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Why Starlight Glimmer Isn't Evil (Yes, this hast to do with MLP)

Alright, so I've been thinking through the season 5 opening, and the more I look at it, the more I think that Starlight Glimmer (the main antagonist, if you're just reading this for kicks) Isn't evil.

Here's a quick summary of the episode for all of you who for some reason or another can't remember: The main 6 travel to a town where everyone's…


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My Take: Make Today The Day That Someday Was Supposed To Be

*These are some quotes and sayings I coined, if you like any please feel free to use them, but remember to give credit where credit is due. :)

1.  The stage is my home, dedication is how I pay my bills, actors are kin audience are the guests. Performance is the dish I serve, applause the complements to the cooks.

2.  Life isn’t like a highway, its like a dirt road. It can get pretty bumpy. Some days you can see…


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All My Children

  A few months ago, I wrote a blog about the Soap Opera All My Children, and how it was ending. 

  In the last legs of the show, the writers have ventured into everything from the incredible to the incredibly stupid. Amanda has cancer (probably from sleeping around), J.R has fallen off the wagon (again), and Tad has fallen in love with his brother's ex wife, who he really only married to keep her from getting deported. Really, this is a slow week in Pine Valley. In fact, compared to…


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My Links

My Twitter:!/Harry_Bennett


My Youtubes:…


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Blog #5 (Obsessions

Jan. 29- Was finally able to sleep in my own bed.

Jan. 30- Went to the Stable for lunch.

Jan. 31- Got out of my 6-9 class at 7.

Feb. 1- It was sunny. 

Feb. 2- Didn't have one of my class.

Feb. 3- The adventures of James and the Goat.

Feb. 4- Breakfast at Bill and Fran's with my padre.


This blog is a little late and is getting done now because I can't sleep and am wide awake. I have been playing Call of Duty for most of the day because…


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Soap operas.

Soap Operas. Everyone has watched one at some point or another. Every one of them has moments where even the most devoted fans think, "What are they doing?"

My mother watches All My Children. This show has been on the air for more than twenty years, and only the most devoted fans can follow this show. Soap Operas are shows with twisted plots, overlapping story lines, repetative deaths, and held together with over all sociopathic characters who every once in awhile go crazy and kill…


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Contract Work Sucks/ Taking Requests for Art

Hello again, Today I need to vent a some really dumb stuff that has been happening this week.

So like I told you in my last post I have been forced to go back to work the this Marketing Company where my friend works and I have been signed up to work for the past week they still have yet to figure out when they want me to work and this is just exactly the kind of thing that these people do, they make a commitment and then don't follow through, and when they do follow through in in the… Continue

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David Tennant and my sister

Hello, ladies and gents! I just want to say that I love you all (all five of you) that commented. I was truly expecting no one to even read anything. Much love!!

I would like to say that my sister is reading over my shoulder at the moment and says that I'm all about the love on NerdFighters.

And I am. Do you know why? Because I have nobody else to love...

My sister says that the cat loves me.

I feel better now.

Now then, I would like to ask…


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Charles W Video Blog Episode #038 - Charity and Punishment

Charles W Video Blog Episode #038

Charity and Punishment

Recorded on 01/31/10

In this episode, I discuss my yearly fundraising effort for Big Brothers Big Sisters, my diet, and why I didn’t post my video review of Avatar. I also discuss a punishment for not posting my video on Thursday.

Vlogbrothers YouTube Channel:

My… Continue

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Charles W Video Blog Episode #037 - Crazy Charles' House of Donations

Charles W Video Blog Episode #037

Crazy Charles’ House of Donations

Recorded on 01/24/10

In this episode, I discuss why I didn’t do a video blog last week (or a movie review like I promised), Dan Brown (Not the author) and his appearance on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, and my yearly fundraising effort for Big Brothers Big Sisters, which kicks off this week.

Dan Brown (pogobat) YouTube Channel:…


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Do You Wanna Date My Avatar?

Title says it all; A song called Do You Wanna Date My Avatar by Felicia Day and the cast of The Guild.

BTW I'm pretty sure this is for PG-13… Continue

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London Part II - My Answer

Wherein you get to see the rest of the Bustour, I tell you about my past two weks, present you my new poem, tell you where to go to get awesome pictures and wish someone a Happy Birthday.

Songs: "Blink" by Chamelion Circiut & "All the strange, strange creatures" by Murray Gold

My Answer

I'm loosing my mind, wished I was blind

and could reverse time but I'm falling behind.

I'm missing your touch, but I'm out of luck,

let me ask you, are… Continue

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Happy, Happy!

Today was a BEAUTIFUL day. It was seventy-seven degrees, there was a light breeze, my best friend called up and we had lunch together. I cleaned my car and returned my library book. I read two graphic novels (The Eternal Smile by Gene Luen Yang & Derek Kirk Kim and Little Things by Jeffrey Brown). I worked five hours.

I love when Garrison Keillor sings this on Prairie Home Companion. It always brings a smile to my face.

ALSO! Did you know this is the… Continue

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Have you ever stepped back and looked at what you're eating?

For instance, I've noticed most of our food is comprised of plant/small animal's sexual habits and dead things...


~An egg from a chicken is an unfurtalized potential chick... Doesn't that mean I'm eating a chicken's period? O_o

~An apple is when the flower has been furtalized, the seeds are inside and ready to be planted and the fleshy part on the outside is there to protect (? I don't… Continue

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Julian Smith be "My Friend"?


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3: Rant 1: "Anti-Social"

I have this friend that made me very angry the other day. I was at her birthday party, and I wasn't exactly "friends" with the other people that were there, but after a while, I felt more comfortable around them and talked to them more. So, before we went to sleep, when we were sitting in our sleeping bags, we just talked about absolutely nothing. That is, until my friend just HAD to say this: "Becca, you used to be so anti-social. You used to just sit in the corner and be all silent, but now… Continue

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Short project for my sister.

Find more videos like this on Nerdfighters

It was my sisters' 27th birthday on March 3rd. I constantly am looking for new ways to make her laugh and make her birthday a memorable one. This year I, once again, lacked the money to come up with a creative and useful I decided to make this short video project instead. It features some of the landmarks around my hometown, and also a… Continue

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2/2/09 It has uploaded! Hurrah

I already wrote a description, but it disappeared.

It is long, but I didn't upload my last weeks one. Pretend this is both combined into a hybrid type thing. Sadly not a spider-human hybrid, because then it wouldn't be a video, I would be spider… Continue

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My Friend (Original)


Build a tower in a tree,

We will conquer every enemy.

The dirt was our bakery.

Chasing insects happily,

My friend. Oh, my friend.

Running, giggling in the grass.

Playing with marbles made of glass.

Barefoot summer and snowman winters.

Black bruises and brown splinters,

My friend. Oh, my friend.

Now we don't dance or play,

Because you've gone away,

My friend. Oh,… Continue

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Oddest Book Title Prize (In My Pants)

Just stumbled across this: The Guardian has an "Oddest Book Title" prize and the nominees are just brilliant. Nothing beats a title like Knitting with Dog Hair: Better a Sweater from a Dog You Know and Love than from a Sheep You'll Never Meet. Check them out at The Guardian.

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