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World Wide Web Wars


There is no doubt in anyone’s minds these days that we are amidst the internet age in full throttle. It is an amazing and frightening technology that many people in my generation likely can’t imagine living without.

It is truly amazing. The internet allows us to find the answer to any question, at any time. With the advent of laptops, tablets, and smartphones, most people…


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An open Letter about Growing old

Dear Grandmother,

On this hazy summer afternoon, as you stirred the pot and as I leaned on the countertop and as we chatted, you looked past me.

You told me of your mother's homecooking, how, when she was sick, she wouldn't eat anything except the food you prepared. Recalling proudly how you sent all your children to the best schools in the province, you smiled and turned your murky gray eyes toward the nostalgia in your mind's eye.

"Now that I'm...well, like this now,"…


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apparently i go on nerdfighters about once every 2 years as I am now 18 and my little brother has just turned three and a lot of things have changed


i achieved my life's ambition. :D

my granny died :'(

I found the love of my life, no- seriously. he's been my absolute rock for the past year and a half =D <3

my mum and dad divorced :S

i turned 18 :)

my kitten tiger died (we don't know quite how, but to cut a long story short…


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why is adoption so hard? the laws are dumb!!!

last year in australia, onyl 400 children were adoptend in a country of thousands of children needing to be adopted and thousands of people wanting to adopt.


the reason-adoption is really hard in australia. so hard that people (including celebrities *hugh jackman and wife*) look to othr countries to adopt. in many states, gay and lesbian couples cannot adopt either.


they havent made irt easier because they are afraid of the past. the stolen generation, the…


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     I have a different personal blog.  I also have a comic blog (there's a link on my profile), but I have yet to have a nerdy blog.  Do I know what that means?  Of course not!  That would ruin the fun!  

      It's my birthday today (though there's a large chance that you're not reading it on my birthday).  There's a small philosophical quandary in my head about birthdays, or rather ages.  So today I turn 19 (not much happens on the 19th birthday, but it's exciting anyway). Now what…


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Frezarion and the Case of the Unusually Large Tax Refund

It's April and I'm getting kind of excited for November - is that sad or what? NaNoWriMo's catching my eye. I've been wanting to get back into writing my book again lately but haven't taken the time to get things planned out. I've got some really good ideas and have been trying to work out the rules and everything for the world I'm creating, but it's contemplative work and I haven't spent much time on it since August.


Watched Cars today finally. Hadn't seen it yet. To be…


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Randomly Writing A Blog Post

Right then! Time to make a fool of myself!

So, I've finally worked up the nerve to join Nerdfighters, after a year. Yes, I know, it took me a year to join a lovely community, and I could've made wonderful friends in that time.

Oh well. Life goes on.

Anyways, I just felt like posting a blog. Pardon the useless-ness of this, you may click that little arrow button that leads you back to whatever page you…


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Name My Dog!

In which Hank talks some about babies and about cats and about dogs. It's just a cute fest over… Continue

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Shouldn't I be over this by now?

I wish the things that surprised me about being 27 were things like-- like waking up and being struck by how much more mature I've become since the day before, or how awesome I am at figuring out things like interest rates, or how much more delicious and airy my pancakes have become over time.

Instead I'm surprised by acne. And the difficulty of deciding on facial jewelry. And whether or not I feel comfortable playing parts my age in the theatre anymore.

Last night a guy… Continue

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My Tube, YouTube, OurTube

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Has Anyone Else...

...been singing "What would you do with a Poe Bust?" all week? No? That's just me? ...Ok, on to the threads.


Support the Troops vs. Support the War

Featuring a political thread this week. I'll keep my personal views to the actual thread, but what are your views on war, armed forces, your country, and patriotism?

Runners Up:…


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Am I too old to be a Nerdfighter?

In one of the groups I am in, someone said they felt a little creepy because there was a slight age gap between them an the creator of the group. Now, he was just talking about the particular topic of the group but I know at several times I have felt this way about nerdfighters in general. So, I thought I would blog about it giving examples of feeling creepy and then my thoughts on it.

Seeing John and Hank

Back in November I celebrated my 21st birthday, I also attended the KC… Continue

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Would you rather have the body and mind of a 20 year old for your entire adult life, but drop dead at the age of 60, or have life like it is now, where you might live to be 100, but will suffer a long, slow delcine of body and mind?

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Awesomeology: DNAwesome structure animation.

Animation of the structure of a section of DNAwesome. The bases lie horizontally between the two spiraling awesomes.

Deoxyribonucleic awesome(DNAwesome) is a nucleic awesome that contains the genetic instructions used in the development and functioning of all known living nerdfighters.

My "research" was inspired by… Continue

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