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Dutch by birth, American by heart.

I am born and raised Dutch. I speak Dutch, I root for our soccer team and feel proud when an actress like Catrice van Houten stars in Game of Thrones. Being Dutch is a part of my identity.

However, whenever I talk to others about the things I like, they seem to not know what I'm talking about. This is because the things I like and spend my time on are very American-based things. Like TV shows, popular YouTube channels, 9gag even. And because the people I talk to don't know…


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American Dance Festival Please Help

Hi everybody,

In the spirit of Nerdfighteria I just wanted to share this:

Please pass this on :) All help is appreciated.

My Story

I am sixteen and I have been dancing since I was ten years old. I got a late start (most dancers…


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Thoughts From Places: TX

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Thoughts from a Battlefield

In which Hank talks about the Nez Perce war and the Battle of the Big Hole. Katherine and I stopped by the Big Hole Battlefield on the way home from a mini-vacation.

"I hope that no more groans of wounded men and women will ever go to the ear of the Great Spirit Chief above, and that all people may be one people." Chief Joseph

"With women's hearts breaking, children weeping and men silent, we moved over the divide and closed our eyes upon our once… Continue

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Script Frenzy Update

So, by the numbers I'm a bit behind on my Script Frenzy script, but I already have the whole thing planned out, so I just need to take a day to get it on the page.

I think that's the point, really. That should be the slogan for Script Frenzy and NaNoWriMo:


One of the hardest parts of writing is actually getting over any concerns in your abilities as a writer and producing something. Or, at least that's my biggest problem. I'm still trying to… Continue

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Average American: Kindle Version

Good morning Readers!

 This is my first of many blogs from my Kindle. I am not quite sure what it is I want to blog about.

I should start with this; my name is Devin Parham, I am of eighteen years of age, and I will be attending Oklahoma University. I will be posting everyday if all goes to plan.

 That is all for this blog, the next post will be longer!

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Idol, oh Idol...

Yeah folks. I watch American Idol. I'm not afraid to admit it. I've been watching the show for as long as I can remember. And even now, with all the supposed format changes and new judges panel, I'm still watching.

Honestly, I had high hopes for this season. The promos looked promising, focusing on the contestants and (sort of) downplaying the new judges. I was looking forward to tonight's premiere, and I was sorely disappointed. And honestly, the first twenty minutes or so were good.…


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Islamic Community Center Controversy

So, to be completely honest, I am an American-born Muslim. My father is

from Bangladesh, my mother is from Poland. My entire life, I have been

brought up as a Muslim child.

At the same time, I have also developed a political leaning to the left. My religion teaches me that

murder is one of the highest sins one can commit, that God created

everyone as equals, and God is the ultimate judge. I believe that

everyone, no matter their race, religion, sexual preference,… Continue

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Rahmens - American Japanese Language School

This is pretty much the best project I've had the pleasure of working on. I made an English translation of an entire skit from a Japanese comedy group called Rahmens (ラーメンズ). So, here it is in all its majesty:


~ Jethro.

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Winner, South Dakota Represented in American Idol?


I was watching the second episode of the new season of AI yesterday when this girl came in to sing for the judges and when she said where she was from, I paused and said, "HUH?!" After I rewinded on my DVR, I heard her say "Winner, South Dakota."



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Adam Lambert AMA Interview about Kissing a Guy!

Added by William Katusoro on November 23, 2009 at 11:49am — No Comments

Adam Lambert AMA Interview about Kissing a Guy!

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Clean Room

My room has been messy for a while now....until today. Well, ok, maybe it's not completely clean, but hey, it's cleaner then it was before! All thanks to yours truly. And while my mom was cleaning, she found an american girl doll (it also came with a little book), a music box (maybe not a box, but....), a pencil case, some Harry Potter marbles, and 3 decks of cards. And I kept it all! Well, actually she found more then that but whatever. Oh, I was… Continue

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Our American Cousin

It's the last piece of entertainment that President Lincoln would ever see.

With that knowledge, I never knew that the play was a comedy. Strange what history can do to our perceptions.

Anyway, the UNCW theatre department put on this very funny play about an American visiting his English cousins and saving the day. I just got back from the show. It was really well done.

The director, a former professor of mine, Dr. Terry Theodore, followed the original concept… Continue

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3/3/09 Tuesday is back

There is a horrible noise in the middle; I have no idea what it is though. O_o

FALL OUT BOY and THE ALL AMERICAN REJECTS concert was amaaazing. *fangirls*

I have no idea what else I talked… Continue

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The Great American Tour de Nerdfighting (minus Canada)

Canada is not included in the Great American Tour de Nerdfighting??!

That is so not jokes.

So I've started a group on Facebook to hopefully change that.

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Aurora's Racial Rant

I've been meaning to post about the various shenanigans going on at my mom's school. Well, without my even prodding her to do so, a friends and colleague has rather succinctly done so for me. The ever-fabulous Aurora Delacroix has sent me her latest blog entry (now if only she'd link me to her blog!) and given me permission to share it with all of you! Be grateful. While you don't have to agree with what's said within, please be respectful of the experiences, sentiment, and injustices which… Continue

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vaguely live radio

please subscribe

Really quick entry here.

I'm going to try to apply grammar and spelling rules to this blog, seeing as I don't really put much effort into it.

I'm watching BBAD (Big Brother After Dark) and I just finished watching American Idol, I don't watch it intensely but I definitely want David Cook to win.

So basically i decided i cant type in a proper fashion so im going to stop at this point. I havent been feeling… Continue

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American Idol?

Who is your favorite? (Danny!) Who do you hate? (No one yet. I hope there is no Sanjaya of this season.)

These are obviously very important questions.

Better yet, why do they keep referring to this season as even more ~intense~, the best top 24 ~ever~ Uh, no. Not really. There's really nothing that special about this season. Or maybe I'm just biased after watching some s1 videos earlier today...

Yours in nerdfighting,

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