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P4A is a Go!

Project 4 Awesome is in full swing and the results are already incredible. Last time I checked they had reached over $600,000 on the P4A website. As Nerdfighters I have no need to tell you about what this beautiful project is, and what it's about. But I can ask you to take a few minutes to view a few of the videos on offer promoting many worthy charities that desperately need donations.…


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No Ordinary World. Chapter 1 (Continuation)

Hello Guys! This chapter is a continuation of my small free online book. Please feel free to comment as you see fit. If you want to check out earlier chapters, feel free to go to sites listed below. Happy reading.

Prologue can be found here.

Chapter one can be found…


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Significantly decreasing World Suck and Pain Levels in Krivoy Rog

I had one week as of yesterday to raise the $1400 still needed to pay for the dentists to come to Krivoy Rog and care for the teeth of up to 500 men, women, and children with disabilities. Realizing I was that far from the goal was terrifying. But some of my facebook friends are helping me spread the word, and I still have Faith God will provide. I am also working on reducing our food and transportation budget as much as possible. If anyone on here would like to help spread the word, my blog…


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Perhaps I've finally found a place I can blog the truth!

Never before have I had a blog I felt no one in Ukraine would find.

So never before have I spoke the truth, at least not the whole truth.

Never have I written a post about how sick it makes me feel to see teenagers the size of toddlers, their legs…


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When I "Grow Up"

Sup, nerdfighteria? ;)   A lot has happened since my last blog post. My "Training Wheels" left, and I've had to keep pedalling. And somehow it became a lot easier than I ever could've dreamed. Mostly because of a mad man at Disney:

The Mad Hatter.


Okay, we all have those weird fandoms our friends just don't understand. For the longest time mine was the Disneyland Mad Hatters, the original Disney cartoon ones that walk around the park with Alice. So when our Orchestra…


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The Atlas Project

So after many years of thinking about the idea of creating a large-scale project about changing environmental development in the world, I finally did it!

The Atlas Project is all about decreasing world suck on a massive scale, by doing things that no one else seems to want to do.

We are currently in a development phase where we try to…


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the iPromises

As I mentioned in an earlier post, as part of My Suck Decreasing Year I am taking on what I'm calling the iPromises. These are things that I promise to do or achieve over the course of the next 365 days and hope that you will either join in our support. As they say; the more the merrier :) Every little helps after all.

These iPromises range from personal endevours to charitable acts to Just Doing It. But all in all they should help to Decrease World Suck and combat Suck Induicing…


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Observation and Protest

I look around, and I can't help but think that all these people with crappy jobs should be out there, protesting as well. But they are not. Why? Because they are all too afraid to lose those crappy jobs? They suffer from the same corporate greed, governmental corruption, ridiculously high educational loans, hiked-up debt rates, and the wretched state of economy that people are rallying…


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The World Outside The Window

I sit in class mind glazed over, not really paying attention, and my eyes unfocused in the general direction of the window. The drone of class is going on unattended to all around me and the chill of the air conditioner fills the room along with the sound of coughing and shifting desks. A click of a pen near my ear snaps me out of the fog. Everyone begins gathering materials and exiting the building, I follow, my curiosity aroused. Today we are writing outside! It is an unusual deviance from… Continue

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A Sever Year-old's Mission Decreasing World Suck

A few years ago I met an amazing young boy. Friends of my brother's had adopted a child from Cambodia and namedhim Sam. He was born with two arms that end at the elbow and one of his legs is also under developed. Last year Sam, who was only 6 at the time, did a two kilometer ride on his modified bicycle to raise money for an orphanage in Cambodia. The response was astounding and Sam raised over $25,000. This year he is doing a second ride, doubling the distance in hopes that he will be able to… Continue

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My Letter to John and Hank Green about Katimavik

Hello Fellow Nerdfighters,


My name is Simon Perkin and I am would like to send an letter to the Vlogbrothers to have the talk about a way to fight World Suck in Canada, through a program called Katimavik. You can find out more about Katimavik in the letter below or through the link at the bottom. I am calling on your help to get this information to them. 

John and Hank Green,

    Hello my name is Simon Perkin and I am Nerdfighter, and I am quite…


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Vote for Shawn! (Voting is over)


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Another More Subversive Type of World Suck, and How to Help

World suck is the bane of our very existence, as you all know.  We have all been put here, for some unseen reason (as far as I can tell), but while we are on this planet we might as well try to help make it a better place. This blog post is about helping to eliminate world suck on a small scale, within your everyday life. Earlier in my term as Ningmaster I wrote a post about the power of charities. I hope to…


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Sudden "End World Suck" Streak...

First Blog of The New Year (January of 2011)!


Nerdfighteria, I have made a proposal for myself on the night of December 31st, 2010. I am now in transition to a full blown "End World Suck Streak". Sounds frightening...the journey will be long, tiresome, and yet, rewarding. Below is a listing of the things I will expect of myself in regard to 2011. If I fail any of them...I will have to endure a lifetime of guilt in the trenches of my…


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Thursday shall be the day... for grammar.

I have decided to have Thursdays as my day for forums. I'm not saying everything Thursday I will post, but when I do it will be on Thursdays.

I don't have much to say today, but I would like to talk about grammar and spelling on the forums for a bit. This is the Internet and no one is forced to write grammatically correctly, (not that I know of anyway), but there is a reason we have grammar and rules to writing, and John has a…


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Ode to Nerdfighting: As Told in Haiku

Nerds can be so odd,

Doing math homework, maybe

Some dislike their wit.

To be one great Nerd

Requires awesome for sure

But also some more:

Love for other Peeps,

Decreasing World Suck as well,

Never needing more.

Want to be wiser,

To learn what matters today

Through Truth or Fail.…


Added by Emily Ioppolo on October 24, 2010 at 10:00am — 2 Comments

Charter for Compassion

I'll try and keep this short and simple and let the rest of you figure out what this means to you, but these people are Definitely helping to decrease world suck. They are called Charter for Compassion, Their goal? to get more people to restore morality, regardless of race or religion or anything else that some people seem to think set us apart from one another. They support reduction of violence and to lessen the struggle for our fellow men, women, and children. They currently over 58,000…

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Another boring blog -_- (read if your from South Yorkshire)

Hey there!

so yeah, i know i said i would only update my blog when something interesting happens...but i lied...sorry! I'm just so bored, and i always turn to nerdfighters when bored (or otherwise) so it seemed like a good idea.

I spent most of my day today discussing with one of the few nerdfighters that live in my area of how we could spread nerdfighteria around South Yorkshire, he agreed there are no where near enough of us around so if you are in the South Yorkshire area and… Continue

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Help the HP Alliance Win $250,000 Today!!!

Charles W Video Blog Episode #055

Reduce World Suck

Recorded on 07/11/10…


Added by Charles Waite on July 12, 2010 at 8:28am — 2 Comments


 I'm still getting used to blogging, but welcome and give me some slack because I’ve never done…


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