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What Have I Been Doing with my Life?!

Lately I have realized becoming passionate about something, anything really, takes a lot of effort. If you have been following me on this journey in the blogosphere, then you know that I think (keyword there) I never have time. My day consists of waking up late because I love to sleep in, attending classes, and doing homework. Or at least that is what my day WAS filled with before WINTER BREAK! Now I have time to do all of those things that I never had the chance to because…


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Coming soon to a winter break near you...

Witness a mighty feat of nerdiness, reading and fun!

It will amaze! It will dazzle! 

It will make me question my sanity!…


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My life, my love, and what I've learned

     So, growing up is pretty complicated. I can't really stress that enough, and maybe some people out there that are possibly even older than me that really wouldn't relate. But I can say that I've grown up fast. And not in the way that you picture a 17 year old to be grown up, but I mean my life, my state of mind, and the ideas of the path I want to take have matured to the point that I see a lot of nearly 30 year olds struggling to get to. And it hasn't been easy. 

     I started…


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Car pooling fail

So my sister and I car pool once a week to the train station to get to school, though I only have one lab on said wednsdays I stay the extra time (i.e. the extra 8&1/2 hours until her class is finished at 8:30pm) to study. Well today is the OFFICIAL last day of classes before finals. I only had a lab practical and now, being in the end of semester stint of laziness, I am not studying but complaining about boredom.

I am currently sitting in a computer lab watching youtube and stalking fb… Continue

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Day 305: Monkey

Today is the last performance of God's Favorite. I have mixed feelings about it ending. It was really fun to do, but it's also good to not worry about it anymore. It's half and half for me.

Tomorrow, the bells are playing. This means getting up earlier tomorrow. The main problem with this is the fact that the cast party for God's Favorite, so I'll be up later than usual (though not as late as I was up last night, but still. However, I like playing with the bells so that…

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Day 299: No Edits

I'm going to do soem

I'm going to do something unusual today. I'm going to do this whole blog without editing. That way, you can see how many mistakes I make in a daily blog. On a daily blog. Yeah.

In other news, I'm cir currently in rehearsa; reheasal rehearsal (got it!) for God's Favorite. As such, I am writing this blog without my glasses. That makes thig things fun. We open this Thrusday. Or Thursday. I'm sure we;kk we'll be w…

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Day 262: My Schedule

It is currently 11:30 in the afternoon and I have 64% of my battery left. Let's write a blog!

So, my week is almost over and I am quite excited about that. Very soon I shall be on my way back home where I can relax and see friends. But first, I need to get through today. I have a grand total of 5 classes left. I also have choirs tonight (that is, bell and church choir), though that's actually something to look forward to.

Yesterday I auditioned…

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A Very Soulful Thank You

On my Youtube channel, I recently reached what I think is an impressive milestone, 100 subscribers. While it's not as impressive as some numbers on the 'tubes, it is a number I've yet to reach until now. So, to thank all of my Youtube viewers, I made the following:

To thank those 100+ wonderful people, I decided to show my karaoke session from VidCon.

On… Continue

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Day 73: Breaking things is fun!

Today, I'm going to tell you about an interesting experience involving a play, three actors, a piece of furniture, and said piece of furniture breaking.

It was during Miracle Worker. There was one scene where Anne Sullivan is in her room with Helen, trying to get her to spell doll using sign language. Helen is reluctant to do so. At this point in the scene, James Keller was also in the room. For those who may not remember when I talked about this play a few days ago, the…

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Spring Break 'Fun'

Sorry I haven't been writing much lately; I could lie and say I've been really busy, but really I've just been feeling rather tired. I had spring break this month, it was march 8th-12th, and I didn't do anything. I didn't even leave the house. The only cool thing that happened was I got left home alone and I made chocolates. Some were flavored with Kool-aid powder and some with Instant coffee. They tasted awesome, and I made more yesterday. Those ones had coconut…

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So last night while I was watching Robin Hood on BBC America they had this commercial for Torchwood, one of the ones that features an actor. And it was Eve Myles as Gwen, running around and shooting things and saying in her fantastic accent, "I CATCH ALIENS."

