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Harry Potter Documentary....

Hello everyone! My name's Anna, and I'm sixteen years old. I've been a Nerdfighter since 2008, and I absolutely love everything this community does. You guys are great, and have given me a lot of inspiration over the years, so thank you for that. I'd like to suggest an idea, however, and I'm looking for people that can help me out with it. Every since I was a kid, my entire family has been obsessed with Harry Potter. About 85% of all of my happiest childhood memories involve it. I've…


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Assuming if the World of Harry Potter ever met the World of Twilight(the sparkly people)

Harry: Cedric! You’re alive? How?!


Edward: Carlisle here changed me. 

Carlisle: We are vegetarian Vampires. 

Hermione: Vegetarian, how can a vampire be vegetarian? 

Emmet: We drink only animals’…

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Why is Harry Potter so popular?

I have never read Harry Potter. There, I said it.

As a self-proclaimed nerd, it's something I struggle with every day. Now, I am going to be taking care of this soon, once I finish my AP European History summer reading. Now, I have tried reading HP on a couple different occasions, and I didn't make it much past the first half of…


Added by Nicholas Andrew Hunter on August 21, 2013 at 12:30am — 1 Comment

Fraking Modem/Router!

I just thought I'd share a little anecdote. I finished my homework this afternoon and decided to go on Omegle for some light entertainment (don't judge me). I entered a random conversation, which quickly went into a text based Harry Potter dramatisation (different from a roleplay, as seems to be the norm for Harry Potter fans there). This led to some intelligible conversation about the topic and then my internet connection was severed.

I realise you don't care, but it was rather…


Added by Joshua Huggett on February 8, 2013 at 10:01pm — 1 Comment

The New Girl.... In my pants

Yeah, so that was sort of the obligatory lame joke... Next come the other lame jokes. Just to warn everyone.

So, I am, in fact, a nerd girl. Apparently we are a great romantic resource, but I haven't experienced that just yet. As evidence of my nerdiness I pose that we examine my visit to Chicago this summer. Why yes, I did in fact travel over eight hours by plane to go to LeakyCon (and hopefully meet team Starkid and watch AVPSY).

It was at LeakyCon that I came to be… Continue

Added by Inge Janssen on October 23, 2012 at 5:36am — 1 Comment

Open Letter to the Wizards - The Secret Mailing…


Added by Ningmaster Tom on August 17, 2012 at 11:22am — No Comments

Band Camp: day two

Today went just as good as yesterday!! So full of Harry Potter. One of my friends passed out though, that was scary. We got to march today, which was great. Tomorrow it's supposed to rain, so we'll be marching in the rain, just grand.

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Band Camp: day one

Okay, so our theme is Harry Potter! I get to spend three hours a day playing music from the movies this whole week, it's pretty awesome. Today we just went over the music, but it was still cool. It makes me notice that I really do miss going to school.

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Chart sort of thing why I think Dumbledore is really similar to The Doctor

Why Dumbledore is similar to The Doctor. I don't know if this is something people post on here regularly.

The Doctor



Destroyed entire race of time lords to stop the time war

Killed loved ones for “greater…


Added by Daniela Tiedemann on July 17, 2012 at 5:25pm — No Comments

Cause the World can Always Use More Wrock

Nerdfighters! So I recently helped form a Wizard Rock band called HalfGiant with my cousin and my friend Justin. We wrote three songs, well mostly Justin wrote three songs, but I helped with two of them! Here's one of them about a lonely boggart:

Check it out, it's good. Also the other two songs are posted here:…


Added by Scott Spears on May 27, 2012 at 1:46am — No Comments

Hi! Introduction to me, NIKKI :)

Heyyyy there people of nerdfighteria! My name is NikkiTaylor and i have been a nerdfighter for about a year but I have not taken full advantage of this lovely website soooo now i am :D yay for me! Anyways Hi! i love youtube and i watch it everyday, i own youtuber shirts and i tweet back and forth with them but I feel my love for youtube is kept a secret. Well I mean i love it and thats no secret but every time i try to open my friends eyes to VlogBrothers, SHAYTARDS and Shane Dawson they…


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I think

My room has so many posters in it that I actually have no room for my new Sherlock quotes. I have some AVPM and AVPS stuff here and there, a half wall sized Doctor Who poster along with about 10 more, Hunger Games, Back to The Future, Red Dwarf, Pirates of The Caribbean and Harry Freakin doesn't sound like much, but I seriously have no room on my walls. I'm thinking of moving to the ceiling. Either that or I'll have to use TimeLord science...but that has proven difficult despite…


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Wizards in a Bookshop

Something I made for all the Hufflepuffs out there!

Added by TheMissingSignal on February 4, 2012 at 8:41pm — No Comments

VERY INTERESTING For Harry Potter Fans

FIRST POST!!! :D Hi. I come with something that I think all Nerdfighters (especially, but not limited to, the Harry Potter fans among us) will find extremely thought-provoking: an interview by Mugglenet with Professor John Granger, who recently uncovered the entire brilliant structure of the Harry Potter series. It is a Ring cycle, sort of like a complex series of mirrors within mirrors. And yes, JKR meant to do it, like the mad genius she is. As I will probably ruin the entire thing trying…


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Where is Christmas?

I know I’ve been complaining a lot in the past few months. I have a lot to be thankful for. This was the year I finally found a doctor who could pinpoint what was wrong with me. My fiancé and I finally set a date. My family is finally starting to accept him as a part of my life.

Despite all that wonderful news that happened this year has absolutely sucked.

My sister-in-law became diagnosed with more health problems than we ever foresaw and is having complications from the…


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thirteen year old in need of a penpal

now if you are to comment saying I'd like to be your penpal you wont geet picked i would like some reasons why you want to be my penpal if you dont speak english please dont ask I'm sorry i only know english. below is a list of things I like and dislikes.

Some things I like- gaming, let's playing, marching band (witch i view as a sport), nintendo, mario, learning obscure facts and quotes, math, public speaking, math, science, mind games, Harry Potter, Artemis Fowl, The hunger games…


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Harry Potter Vs. Twilight

I was thinking lately about the whole Harry Potter vs. Twilight thing and personally i think it's totally stupid twilight and Harry Potter and even thought i team Potter i was thinking about how some people think Hermione's the best role model and some think Bella is, my view is that hermione is. I mean i'm not saying that bella isn't, but think about it Hermione is a smart, brave and strong and can think for herself…


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Double Air Quotes

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A Poem Inspired by a Hank Song...

Back to School

As the scarlet train whistles

I take in the endless trees

that look so inviting and

finally I believe that

I made it to my dream school.

Soon I will be in a… Continue

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Growing Up With Harry: On Defending Snape

                             I know this piece may be extremely controversial but, it is an opinon and if you don’t like it, you can go get your own.

                I hate Snape, I have since the very first potions class with Harry. I also hate when people blindly ignore what he did to the poor students under his authority. He was mean and a bully, every single potions class in every single book either Neville has an…


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