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A Strange Kind of Familiar | Chapter One

Chapter One



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Hey guys! So I just joined the beautiful thing that is tumblr and gwad I'm already addicted! I've followed hank and john (naturally) and also a whole pile of girly stuff like makeup artists and stuff. Also, I followed scandal (lurveee that stuff) and a couple of writers blogs! As well as some HG (AGHHHH I LOVE YOU PEETA) fanfiction a! Anyway, don't have timing for a long blog post! But I might give a small extract from my book! I'm now on page 67!! Wooooo!! Anyway, post any tips or happy… Continue

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2nd Chapter

Chapter 2…


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Preface and 1st Chapter

Please honest. Please be fair and tell me what you thought of it.  



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General Writing Styles

When I picture someone telling me to read something, I picture reading a short story or a poem. I never, or rarely, think of someone asking me to read a poem, a blog, or any other writing style. In fact, I hardly use or even read blogs. Times'a'changing, I suppose. This is the first time I've ever seen a blog that isn't created by just one person -- it's created by many people collectively. That, I find, is creative.…


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Me, In My Entirety (Well, Not Entirely...)

    When I woke up in Nerdfighteria, I was confused as hell. 

    "What in God's name does DFTBA mean?" It was one of the first questions I asked myself, followed by ones like, "What's a tiny chicken?", and, "Why would I want to kiss a llama?" All of these questions were answered in time, however, and I soon became accustomed to fighting world suck and happy dancing all over giant squids of anger. You see, I found Nerdfighteria sometime is early 2011, but have only just now…


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I Am Fish

Sometimes I wonder what it’d be like to be a fish. Floating, soaring, swimming in the deep. Wispy tendrils of fins floating around me. Dancing gracefully beneath the surface of the cool. Effortlessly diving deep then rising up following the ebb and flow of the tide. 

          It seems a graceful dance, to be a fish, it seems like effortless splendor. Bubbles floating by me, the ocean gracefully breathes in and out, the seaweed dances in a breeze as I float on high above them. Deep…


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For the children of Nerdfighteria

  Last night, I had a vision. It was inscribed in perfect CopperPlate font onto my frontal lobe across two bus rides and three hours. MY vision was simply this - an illustrated storybook explaining either geek culture generally or at the very least the nerdfighter ethos to the young 'uns. I originally concieved this as a present for young Henry Green, but then I thought there must be quite a few teeny-tiny nerdfighters-in-training out there who could also enjoy such a book.…


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I Dream I Live In The Shire, Shire!

             I wish to live as a hobbit, hobbit!

In a hole in the ground in the summer,

I hear the green grass calling, calling!

Oh fair the earth as rich as a king.

              I wish to live as a hobbit, hobbit!

With hair on my feet and flowers on my brow,

A place that's warm and kind as spring, spring!

Friend of elf and keeper of green.

             I wish to live as a hobbit, hobbit!

Over meadow, valley, and…


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The Island: A Short Story Written by Becca Alien

Sunday May 2nd 2012

Hello journal. I really have no idea of where I should begin, so I suppose I’ll just start. I

asked the watchers for a journal so that I could write as I pleased. They typically ignore us older kids, having their hands full with the younger ones, but one was able to fetch me this small, black leather bound journal. I’m glad I have this. I need something to occupy my time. I need something to let me escape this place,…


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Good Greif

The original link to this blog can be found here:

Along with many other blog posts.

"It is not the way you deal with triumph but the way you deal with loss that shows who a person truly is"-Some famous dead guy that I just misquoted.  He's probably rolling around in his grave or whatever,…


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The DFTBA writing contest quest begins!

So, we've had the P4A just go by about two weeks ago now, but the way I see it, that can't be the only regular charitable event that Nerdfigteria participates in. Although we have our on-going contributions to and may other awesome projects, I feel like its time we combined two things that Nerdfighteria is exceptionally passionate about.

Namely Writing and Charity

So I present to you the…


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Growing Up With Harry: On Defending Snape

                             I know this piece may be extremely controversial but, it is an opinon and if you don’t like it, you can go get your own.

                I hate Snape, I have since the very first potions class with Harry. I also hate when people blindly ignore what he did to the poor students under his authority. He was mean and a bully, every single potions class in every single book either Neville has an…


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I Dreamt I Danced In Serenity

      I dreamt I stood in a field of grass, the breeze danced gently upon my face and played with strands of my hair.

     I was looking towards the west, the field of grass extended all the way to a line of trees, and through the trees i could see the glimmer of sunset on water. I looked behind me and saw grassy hills that gave way to sharp rocky formations which extended both ways around to meet far behind the trees and…


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On a Fairly More Personal Note: Confessions Part 1

Here are confessions! Now if you want your confessions in one then send them to this email address:

……. ……..

 I promise to leave your name out because these are anonymous…


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The Monster I've Created

*I warn you now this is not a pretty tale, it has no happy ending, not yet at least. Read it if you can, for I doubt you will get very far. Stories of darkness never are very fun to read, and aren’t very popular either, but nonetheless they happen.

         It’s going to be another sleepless night I…


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Autoflushmatoilaphobia (ah-toe-flush-mah-toy-lah-foe-bee-uh)

Automatic flushing toilets. Yep, that’s what this is :

                 What if you had a phobia of automatic flushing toilets? I have always wondered that. See automatic flushing toilets (auto-pottys) are starting to appear everywhere. In malls, grocery stores, Wal-Mart, K-Mart, TARGET! Restaurants, Disney World and even BEACHES!!!  Someday soon they will…


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My Take: Make Today The Day That Someday Was Supposed To Be

*These are some quotes and sayings I coined, if you like any please feel free to use them, but remember to give credit where credit is due. :)

1.  The stage is my home, dedication is how I pay my bills, actors are kin audience are the guests. Performance is the dish I serve, applause the complements to the cooks.

2.  Life isn’t like a highway, its like a dirt road. It can get pretty bumpy. Some days you can see…


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Multiple Mini Pieces

*I wrote these way back in like 2006 so you can compare my writing from then to my writing now. Since this stuff is kinda old it isn’t very good, but I wanted to give you guys insight on how much I have improved.

Road Trip:

         Lets take a road trip. A road trip to nowhere. And when we finally get there, we’ll be there. And when we find out…


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The Hope of Winter

I want to write of something positive but there is no inspiration,

   The ground is covered in cold dead snow,

   The trees retreated into themselves.

   There are no flowers that bloom now,

   No birds to sing of spring,

   The sun seems distant, cold, and shrouded.

Winter is a silent sound,

   One that hurts your ears,

   Its sharp and shrill,

   Yet muffled and…


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