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TFIOS, the a1s, the greater good and writting. bloggy bloggy blah blah 2

i recently wrote a short story sequel to the fault in our stars. i didn't actualy wan't to do this by the way but was asked to for a english thingy thingy thing.

i was talking to my english teacher the other day when i accidently let slip that i was writting a book. she imeadiatly leapt on this small nugget of information, she imeadiatly started giving me the 20 questions that i had grew acustom to when ever i meantioned the book. there were all the standerd ones like plots main…


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Game of Distraction?

How unfortunate that my first blog post on Nerdfighters happens to come on one of my not so good nights; but melancholy is the muse I'm stuck with I guess. A week of straight gloomy weather and an entire kettle of full strength black tea can really do a wonder for opening up your mind, or distracting it.

Distraction. What an interesting concept. Something that brings your focus away from what you were previously focused on. But what if? (I hate when my brain goes here) But what if…


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A Haiku For You...

I think I'm a nerd.

Love for Star Wars fills my heart.

This is my first post.

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BAEDA 4 No Time!

I have no time to be writing this. Yet here I am, puff levels are very high and I have too much homework. James Joyce is evil and no one should ever have to read him, also teachers should respond to email more promptly! I have to write a proposal for my paper on his novel: A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, and it's hard. And I hate it because before this class English has never been hard for me; I've always been good at it and it challenged me, but it was never hard…


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BAEDA 3 Blah

I feel blah today. I've been trying to find more info on genderqueer-ness, being neither man nor woman, but when I look at pictures of people who dress in that way I just feel inadequate. I can never fully achieve the look I want, because of my breasts. They refuse to be squashed no matter what I try, though I can't get a real binder because I don;t have the money. Most days I wear a tight sports bra and a too small built-in bra tank, And they don't move as much but they are still very…


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I'm not really sure if it's worth it to post a blog on here because a)no one will read it and b)I have absolutely nothing interesting to say. But I guess the world won't end if I do so whatthehey.

Um, I guess I'll introduce myself..?

I'm Vanessa. I go to ASU and I'm a sophomore. I'm a Special Education Major and I love music. I'm ASU's marching band spinning/dancing in their Colorguard. I play the flute, piccolo, bassoon and some concert…

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Hellooooooooo NERDFIGHTERS!

I realized I never quite introduced myself.

I'm Roni. It's short for Veronica. I live in Texas, and I just turned seventeen. I'm a senior in high school, and I get out of school at 2:30 which is awesome. Last year it was 4:15. I work at a bowling alley. I want to be a marine biologist. I love to read but I never have time lately. I used to be really into photography and writing as well. I still write very often and i'm working on getting a spanking new camera. It's going to be pretty… Continue

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I have no information on them other than this single thought, this simple emotion.


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Day 91: Things that annoy me #1

I'm going to take something from my brother ( or The idea, however, comes from vlogdriver) and, for every Friday, I'll do a rant. Instead of calling it a rant, however, I'll simply entitle it: Things that Annoy me.

#1: The gym program at Hillsdale High School (and the idea of mandatory gym)


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Tinkle Road Trip '09

kinda threw this together. may repost it later.…


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hey, long time no blog

so i haven't blogged for ages. well its saturday now. i dont have anything to say. oh well.

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Something OTHER Than Zelda

Man, I've been having some Zelda fandom lately or something. But hey, who said that was bad?

I just wanted to show the Nerdfighters here that yes, I am interested in something more than Zelda.

I enjoy a lot of things. =/ Too many things! Not enough time to list them all! And it's 2:33 AM! I should be sleeping!

But does all of this matter? Of course not!

Back to the main topic here: Things That I Like.

Well, right now I really feel like some… Continue

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3/3/09 Tuesday is back

There is a horrible noise in the middle; I have no idea what it is though. O_o

FALL OUT BOY and THE ALL AMERICAN REJECTS concert was amaaazing. *fangirls*

I have no idea what else I talked… Continue

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11/25/08 One month until Christmas. :)

One month until Christmas.

Exams and assignments are evil.… Continue

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so this is my first post. Well it feels pretty awesome.

i guess...

anyway all of my posts and stuff will be in written form (see my page for explanation). But I'm not really worried because who's going to be reading this anyway?? no one that i know! i love pugs and reading and the internet.


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Yeah, I'm amazingly bored, and I feel like doing a random survey. So, deal. :D

If your best friend liked your ex, what would you do?

Depends on which ex. A couple of them I'd be okay with, but most of them I'd tell her she'd be an idiot to come in several miles of them.

Have you ever dated someone longer than a year?

I dumped the poor guy the day after our one-year anniversary...I'm such a terrible person.

What are you excited… Continue

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Some realizations... and some rambling as well.

Context: I went to a high school production of Seussical, the same musical our middle school is doing. I realized several things there:

1. I am not a stick, and I'm proud!

I saw a girl, around 10 or so in a row in front of us. She looked creepily like that bratty girl Taylor from that show Kid Nation. Anyway, I found myself passively thinking "I wish I was skinny like her." Her arms were thin, and you could see her shoulder-blades. Then I realized: the media/fashion… Continue

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