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I Tell People More Than I Should

I tell people about my life so that they can look out for me. I don't like it when people who I'm close to are put in the dark. Today five years ago, I saw my dad alive for the last time. He heard me say "I love you" for the very last time. It was the last time that I hugged him. It was the end to my life as I knew it. Tomorrow is the anniversary of his death. I'll go to school, do my work, and have friends supporting me the whole day. And it will pass with and underlying sadness.



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Happy Birthday Shakespeare!

Watch Mary's Hamlet monologue:

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Newbie newbie newbie...

So, new person here! I think I have it tattooed on my forehead. But no matter. I'm used to be the new person in a lot of situations. Military brat, nomadic spirit, loner... Kinda makes it impossible not to find myself in new situations. 

Found Brotherhood 2.0 from my boss at work. Pretty much hooked ever since. Donated my first loan to Sent everyone I knew to have an inkling towards nerdiness here. There, done my part... My other credentials include over 735 books on…


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It's Hanko de Mayo! We all know Hank loves the James Webb Space Telescope, so hopefully he'll like our gift. In addition to his gift, nerdfighteria is celebrating Hank's birthday by letting our elected officials know that Increasing Awesome through scientific exploration is important to us. You'll find the email I wrote my congressperson and senators below. You can copy it,…


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Rubbish, rubbish, rubbish!

Tomorrow is my 13th birthday, and it's going to be RUBBISH.

I had been planing a big party with all my friends and all of us just having a good time, but my two BFFs have a stupid musical(they have incredebly minor parts, it wouldn't matter if they weren't there), only three people can come to my party and only one can come and see The Hunger Games with me!

I just don't get it!

Nothing goes right for me, and I'm not bad, yet God can't let me have this ONE…


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Firsts, Christmas, and Blogging.

So I'm posting a blog. Today has been filled with new, Internet-related things. I've finally started a Ning, like I've been meaning to do for too long, started up a Twitter, and now here I am.

I've always wanted to do things like this. Blogging, vlogging, tweeting. The problem is that I never feel like what I have to say is significant. I watch the channels I'm subscribed to and I go, "WHY can't I formulate thoughts and stories like THAT?" (I'm looking at you, Frezned.) I mean, I'm…


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     I have a different personal blog.  I also have a comic blog (there's a link on my profile), but I have yet to have a nerdy blog.  Do I know what that means?  Of course not!  That would ruin the fun!  

      It's my birthday today (though there's a large chance that you're not reading it on my birthday).  There's a small philosophical quandary in my head about birthdays, or rather ages.  So today I turn 19 (not much happens on the 19th birthday, but it's exciting anyway). Now what…


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I am a rage muffin!

My brother is a soldier, and his birthday is impending next month, so I figured I'd buy him an awesome knife option to strap into his LBE.  Fast-forward nine days after I ordered it, and I find it loose in a box.  I expected it to be an open item, but it was literally the contents of the original box tossed into a larger box.  I was hoping this wasn't a big deal, but I found that the tip had bent from its repeated impacts against the side of the box--which had pierced to the outer layer!… Continue

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In which Hank presents John with the present that Nerdfighteria made for him and tells him about the future of the idea.

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Happy Birthday John-a letter to Nerdifigheria(well,a short letter)

So right now,it's 3:30 in the morning here. I couldn't sleep. It's also John Green's birthday, and he is one of the most awesome people in the history of the world, but we all know that.

Since my country and America have a significant time difference, it's still the 24th of August there. So Hank uploaded the video to wish John a happy birthday, and once Hank started talking about the firetrucking awesome present Nerdifighteria got,neh, made John,I teared up. And by the end of the…


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Trading Underwear for Rice Crispy Treats: Queens Day in Amsterdam (Thoughts from Places)

In which John takes the thoughts from places video series back to Amsterdam for the massive party / garage sale / birthday celebration known here in the Netherlands as koninginnedag.

Later, there will be information here about forthcoming appearances and nerdfighter gatherings in Belgium and the Netherlands. But now, I have to go to… Continue

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Happy Birthday To Me!

In which Hank has a happy day after his birthday.

Yes...Helen Hunt saw the video, so you get to punish both of us...and JOHN AN EXTRA TIME! So that's three punishments y'all.

Also, the IRS sent me a present...a fine! And nerdfighters sent me presents that were WAAY better than that, like my Jayne Cobb hat and:

Anglerfish Hat by:

Humpy… Continue

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Surrogate Birthday Wishes

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Finally going to make a blog post

I would have done this earlier already, but I didn't know what to write about ...

I'll just make an introduction first :P


so, Hi! My name's Monika, I'm 14 years old almost 15, I live in Vienna (Austria), I have a sister, parents, pets ... I like music and nerdfighting and the internet and playing the guitar ... and I'll just start blogging here, maybe on a regular basis maybe not, I don't really…


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Specialist Bookshop, ProsAndCons

There's one in my town. Is there one in yours? WHAT? You have more than one?

OK, OK, be grateful, Claire, it's not going to 1) kill you, or 2) make you change bookshops. Seriously. My one's better than yours. It's SO COOL. And there's a Lord of the Rings 50th anniversary edition, which makes me go cross eyed, because it's a beautiful hard-backed all-in-one edition, but it costs 42 euros, so it's out of the question, worst luck, but I like to look at it. It's in an ACTUAL glass case,…


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The Challenge

How many of you look back on your life so far and wish you'd accomplished something big? Today is my 17th birthday and one of my birthday traditions is to assess what I got done last year and most of the time I'm disappointed in myself and I start thinking, "What are you waiting for?!" But that's going to change this year. A few months ago I found a random list of classic books that most people should read but don't. I thought about reading some of them, you know, to broaden my horizons,… Continue

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happy heart day everyone :)

i haven't written a blog in a longish time.

but here i am providing you with information just incase you were curious :)

its been busy lately.lots of birthday parties,tons of stressing and a whole bunch of craziness.

i recently went to my friend gens birthday party and it was awesome!!! she's 16 now! woot woot


so today is valentines day and we had to go to school.

but at least we didn't have to wear uniforms…


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Bane is pleased!

Yes, I call myself Bane online when I am not using my real name...

I gave my friend her birthday gift today.

The first 30 pages of my NaNoWriMo novel. In which I made her the main character and introduced her to the man of her dreams (who just so happens to be a muscular giant over 6 feet tall (but not 7 feet tall) with a deep voice and a VERY casual way of speakin') by having him nearly run her over with his body.


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In which Taylor's 21st birthday is celebrated!

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It's our favorite redhead's 21st birthday!

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