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I'm Back!

I thought I'd make another blog post just to be like... YO! I'M ALIVE! :D It's been about 3 years since I made my last blog post, and obviously a lot can happen in 3 years. For starters, I've actually READ some BOOKS - the thing that 18-year-old me had a total aversion to. I've even developed an affection/obsession with Harry Potter - the thing that 18-year-old me had a slight aversion to. All my life I've been conflicted over matters of literature... but now I'm pretty sure I adore books,…


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Getting Back In The Swing of Things

As you'll notice if you look at my activity on this site - or my activity on any site, really, I'm not really a regular poster. I don't follow some sort of schedule, I never really think ahead about the kind of things I'm going to talk about or post about. The majority of my blogs, fiction profiles, facebook, forums, etc, etc are all sporadic. I'll make a youtube video and post it one week and then accidentally wait a month before the next and it's been at least a year since I've posted on…


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Going Back...

I am going back... and going through the VlogBrothers videos one by one. Every day that is on the annually made playlists, every video that is on these playlists, I am going to watch. The audiences that say things keep getting larger and larger. I particularly love the song "Will You Miss Me When I'm Gone From Your Pants". It brings back memories... Normality is not exactly... normal here.…


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Rejoining the Ning

I have always been a keen viewer of nerdfighteria but never really considered myself a part of it.


I am now rejoining to website and hope to get to know you all! 

So about me.

My name is Matt Dean.…


Added by Matt Dean on March 23, 2012 at 2:47pm — 2 Comments

And...She's back. (With a New Youtube channel!)



I haven't been on here in what seems like forever. And you know what?? I miss you guys! Life has been so crazy lately, with school and such. Being a senior is great, but at the same time...sometimes it sucks to think about the future. I have never been a fan of High School. I go to this little performing arts charter high school that has around 300 student...and do you want to know a secret? I don't like the performing arts. And the people that DO like them? I don't…


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Punishments, Floods, and Pink Hitler Babies

In which Hank vlogs from a riverbank about Hitler, Shaq, floods, rocks, ants, ice cream, sexy back, punishments, sandwiches, dolphins...I mean, you really aren't gonna get much from the's a weird… Continue

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Hair again

I am going to cut all of my hair off; I am going to buzz it all off in May. I have never been more excited for a hair cut and I feel like it will make me look more like a girl. I like the idea and look of androgyny, I feel it is a beautiful and subtle way of show that men and women are equal and beautiful. I will post pics as I get it cut, My best friend is getting his cut with me and we are both uber excited for the clippers! I can't get it done till May because my mom doesn't want…


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Return to the Blog

Let's not get in to where I've been and what I've been doing and why there hasn't been a post here since March. Instead, let's just say I've been extraordinarily busy and leave it at that for now. The full story will be revealed over the course of the next month as I once again attempt BEDA (Blog Every Day August).

Now, the previous BEDA was held in April, but the lovely and amazing Maureen Johnson decided to move it so she might be… Continue

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Day 180: I'm back

No Things That Annoy Me today.

I'm just writing a quick blog to let all of you know that I am back home and there were no dilemmas in my getting home. I had a fun week and I'll tell you all about it tomorrow.

Right now, I'm exhausted and am probably going to go upload pictures from vacation and put them on Facebook. Hope you all had a fun week.

What fun things have you done this week (or just what have you done this…

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Day 129: Review Wednesday #1

Today I have decided to start a new thing: Review Wednesday. On this day I'll review something (by something I mean a book, a movie, or a TV show). (Second parenthetical aside in a row! By the way, it should be noted that the idea of reviewing once per week was partly due to a suggestion by Kyra. Just a reminder, I'm still looking for ideas for a weekly thing and so on blah blah blah. OK. Moving on) For today's Review Wednesday, I'm going to review the third and final Back to the Future movie:… Continue

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I'm back!!!

Hey guys!

I've been back home now for a couple of weeks and some of you probably already know that I'm back, and while (full) recovery will most likely take a long long looooong time, I thought I'd get back to work here.

Not that I wasn't back before. In the last few weeks I have discussed stuff with the other Ningmasters and I've suspended many spammers. But I suppose I'm not truly back until I announce that I'm back. So yeah, I am.…

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Day 84: Back to the Future II

For those of you who have seen Back to the Future, today I'm going to talk about the sequel. To those who haven't, I'm still going to talk about the sequel. I would request that you watch the first one before reading this one. Obviously, you don't have to if you don't want to.

The sequel to Back to the Future starts where the last one ended. Actually, it overlaps, showing us the last scene from the movie. In this movie, Marty and Doc Brown go the the year 2015 to stop an…

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Day 65: Back to the Future

I finished re-watching Back to the Future a few minutes ago. The first time I watched it was a few years ago (I think. I'm not entirely sure how long ago it was. It might have been a shorter time). It's still a good movie. The basic premise of Back to the Future (for those who don't know) is that Doc Emmet Brown, played by Christopher Lloyd, has built a time machine out of a Delorean. The year is 1985. The time machine needs plutonium to activate the flux capacitor to send it back or forward in… Continue

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Blog nr. 3, gettong used to it!

Ok its me agien! the wierd MMO RPG dude who says random boring things!, i noticed i havent gotten any comments yet! :( pls tell me what u like and what u hate about this blog! i Want to know!

Anywhay lets blog! im getting tired of fixing this old cpu i have from like 2003 or something!

ive bin using Back on Track to get rid of viruses fore like 2 years now! i want protection!

but my stupid mom wont get me a new one so ill have to live wiht…


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1/23/09 Mishie's Back?

long time no see too. no intro today. sorry

not in sync too. oh well

kat belated happy birthday!


i… Continue

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Nerdfighter HQ Collabs

Hi, everyone!
Well, ever since May 2008, we chat people have been making birthday collabs and things like that. Since, recently, the video feature of the ning has been removed, I decided to make a youtube channel for all of them. So, in case you're looking for any of the wonderful videos, you can find them here:
Have fun. :)


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John Linnell is Bringing Sexy Back.

John Linnell...bringing sexy back.

My first Linnell fanvid.… Continue

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Once Again A Library Update

i just came back from a library excursion earlier. now i feel a bit down though because i haven't really been keeping track of the books i've been reading. i just know i've read a hella lot. i'll try to go by memory. *shoot*

Books i've read recently:

Pride and Prejudice (not the first time)

An Assembly Such as this (fitzwilliam darcy trilogy)

Duty and Desire

These Three Remain

Bridget Jones's diary : a novel / Helen Fielding.

Bridget Jones : the… Continue

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gah, my back hurts. ._.

Woo, exams are finally over!

So, yesterday I decided that I would only study for my English exam for around 1 hour. Which was probably... a bad idea because my English exam was surprisingly really hard. I could hardly remember anything about Greek mythology or To Kill a Mocking while I was writing. For some reason I thought that just because my French exam was so easy, that my English one would be just as easy. Stupid, stupid Dylan.

Anyways, this morning I didn't have… Continue

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gone forever ago and back again

now that i have fully moved in to my new apartment... yes that apartment number three and state number two for all of those who know me personally.. well im sitting at my computer and i look over at my book collection and realize. Wow i have a really nerdy book collection. then i realized that i have only been going to the ning and looking at the newly posted videos and the blurbing bookclub books. but im back now and i now live in madison for any of those nerdfighters that would like to hang… Continue

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