It was pretty cool.

So guess what.


I am in a good mood, more so than I have been in AGES.

And do you want to know why? Of course you do. Or you don't, but you're going to find out if… Continue

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New to Nerdfighting....

Hello! Manda here....I have a question for the nerd fighters out there. My friend just got through a REALLY nasty break up(he broke up with her through a friend,on aim,and used the "I can't have a girlfriend right now" excuse...three strikes much?) and I was wondering where teenage nerd fighters hang out during their spare time. I wanted to have a little post-break up fun and hit on other single teens(14-17 perferably). If there are any particular places near the Pittsburgh area you know,… Continue

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BEDA Day 12: Last Blog until FRIDAY

I'm going on vacation in the Bahamas (:
But, I won't be able to post blogs all week, because I won't have internet connection there. -sob- I have failed you, BEDA. I'm sorry.

Anyway, I had to say goodbye to my dog, Pucca, today, because he (obviously) can't come with us to the bahamas. I will surely miss him. T-T

Ehhhh... I guess that's it?





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Spring Break, and the Possibility for Absolutely Nothing Exciting to Happen

Hahaha, spring break! It's 10 am and I'm still in my PJs!

Ohh, the wonders of a vacation that has just started. Anything could happen at this point. Knowing my life, nothing exciting will happen (maybe I'll break my leg or something...).

But I do get to go to New York City next Friday! My mom, sister and I are going to see the Moth on Friday night and then some whatever-we-can-get-half-price-tickets-for broadway show on Saturday afternoon!

Maybe I should wear a… Continue

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Day one on nerd fighters!!

First day!!!! WOOT!!!!!!!!!!! I Had some problems getting the profile right, but now it seems okay.

Nothing really to say. Today is the first real day of my spring break. PARTY! Yesterday I had to stay home because I was sick *blahhhh*. Then that night I was feeling better *awsome*, and I got to go to NYC. New York is really the only place you can live a half way decent life. I went to Carmines, which wasn't that good acctually (if you want good Italian, go to Dominics in the… Continue

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Spring Break! :D


I just started my spring break at my high school. I had no plans other than to have an Anime Party with a friend of mine. Now I have plans to read nine different books. They are, in no order so far ::

1. Looking for Alaska

2. Lord of the Rings the Two Towers

3. Lord of the Rings the Return of the King

4. Peter and the Starcatchers

5. Blue-Eyed Child of Fortune, The Civil War Letters of Colonel Robert Gould Shaw

6. Eldest

7. Harry Potter and… Continue

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Spring Break 09: A Week of Car Rides and Cold Toes

new blog about spring break is up now here:

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How I decreased World Suck over Spring Break


So after a few technical difficulties and about a day's worth of editing to get almost an hour of footage, photos, and video clips down to under ten minutes, here is my very first vlog ever!

Alternative Spring Break in Israel… Continue

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my nose itches...

im not kidding, it really sucks. anyhoo, im pretty stoked that theres only 2 days left o' schoolio before break (well. one day really, im im counting on friday being a snow day, so i can stay home in my jammies and make herbal tea and watch soap operas that i have no idea whats happening since i don't often watch them) im hopeing my friends won't call me up to go out drifting, on account of their bad at it, and i value my life. if they do, i'll make sure we go somewhere safe, like an empty… Continue

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A Funding Circle...

Hi to all my Nerd Fighter friends!!! I have had a challenge put out to me by my boss and I am contemplating on how to go forward with it...What do you think of this idea?

Starting next year we are going to be putting together funding circles, which will be a group of 15-20 people who will give a certain amount of money each year for three years. ALL the money that comes from the circles will go to buying raw cashews for the processing schools in Guinea Bissau and Senegal. The cool… Continue

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