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How To Make Homemade Pizza From Layers!

The amazement of NASA's involvement to change the world never fails to amuse me. Today (among other new gadgets and gizmos they tinker with) they are researching the potential of the new 3-D printing…

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Reinvigorating The US Space Agency (Potential Ideas)

[I originally wrote this as a letter to Neil Degrasse Tyson. I now submit these ideas to all of you for your comments and judgment! All comments and queries are appreciated.]

Reinvigorating The US Space Agency



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New Nerdfighter at NASA!

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Now That The Shuttle is Grounded, NASA turns to the Possibility of Sub-Orbital Craft...

But we all know how that will turn out.

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Top 5 Kick-Ass Things About the Webb Telescope

The James Webb Space Telescope is the successor to the Hubble's throne. In order to pick up extremely faint infra-red signals from extremely distant stars and galaxies, the JWST has to be extremely cold. Any noise from the IR radiation of the Sun or Earth would make it impossible to see as far into the past as scientists want to.

Thus, the JWST has to be a million miles from the earth, protected by a six-layer heat shield as big as a tennis court. This will… Continue

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I'm proud to be human

hello ok a warning I may start to ramble on a bit but I have been touched by the majesty of the human race so before I start driviling I just want to say that I will be speaking on the basis of what I believe David logan calls level 5 tribe basically I'm great, your great, life's great ok now I've got that out of the way oh and I also know that alot of people have said this before but please run with me.

Ok recently I've been thinking about war's,difference's,life and all that…


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I saw Harrison Schmitt!

Harrison Schmitt is the last man who has ever been on the moon (and is the New Mexico Senetor) and he was on holiday in Malta so i gueesed he tought to give a 2-day lecture at our univeersity and i went to it. He basically talked about skiing on the moon, landing on the moon, helium-3, his famous picture of the world as a marble, the apollo-17 mission, his early life, NASA, After Nasa, Being a geologist, moon buggys and his salmon salad.
It was Awesome!

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