blog is going to be about games. I love to play games weither they are video games, board games, games you can play in the car, card games, or word games I just love games. I have a couple of big games that I…


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Blog #5 (Obsessions

Jan. 29- Was finally able to sleep in my own bed.

Jan. 30- Went to the Stable for lunch.

Jan. 31- Got out of my 6-9 class at 7.

Feb. 1- It was sunny. 

Feb. 2- Didn't have one of my class.

Feb. 3- The adventures of James and the Goat.

Feb. 4- Breakfast at Bill and Fran's with my padre.


This blog is a little late and is getting done now because I can't sleep and am wide awake. I have been playing Call of Duty for most of the day because…


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I just realized that we can hear.

It truly amazes me how life here has evolved to use minute waves in the molecules around them in order to help understand the world around them. How did this come about? Now that I think about it, how did life develop a way to sense different photon frequencies in different colors giving rise to sight? Life is truly a miracle.

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