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Dangerous Beauty

Thirty seconds until the crash,

three limbs rigid, the fourth,

a bent elbow. Index and middle finger

pressed to her temple.

She'll pull the trigger.

Thirty seconds until it's over,

the strain of starvation's on her brain.

All self-induced.

She calls them beauty treatments.

Thirty seconds until it's gone.

Her skin is glowing, fair and

freckled. She's beautiful here

in our minds, our…


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 So me and my family want to go on a huge trip to somewhere. The problem is that everything is booked nowadays in summer. So I might just go during the first week in school. I really dunno, it depends on the flights and my parents off days. So wish us luck!

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Nerds at the Beach: A REUNION VIDEO!

In which John and Hank return to the seashore, scene of their first reunion video, to prove that they are still massive nerds. Also, Hank is briefly shirtless....ladies.

I have a tumblr:

And a facebook:…


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We're All Winners

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I Am Not a P#$$Y - this video contains mild swear words.

In which Hank rants about being taunted while riding his bike (which is, btw, very unsettling) and then talks a bit about bullying and he he dealt with it (he didn't) and how you should deal with it (survive.)

The thing about bullies is that they are weak people. The bike taunting story is true, but it's also a metaphor. Bullies bully because they are weak, not… Continue

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Finished my first indie game Brick Bow HD!

Hi Guys,


Been quite a while since I last posted. So after I could find a publisher for Farmlands.. I decided I needed to try publishing it myself but I wanted to do it on the web. So I was looking into technologies to do that. I stumbled onto unity3d and after playing with it for a week I decided to try to make a game using it first to get my feet…


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My mom splattered me with tomato sauce and stained my giant angry squid shirt, and now I really am a giant angry squid, because they no longer have the giant angry squid shirt in my size, and I don't know when they'll have them again! *flails tentacles all over the place*  This is a devastating day for this nerd, because as much as I love my cephalopod brethren to necessitate buying another shirt, I would simply be swimming in a medium.  I now must walk around town wearing my favorite shirt…


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"Ur ghey!" "Well you're ignorant, unoriginal, and need a copy of Hooked on Phonics."

Transferred from: Go there for more veggie goodness!

Today, someone called me a "gay homo". First of all, that's a little redundant. Second, I'm not all that insulted, I have gay friends and

family, and they are all fucking awesome.

Whether their sexual preference has anything to do with it, I don't

know, but I approve of gay relationships 100%. I don't… Continue

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Oh the joys of playing the violin (beware, here there be ranting)

Trying to play the violin while maintaining a ‘relaxed’ wrist is both mental and physical torture. The word ‘relaxed’ is in quotes because if you have to concentrate more on grip A than grip B, and if your instinct is to go to grip B, then to call grip A ‘relaxed’ is simply a misnomer.

I understand that it is required for me to play vibrato, I really do, but shouldn’t it be re-named ‘required for vibrato yet nonetheless excruciatingly difficult to maintain’ wrist? Or is that…


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Lifes Tough (1.14.10 Day 10)

Hello Everyone.

I have been having a really tough day, and week.

School has been tough, up till ten every day doing homework.

Parents have been pissed at me, alll the time.

And just everything is falling apart.

But you know lifes hard,

And sometimes you just need to fight through it.

The way i normally do this,

is by doing awesome things.

And this is what i think really makes a nerd fighter a nerdfighter

nerdfighters do awesome things, purely… Continue

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A few words I would like to say to hipsters.

So I was taking the elevator up to my floor when who walked on but a hipster. Immediately after looking at him, my mind was flooded with things I wished to tell him. Here they are...

Oh hey there Mr. Hipster, Mr. Scenester, how's it going? Good huh? I see you totally are being cool and indy and so non-conformist. I can tell by that music your listening to, oh excuse me, destroying your eardrums with. I'm really glad your music is up so loud, because now, I can hear it in addition to… Continue

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People make me want to punch things... like their faces

It sucks but I hate working with most people who are over 35. They seem to have it in their heads that because they have a family they should take priority in everything when it comes to everything. Guess what folks I'm the one with the schooling so I win. You can't change my days off so you can have three days especially when the schedule you're trying to change in the one we're currently working. I hope you know if you do get your way and my schedule changes you'll be paying me $300 for the… Continue

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Discussion: Hedwig and the Angry Inch *spoilers*

Before I begin I should probably mention that this blog relates to my collab channel on youtube and that there are three videos you should probably watch. The first is the film itself! Go away and come back later if you haven’t seen it. Then there is Mary-Kate’s vlogtag video and the last is my own vlogtag. Finished all that? Ok, read on then.

Also if I get details wrong you have to forgive me – I have only seen the film once! Oh and I can’t be bothered to check this through so there… Continue

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Torture and School

So, this has been on my mind for a while now, but I was never sure, if I should write it down, and if anyone would understand what I am trying to say.

This thing is about school.

Now let me tell you something about school, more particular, the school system, 'cause its a little different and complicated then for example American school system. So after trying to type everything down, I realized it didn't make sense, so here is a very artistic picture of how the German school system… Continue

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Turtwig <i>needs</i> no Handlebars

Where i perform a short redition of my new favorite song and talk about stuff that's bugging me and or making me…

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An untitled random venting blog!

Okay I need to vent about something. My dad offered to take both me and my best friend to see one of my favorite musicals, Mamma Mia!. Now I felt uncomfortable about this idea from the beginning (given the fact that my dad hates things like Mamma Mia!) but then the party got bigger and now my mum is coming as well! I'm wigging out a bit because just as I started to get comfortable about the idea of my dad coming I got this news. I'm sure my best friend will cope quite well, but I still feel… Continue

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Please spread the word and stop the bullying!!!!

So, one of my very good friends who happens to be gay recieved an email from someone through myspace that made ME furious enough to write this blog. In this email, he tears through every little thing that my friend has ever done and makes fun of every thing that he can find. He was merciless and it was infuriating to even see the letter without it being directed towards me.

I can only imagine how my friend feels right now.

He had to close his myspace page because this man will not… Continue

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My Stance on The Menace That Is - Part One: Robots

My Stance On Robots

Current mood: angry

I start today by saying simply saying hello. Hello to my fellow students and country men and even to Romans. Even though I shouldn't say it to Romans because Romans are stupid and don't exist anymore.Romania? What's that? That's made up. Come on now, who gets sacked by a guy named Hannibal? Anyways, sorry I got sidetracked.

I wanted to talk today about something I'm passionate about.

I want to talk about… Continue

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