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Use the F=ma

“A long time ago in a galaxy far far away" is a lot like saying "once upon a time.” It signals to us that we are heading on a journey that takes place in a different place where we will need to suspend our belief in reality and accept a world of magic, sorcery, and even the belief that George Lucas can still…


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Thoughts from a skeptic -- Religion, atheism and gay marriage

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. 10/24/13 --- This is my first blog post here. I found I haven't done much writing on my own since my graduate program started, so here I am... wasting time before I have to continue studying for midterms. 

I was at the Illinois Capitol Building yesterday afternoon with my classmates and colleagues for a press conference with Lt. Gov. Sheila Simon, during which she announced her support for Senate Bill 10, which would legalize same-sex marriage in…


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I Weep For The Future Of Science

Curiosity... such a curious thing. Makes us wonder about so many things, makes us think why we should exist at all?

But, this feeling of curiosity was not much encouraged.During the time of Aristotle and Plato, one wold have to be brave to question religion and put forth their theories. It has changed. On a larger scale, we are allowed to think, allowed to ask questions, allowed to think differently. But, are we truly making use of it?

This is the real world suck. We have the…


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New Blog! Learning English, National Pride and everything in between!

Good day to everyone who dares venturing into this new blog!


I'm starting this new blog on Nerdfighters to try to improve my English writing skills! So this is a personal development blog!  Sounds pretty boring right?

Don't worry, I will try to make it entertaining by finding interesting things to talk about because I need your constructive comments!

For my very first post however, I will have make it slightly longer to introduce myself a bit.  Like my Username…


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Why Time Travel Is Scientifically Impossible

If you live in the US or other developed, Westernized nations and have anything to do with sci-fi pop culture, you may be familiar with the concept of time travel: people using a machine (often booth-like) to go into the past or future, while miraculously both the machine and traveler stay the same ages they were at the start of the time ride.

Problem: This is utterly impossible, due to one simple law:

Everything physical is subject to time.

That is, everything…


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Book Review - Rendezvous with Rama

In my Nerdfighters Debut, I'm taking a look at Arthur C. Clarke's classic SF novel, Rendezvous With Rama.

Gamers Against Bigotry's IndieGoGo Campaign can be found at

Their web page is

The campaign ends on…


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More Bugs!!! Today I talk about Ants!!!

Most recent blog post.  Check it out.  Ask questions.  And please take the survey about Agriculture and Insects!  I am really looking forward to answering the questions and addressing misconceptions that we have:

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Inspired by John Green...and my crazy cat

So yes, it is quite likely I suffer from Crazy Cat Lady syndrome...or will some day anyway; but this morning I was inspired to write a new blog post by my cat.  He woke me up an hour early and would not leave me alone!  Walking all over my face, trying to sneak a nibble on my clavicle, and just being down right bizarre!  I thought to myself, "what the frak are you doing JD?" and then I thought about Google...and then about John.  Yes, my third thought upon waking this morning was of…


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The Universe Has NO EDGE!

Follow me on Tumblr! (AGAIN!)

Tour de Nerdfighting CD available now:

In which Hank explains how and why phycisists think that the univers has no…


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A New Beginning.

Hey all! Eric here (Gooby for others!).

This will hopefully be the first blog of many! I'm kind of new to this and that will be pretty evident in the first few blogs as I begin to remember my HTML class I took way back 7 years ago in college. 


I guess this first blog should talk a little bit about myself (give you a taste) and then give you all some ideas of what I'd like to talk about in the next posts and let you decide what should come next.




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Proof: The Zombie Apocalypse is Near.

Proof of the fast approaching Zombie Apocalypse. Right Herrrr.




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Typical Wednesday

This blog post will be devoted to a relatively in-depth description of my senior project for CIS and its planned implementation - because I have nothing more interesting to blog about and I'm tired of writing about how my day was.


The idea is that we (my partner Matt and I (yeah we're both Matts)) are creating an application that will let a user create/design levels for a 2-D Platformer game, like old-school Mario. You'll be able to test the level once you've created it and…


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First Blog Post EVER.

Like the title says, this is my first blog post EVER. I don't mean first blog post on Nerdfighters I mean first blog post that I myself have ever written.

Now, I apologize for that lame introduction, but I just wanted to make my point clear. I shall also be making a blog post every Monday mainly because my Monday's suck and I need SOMETHING to cheer me…


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Controversy and the Controversial Actor

With the popularity of TMZ, ET, and various other news or tabloid outlets, audiences spend more time talking about the controversial actor rather than talking about the controversial actor’s body of work.

Information is at our finger tips each time we wish to hear about the

latest rehab stint or run in with the law of our favorite celebrities.

Sometimes we cheer them on during their long road to recover. Other

times we vilify them and point to what could have been. Our…


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Who is your favourite scientist and why?

My favourite scientist is Michio Kaku because he does all these shows about physics that can be understood by anyone, and also the books. There are others i like , and i gathered some videos of them at my site :, if you would like to check them out.

But i just want to know who are your favourites? And why? (could be their implications in science or physics, their groundbreaking work, or just their eys…

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My trip to the Harry Potter Exhibit: An objective review

Fuck objectivity, the Harry Potter Exhibition at the Boston Science Museum was AMAZING!

The exhibition included loads of props, costumes, sculptures of CG characters (Doby, Kreacher, Buckbeak, etc.), and it's all set in Harry Potter type rooms.

When you first enter, a young lady gives you a brief rundown of what you're gonna see in the exhibit, and then... SHE SORTS PEOPLE FROM THE AUDIENCE.

I was fortunate enough to be chosen to be sorted by the Sorting Hat.… Continue

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Libertarian Bling-Bling

There seems to be this widely held belief amongst Libertarians that returning to the gold standard would bring security to monetary system. This to me seems dubious as it is merely transferring fiat from paper to gold, which would be fine if we didn't live in an age of technological advancements that requires gold.

First a little history, in antiquity, Salt was more or less the basis of the economies of Rome, Greece, China, and Hebrew society. Although it is a misconception that they… Continue

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The Science of AWESOME

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