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Newbie to the Ning

I've never been on the Ning before and for the longest time was in the dark whenever my Nerdfighter friends talked about it. It wasn't until I finally relented and watched a vlogbrothers video did I realize what I had been missing out on. I watched new videos that came out and old ones that had already aired. I, however, never watched them in chronological order or even reverse chronological order. I found myself simply randomly clicking on videos with interesting sounding names. What can I…


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So yesterday I was looking through some old albums my grandma has from the nineties, and I found A LOT of pictures of me that I had never seen before.  For example: BABBBY... "That one Mommy, I want more!!"…


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Adorable Baby and Insufficient Cartography

In which Henry learns some words, and John discusses a Sunday with family, the insufficiency of all maps (and all videos), and the awesome of nerdfighteria.

Asheville tickets:

My… Continue

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Is My Boyfriend Gay? Is He Cheating?

I'll be in PLAINFIELD, IN THIS THURSDAY at 7PM. The Plainfield Public Library is located at 1120 Stafford Road. The event is free.

In which John answers the top 10 questions people ask google beginning "Is my b...," including: Is my boyfriend gay? Is my boyfriend cheating on me? Is my blood pressure high? Is my baby sick? Is my baby teething? Is my baby a boy or a girl? And most gallingly, is my baby sleeping too… Continue

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How to Name Your Baby Properly

In which Hank discusses the do's and don't's of naming a child. Quick list.

Hank in a Planetarium

1. Say your Baby Name out loud

2. Name your child what you will call your child

3. Test your baby name with native language speakers

4. Don't try to be Cute

5. Check the most popular baby names and avoid them

6. Spell your kid's name like… Continue

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Gifting Conundrum

So, let me start off by saying I'm a bad person and that while I haven't yet typed out any of my latest stories, I do have them written. 

 And now for the real purpose of this blog. 

 So, this being my first year of highschool, I've only had five teachers so far. However, term 1 is done in a week, and I (along with everyone else in my period four class) absolutely love my music teacher. I can't buy her a gift, because it's highschool and I have too many teachers to do that.…


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On October 19th, people from all over the world will give up their voices for a day in solidarity for the lost children of abortions.

To find out more info please visit:…


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A Very Special Guest

Hank's Facebook:

John's Facebook:

In which John is attacked by a giant baby and reunites with a very special guest on vacation in Sonoma, California. We miss you, Mom and… Continue

Added by Ningmaster Tom on September 11, 2010 at 4:57am — 5 Comments

Two movies I'm upset about

As I'm sure you're aware, the 1984 classic film The Karate Kid has been "remade," the "remake" having opened yesterday (it will be after midnight when I finish this). There are a number of reasons I'm against this film- reasons which, if they weren't calling it a remake but instead said… Continue

Added by Gabrielle on June 12, 2010 at 2:01am — 1 Comment

Health Project!

(I look so cheesy here)

Last week I did a baby project for health class.

We got to choose between a five pound bag of flour or an egg. …


Added by Erika on June 8, 2010 at 9:28pm — 1 Comment

Orly's first blog....FEATURING KATRINA

and acccctually this is not featuring katrina, this IS katrina. If you are reading this, you are a nerd with no life. JUST KIDDING! i love you like a baby in a cradle. Does that even makes sense... babies in cradles are really annoying. Thats just my opinion, and yes i am entitled to my own opinion, and no i am not a baby hater. Babies are very cute OUTSIDE of cradles, but INSIDE is a whoooooole different situation. Babies inside cradles are no fun. You can only play peek-a-boo with them, and… Continue

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Adorable Baby is Adorable

In which John Green sings a lullaby of his own devising about all the things he will buy his baby in the event a mockingbird fails to sing. These things include a quilt, the sultanate of Oman, a diamond ring, and polka dots, among many others. Stay tuned at the end for some serious…

Added by Tenley Nadine on May 19, 2010 at 6:38pm — 5 Comments

Why is the Sky Blue and Other Questions Answered

My brother had a baby but my brother is stupid at I made a video so his son would know all he needs to know about the wold.

What are rainbows?

why is the sky blue?

where does the sun go at night?

how to clouds stay up?

Where do babies come from?

How does the internet work?

What is a Horcrux...etc…


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Name My Dog!

In which Hank talks some about babies and about cats and about dogs. It's just a cute fest over… Continue

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In which John discusses his impending role as a parent, his own dad, and the space pterodactyls whose poop makes the sky blue.

If you want to give my baby a baby-warming present, feel free to do so:… Continue

Added by OSUBrit (former Ningmaster) on January 18, 2010 at 3:46pm — 10 Comments

Naming and... Vampires?

I'm putting off law school essays, so if this makes no sense... Well, yeah.

I want kids. At least two, but I'd be happy with up to six. I won't go into the why's and the where's, no, since right now I want to talk about names.

I'd like to have these names in the lineup:

Xόe, Chlόe, and Jόe. The "όe" part is pronounced in each as "OH-ee," hence the accent.

Now, Xόe is supposedly a Greek, male name, meaning "life," but I see absolutely no reason why it… Continue

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So where I live [and some other states around me] it snowed...A LOT.

They originally fore-casted it to be about four inches, but we all know that meteorologists get things wrong about 70% of the time. It snowed about fourteen inches. Yeah. And my brother and I had to shovel through it.

It was fun until the shovel hit the snow. I shoveled for about 45 minutes. Then, it was time to enjoy myself. I stabbed my shovel into the snow, and fell backwards, letting to snow capture me. I got up,… Continue

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Inspired by Brendan (but actually about tastes)

I was recently watching a video on the ning by Brendan. In this video he has two rocks (crystals more like) and figures out which is which by licking one (great fun to watch)! One is salt, so would taste.....salty (you knew where I was going with that one didn't you?!) The other....well...Brendan describes it tasting like "babies dying in your mouth". Wow. Talk about imagery! So...that peaked my interest and here we are!! :D

So........................babies dying in your mouth.… Continue

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Insane Amounts of Jealousy (And a "Grey Sky Morning," of sorts)

Meh, not really-- I'm just being melodramatic. Doo bee doo bee doooooooo.

I'm stuck on my paper for Going to Hell. Topic: How are themes of reciprocity and exchange important in the Homeric Hymn to Demeter and the Nimi Jaataka? I've got the hymn part fine, I've analyzed that before for Fenik and for Vandiver's classes. But the NJ is going to be hard because it's going to be very irksome to pick a specific instance with enough to say about it to take up the space I… Continue

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