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Hella Cool Literary Magazine Needs You! Hella Cool. Hella.

Are you a writer, artist, photographer, or macaroni sculptor? Do you want the chance to be published in a hella cool, independent literary magazine? Then send your work to The Fox Hat Review! Our deadline for the spring issue is February 22nd!

Dear Nerdfighters,

In 2014, we launched our first issue, which you can read by…


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ArtBeat! The Four Embraces In Creativity

Julie Burstein talks about the four aspects of life that we need to embrace and let our own creativity flourish.


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Hey guys!

Anyone interested in Science fiction art/comics? Check this out!

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Send me on my way

Recently I felt very unlucky. A couple of years ago I made an awful mistake of choosing the wrong classes for me because I thought I wanted to be a Doctor, and not the cool kind. I chose Physics, which I hated so much I stopped learning it this year, and Science technology class which I took for Biomedicne..Don't even ask how I hate every second of working on the project. But I wouldn't suffer as much if I didn't understand what I want to do with my life.

I want to be an…


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First Time Blogger

Hi everyone!

Hopefully this doesn't come off as horrible self advertisement, but I'm trying to get my blog out in the world, it's something I've realized that I have to work at! Internet pages don't share themselves, you need the people behind the screen. And hey, maybe I'll post on here too, I didn't realize anyone could do it! :)

The reason why I wanted to post a link here was because I think the community that Hank and John has built is wonderful. In fact, if…


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Things Unseen

Short Summary

Hi. Shahna here. I'm ready to share with you my very first project idea. EVER.

Things Unseen Project

I have been collecting all the "unwanted" photos from the thousands of photos I take every year. For the last five years I…


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Save our School Programs! Please help!

I attended a high school in Cedar Rapids Iowa called John F. Kennedy High School. Right now, there are terrible things being put in to play at my Alma Matter. The principal, one Dr. W, is trying to take the Industrial Technology Education rooms, and turn them into a "strength training" facility for the athletic department. This facility is only described as "not including weight training equipment." Now, this school already has a weight room and a great number of athletic facilities,…


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Possible Project: Random Happenings (...In Your Pants)

Yesterday I posted a blog post (which you can read here) explaining an idea I've had for a while. Whilst typing out my idea I realized how amazing this idea would be as a collaborative effort.

Basically I have a lot of poems, short stories, unfinished works, random ramblings and odd doodles and collages lying around. So I…


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It's a painting I did a while ago of a TARDIS. believe me, it looks way better in real like. My scanner is just not big enough to fit it.…


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It's a painting I did a while ago of a TARDIS. believe me, it looks way better in real like. My scanner is just not big enough to fit it.…


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Sharpie Face Question Tuesday

Check out Crash Course!

The Fault in Our Stars:

I'll be in Amsterdam THIS FRIDAY evening. Ticket info:…


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An appeal to all Nerdfighters! I'm hoping to set up something called "Project Inspire", wherein artists, musicians and writers come together to collaborate and inspire one another to take flight (metaphorically, most likely, but if you do your best work in aeroplanes or hot-air-balloons, that works too). The project has three aims:

1. Finish a 'work of art' (this can be a painting, a novel, a song, a sculpture made of pizza...anything)

2. Do something to inspire someone else to…


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brain and eye candy - art (part 2)

This isn't a black-and-white photograph — it's an incredibly detailed pencil drawing titled "Friend Cat" by Paul Lung (deviantArt).



this picture is:…


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brain and eye candy - art (part 1)

深堀隆介 (Ryusuke Fukahori) paints goldfish into resin, adding one thin layer at a time until three-dimensional fish are encased in water-like resin. (video)



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Lady Gaga would be proud

This is what every musician or film maker who thinks they are making art is really saying … honest :)  LOVE YOU, if this made you laugh, consider sharing it with your friends.


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Feminist Playing Cards

This is my latest nerdy project that I'm working on. Its a deck of custom playing cards featuring feminist musicians spanning many generations and genres. The cards are being illustrated by 14 different artists. I tried to embed a video of the project with samples of the artists' work but it wouldn't work. You can view it here:

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Mas An Nek, Azul the Blue, Gamla Sorkar Nyo, and Chiro

Read details on these guys over at my…


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Inner Workings of An Artist or How'd You Do That??


I'm an artist and a question I get a lot is "How do you do it?".

I can't tell people how to make art, but I can share my process. So, I made a FLOW CHART of AWESOME,

to give people an idea of what it takes, from the initial idea to the finished painting. Not every idea works, but

researching, making concept art, playing with color theories, talking about your idea with friends all help to make your

art a reality! I hope this is informitive, and if you…


Added by Sarah Bosserman on November 28, 2011 at 3:12pm — 2 Comments

My Art Homework.

     So, I'm done my art homework, and I have nothing to do! I had to do an assignment about the Die Brücke art movement, and an art appreciation of Emil Nolde's "Masks Still Life" If anybody has any interesting facts or opinions about either, let me know, because I've got four more days of work to fill, with nothing to add...


     Se onr sverdar sitja hvass!

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