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Freaking out

I think I'm having a quarter life crisis, (you can do that right?) I have a great job, a loving boyfriend and a nice house, and at 22 that's not bad. But I feel like my life is settling onto a path too soon. Like, soon I'll be marrying and having kids and it all feels wrong and too soon! I'm starting to feel like my life isn't going to take any twists and turns like I had hoped. I want to travel, and I want to write, and I want to experience everything I possibly can. I want to have the…


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My poor seven year-old nephew broke both bones in this left arm while playing in school today.  So now he had to keep it in a cast all summer which means that he can't go swimming and that is really …

My poor seven year-old nephew broke both bones in this left arm while playing in school today.  So now he had to keep it in a cast all summer which means that he can't go swimming and that is really terrible because he is the only one out of the three who actually enjoys swimming.


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I miss the way nerdfighteria used to be

I love nerdfighteria to death. I want to start with that so know one murders me after reading this blog post. 

I have social anxiety, I like to sit by my self at lunch and listen to my ipod, and I always feel like people are talking behind my back. Know one understands this about me and even though I have plenty of people I could call my friends they're never quite there for me. I have the luxury of saying that I have never been bullied, however I seem to be a drama…


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The World is a Hypocrite

Hello all! I hope you are all having wonderful days filled with sunshine! And if not "it is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light". And that is what I would like to discuss! 2 quotes I'm sure you've heard before.

Where is the line between "be yourself" and "it's never too late to change"? How do I know…


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How To Be Famous On Youtube!

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This World

During a lot of dark times in my life I have sought refuge in communities that would help me restore my faith in humanity. These have ranged from clubs at school to random encounters with the same people at regular locations and into the extremities of simply up and leaving the country to be with others.

But never have I found a place to go to like Nerdfigtheria...

Now, I have been a Nerdfighter for quite a while, though on a strangely detached basis at first. I wouldn't get…


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10 Years after September 11th, and Diablo III

If you were upset or put off by my treatment of the September 11th anniversary, please read my blog post here:

In which Hank talks about september 11th, posters, becoming a musical… Continue

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My Take: Make Today The Day That Someday Was Supposed To Be

*These are some quotes and sayings I coined, if you like any please feel free to use them, but remember to give credit where credit is due. :)

1.  The stage is my home, dedication is how I pay my bills, actors are kin audience are the guests. Performance is the dish I serve, applause the complements to the cooks.

2.  Life isn’t like a highway, its like a dirt road. It can get pretty bumpy. Some days you can see…


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Ode To My True Friends

" make it easier to be.........."

" A true friend is one soul in two bodies." ~Aristotle

         these are the times that require us to reach in our magic bag of friendship and pull out the friends who mean the most to us. to surround yourself with those who truly care, the friends who know your life inside and out and still don't mind if you complain a bit. those who stick by you through thick and thin and who love you no matter how hard it is. they are the…


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In desperate need of answers.

So...I'm leaving for college in a week and am kind of getting paranoid. I feel like I'm going to forget to pack things but then I don't want to overpack.  (Do I bring every color pen, craft material, kitchen supplies, all of my flipflops, etc?!) My high school was kind of a joke so I never had to study...but because of that, I'm afraid that I'm going to fail my classes. It's a huge campus so I'm scared that I won't be able to find the friends that I want. I don't drink or party and won't…


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The Second Post

So here's where it starts to get a bit interesting!


Today, as it is the Summer Holidays for me, I have not a lot to do. But the two things I am going to do are rather major.


I'm currently in the process of writing a book which I've been meaning to get going with for about six months. I've only just got started, but the plot is coming together quite nicely (although slowly and awkwardly like a turtle on its back) and I'm already starting to write it out…


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Trying To Be Insightful

So I was just on the internet and I thought, "you know, i'm probably not going to remember this", wich is true. Most things you do won't matter and you wont remember them, but just because your action is'nt notable in the longrun of life does'nt mean its not worth doing. Life is made up of actions and decisions and yes, some will make a great impact, but others won't. As the great comedian Demitri Martin said "Life=Lifespan/number of decisions and actions (ifs)" to think that you life is…


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What MLK day is for me

On Martin Luther King jr Day I remember the history of the struggle that he died for. And it is at those times that I am particularly thankful to my mother and father’s way of bringing me up. Even though my family is cacausian, and even though my parents were brought up with the idea of racism as natural my parents never balked at my impossible dream. 

Me: “Mommy black people are beautiful.”

Mother: “They’re people Heather, the same as me and you.” She smiles down on her little…


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Unfortunately, recently my dear old 'Work hard' button has been left unpressed, and the reason for this is, of course, Lord of the Rings. I decided I MUST read it, as the whole world had already, so I picked it up, and the rest of the world turned to grey and smished together and all that. Anyway, I have about 100 things to do, but while Frodo's epic quest still questing, I have no time to do it in. D: On the plus side, I am singing May It Be, y'know that Enya song... :D

Also. Brian…


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National Be A Creeper Day

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I'm a Loner Youtube Kid! Wanna be friends? =]

I have youtube! (Who doesn't these days? xD)

So I'm pretty new to it and I'm loving it so far but I wished more people would interact with me on it :/

Feel free to watch, or even subscribe to my videos. Or comment, they're the best! =D

Also leave me a challenge and I will probably do it! (Within reason =P)


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Probability 101

In which Hank discusses the basics of probability, the art of finding meaning in randomness. And it's there, it's all over, everywhere! Master these simple rules and you'll always know what's coming...except not really.

Thanks to Karen Kavett for the graphics!… Continue

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Day 291: UMSO Retreat

I am currently on the UMSO Retreat. Well, OK, actually I am currently sitting at this computer in the Computer Lab writing this blog, but when you read this I will be on the UMSO Retreat.

You all remember UMSO, right? It's that organization I'm a part of that I became more involved with because of the Astronomy class. Just as a brief reminder (or explanation, if you have no idea what I'm talking about because you haven't been reading my blogs from the beginning, which is…


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I'm not quite sure

It's my latest VLOG on the youtubes!

In which I discuss They Might Be Giants, The Aeneid, the benefits of being yourself, philosophy and random dance parties!

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Day 201: Things That Annoy Me #17

It's time for another fun installment of Things That Annoy Me, because annoyances are best dealt with quickly. Or something (I don't really know what that was).

Things That Annoy Me #17: People who do not understand how respect works

I recently had an encounter with a person who is not very nice. This may be considered the understatement of the year. Let's just say that she is a woman and there's a term I could use but I'm not going to in case…

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