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An Open Letter to Ned Vizzini

Dear Ned Vizzini,

It's been a year since you died, and I still think about your work, your life, and your death from time to time. I remember finding out you had died from John Green's Twitter. The words out of my mouth were "Oh my gosh" followed by "no." A quick Google search told me it had been suicide and that you were 32 with a wife and kids. I've lived through celebrity deaths before - Michael Jackson, Cory Monteith, Billy Mays, more recently Maya Angelou and Robin Williams, to…


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Decreasing world suck by watching a video

Hello Nerdfighters! I just found this video on Youtube. It is about a 3 year old girl with Rett Syndrome, a rare neurological disease, which is currently incureable (read more about it here: …


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Ideas for new YouTube video???

Hey Nerdfighteria!

I want to hear from YOU! I have a channel on YouTube that I want to use to talk about different nerdy things and maybe learn more about different books, music, and movies. If you have any suggestions, PLEASE comment below. I appreciate it!

Here's the link to my channel. You can check out my other videos, like them, comment, subscribe, whatever you want. :) …


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Yay t-shirts!!!

Well I have decided to try and convince my parents that I want to make  T-shirt company. I got the idea as I really don't like shopping (IKR, a girl who doesn't like shopping!) but I LOVE designing and doodling and ect. So I have come up with the name WITIG, which means, Well I Think Its Good, which pretty much describes my feelings towards being nerdy and my friends feelings towards me being nerdy. 

So far I have come up with a "404 T-shirt not found" design, which after asking in…


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I have a blog!

Well this is at the least to say exiting :) I have always wanted a blog, I started doing one and did have a considerable readership, but then I ran out of things to say and well kinda stopped. So this will be maybe become something I do, or maybe just be another thing I will never finish and deny all knowledge of it existing, and maybe the people who are talking about it will somehow spontaneously combust, or just disappear forever...

Happy reading! 

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my post that kind of looks like a status and a poem

she got out of bed
to brush her teeth and floss
after mooning after another fictional character
that well never exist , *sigh*
good night nerd fighters , we well live to see another day

COMPUTER VOODOO ! you are compelled to read something written by a stranger

you well never likely meet . BOO !

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Week 2!!!

Fellow nerdfighter Eliose Pearson has started an awesome project called the Project for Fiction (punning on Vlogbrothers' Project for Awesome.) The main point of the Project for Fiction is to get together a group of young writers to collaborate on an awesome multi chapter piece of fiction.

I'm super exited about it and can't wait to get to work on it. If any one is interested, use the link bellow.

P.S. I will also be posting this on…


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TFioS. Hoooooooooooooly sh-

I stayed up until 4:32 last night reading The Fault in our Stars by our very own John Green, and OH. MY. GOSH.

If you haven't read it yet (haha) then READ IT. BY GOD, READ IT.



I actually bought the book a few months ago, along with Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children (another book that I'd recommend). I read Miss Peregrine's Home etc., but not TFios. My reasons? Well, to shorten the answer, I was afraid of it ending. I was afraid of reading it…


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What do I watch on TV?

It seems that everything has either ended or not started yet. Glee finished last week. Yes I like Glee and when I told one of my friends this she actually' aww'ed me like there was something seriously wrong with me. But don't worry I don't go around calling myself a 'Gleek'.

Doctor Who isn't starting until autumn, I read somewhere. I think I'm actually going crazy with withdrawal and have to watch old episodes to keep what's left of my sanity. Seeing as it's only just summmer I'm…


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A Film to Decrease Worldsuck

Hannah Lindgren, Paul Weller, and I are film students at Ball State University, and we recently got permission from John and Hank Green via Twitter to produce a documentary about Nerdfighteria, the Vlogbrothers, and Vidcon. We are really excited about this project, and this summer we will be flying out to Anaheim, CA to film at Vidcon! Paul Weller and I will be the cinematographers, while Hannah Lindgren is the producer and editor.

Check out the official website for a A Film to…


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And so it begins... We have permission! Thank you so much to everyone who tweeted on our behalf to get our permission. My dad was the lucky one to get the response! Here's what's next for "A Film to…

And so it begins...

We have permission! Thank you so much to everyone who tweeted on our behalf to get our permission. My dad was the lucky one to get the response!

Here's what's next for "A Film to Decrease Worldsuck:"

  • Within the next week or so you'll see…

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In which Hank discusses the extreme dangers of puppies, kittens, puppies cuddling with kittens and our continuing path toward hypercuteness and what it means for our lives and the lives of our children.

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Everything is a remix - the myth of creativity

Kirby (kirby1 on the tubes) has created an amazing video series called "Everything is a remix". I had to create a profile here to tell other nerdfighters about this epic awesomeness.

He explains cultural evolution, the acts of copying, combining and transforming, the original ideas behind the copyright act etc. It is nedfighter gold, and so intelligently presented.

Remember when Maureen…


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The Most Epic Song In The History of Life

I heard it on Tumblr and it's an eargasm.

Enjoy everyone!

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Before now, the vast majority of quantum events occured during the start of the universe

Welcome to another delicious image blog! Packed full of those pixelins for maintaining a balanced mentality.

I didn't get it until I clicked on it. Maybe you should too...

Sir Reginald Cuppington III for president. Vote for cups! (And mustaches)…


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Batman and A Tale of Two Cities

Listen, Jena, it turns out Charles Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities was a key inspiration for The Dark Knight Rises. Seeing as the 200th anniversary of Dickens’ birth is this coming February 7, I thought it’d be nice to explore the themes Christopher Nolan might be drawing on.

It’s clear that Gotham explodes with civil unrest in the film. The trailer shows scenes of a wealthy house being  raided, the people inside it dragged down the stairs and…


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Happy New Year!

  The whole being a day ahead of the rest of my Americans never ceases to amuse me. Especially on New Years and Christmas. Though New Years is the best by far. Getting to talk to friends in the states and ask, 'So, how's 2011 treating you? 2012 is looking pretty fantastic over here.' Can't get much better than that!

  Now on to the reason for posting today, Super 8.

  About a month ago I started Super 8 but wasn't able to finish due to the flight I was watching it on…


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thirteen year old in need of a penpal

now if you are to comment saying I'd like to be your penpal you wont geet picked i would like some reasons why you want to be my penpal if you dont speak english please dont ask I'm sorry i only know english. below is a list of things I like and dislikes.

Some things I like- gaming, let's playing, marching band (witch i view as a sport), nintendo, mario, learning obscure facts and quotes, math, public speaking, math, science, mind games, Harry Potter, Artemis Fowl, The hunger games…


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Life in a [freakin] Day

Some of you may not of heard about Life in a Day, I would of hoped that you had, as it is a creation of the awesomeness that is youtube. For those of you that don't know Life in a Day is a film put together by a production company called Scot Free, but it was filmed by youtubers from all over the world on a single day- July 24th 2010. Now I'm guessing that most of you can't really remember what you were doing on July 24th 2010, well nor can I to tell the truth but I can remember what a…


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