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Fasting for Youth Suicide Prevention Ireland

Hey everyone  I'm doing a 24 hour fast on Tuesday June 10th for Youth Suicide Prevention Ireland (YSPI). I just registered for it there and launched my Personal Campaign Page. My current target is €100. As everyone is well aware, suicide amongst young people in Ireland has been a massive issue lately, and it's an issue close to my heart. I'm not expecting or asking anyone to donate of course, but if anyone does, it would be a huuuge help. Every penny counts  this is the page …


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2¢ Adice Booth

I really enjoy listening to people and helping them with whatever little life questions they may have. I'm most certainly not a professional when it comes to therapy stuff. I feel as though I see things/situations differently than the "common other" person. From my personal experience, It's very hard to find unique advise.

I'm going to set up a little booth this weekend, Fri-Sun, and see who stops by.

Besides giving out advise, I'll walk around town and drop 75% of whatever…


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A Wild Pokemon-Charity-Stream Has Appeared!

This time last year I produced a blog for a fantastic Pokemon themed project that aimed to raise money for charity. The year before that I told people in chat. This year…  I am going to do both, and more! An exert from the blog read like this:

The project involved a group of students playing Pokemon games on webcam for 96 hours straight. The way in which they rasied money was simple, they would ask  people to donate cash to their chosen cause - which was the Japanese Earthquake…


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My big hair cut!

Guys I did it! unfortunately I had to download a new thing to make the video, hence the watermark. IF I REACH £1000 MY BOYFRIEND WILL SING A DUET WITH ME (he's the weird one who makes stupid comments throughout)

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Vlog Every Day in the Second Half of July (VEDSHJ)

Today marked my 20th video, and my midpoint in my 3 month vlogging journey. So, to give a treat to the 32 awesome subscribers that actually like my videos and watch them, I decided to make one video every day in the rest of July.

In addition to awesome increasing strategy, I've also decided to allow my subscribers to come up with a challenge/punishment to do for every 50 subscribers I have. Likely, I will hit 50, considering…


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Shayy Cuts Hair for Charity!

Locks of Love:

Macmillan Cancer Support: …


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Save our School Programs! Please help!

I attended a high school in Cedar Rapids Iowa called John F. Kennedy High School. Right now, there are terrible things being put in to play at my Alma Matter. The principal, one Dr. W, is trying to take the Industrial Technology Education rooms, and turn them into a "strength training" facility for the athletic department. This facility is only described as "not including weight training equipment." Now, this school already has a weight room and a great number of athletic facilities,…


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World suck and my hair...again

My other video:

Locks of Love:

I made this video because I am fretting about the amount of likes I am getting on the other one. Like I…


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Charity, I Choose You!

Whilst growing up, one of the biggest impacts on my earlier years was a little anime called Pokemon, heard of it? Whether it was waking up extra early to watch Pokemon on SM:TV Live Saturday morning, going to school and playing with the trading cards or playing the legendary games Blue and Red. It's safe to say it played a massive part in my childhood xD. So turn forward time to just under a year ago, when a guy comes into the Ning chat, and announces a little project he has going with a few…


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Charity time!

Hey guys!

Tilly and I are watching Sport Relief, and for Easter holiday we thought we would do something like a sponsored run, or swim, or cake sale, or... silence?

Just need some ideas, thanks guys!

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Exiting the FRIENDZONE

Have you been in the friendzone? Sucks, right? Well I've been around long enough to know what it's really about. And there's only one real solution...give up, either leave the relationship, or start acting like a real friend.

Join Kiva Now!…


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Actually Free Money! (Really.) The Bank of Nerdfighteria's Quarterly Report

Not yet a kiva member? Click here to make your first loan ENTIRELY FOR FREE (Thanks to linkedin cofounder Reid Hoffman for funding these free trials!)

No Edge shirts:…


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Please, donate to Eyes Alight!

I don't know if I may be asking to much of people here but I urge you all to donate to the wonderful, worthy, inspiring charity that is Eyes Alight. This charity suprisingly means quite a lot to me and I hope you all share my opinion that raises money for them. So if you do n the odd occasion have a bit of spare change, £1, £10, £100, I truly do urge you to donate it to this charity as I have never really seen a charity that could deserve it more. (P4A is also like this).



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Sharpie Face and Little Hank: The Project for Awesome's Aftermath

Donate at, get my zombie apocalypse story at, or buy remixes of Alex Day's (brilliant!) "Forever Yours" at All proceeds from all these endeavors go to charity.

Tour de…


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We Built a Well in Haiti

In which Hank continues the story of Savann Tabak, a village in Haiti where a bunch of cool people live. And the story, at this point, has a happy ending.

LiveStreaming all day at

Vote on at…


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The Bank of Nerdfighteria


Foundation to Decrease Worldsuck:

In which John reports on the state of the Bank of Nerdfighteria, comments on Hank's goatee, and explains just what the Bank of Nerdfighteria…


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Awesome Bankers?

Kiva Nerdfighters:

In which John discusses job creation, small businesses, how the work of bankers can actually decrease worldsuck (contrary to popular belief), and how credit crunches affect economies around the world. I also discuss the microfinance web site,… Continue

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Nerdfighter help requested to increase awesome!

Hello fellow Nerdfighters,


So Hank and John spend a lot of time talking about how we should increase awesome and decrease suck, which sure makes sense. The trick is figuring out how to do that, and this web community has been amazing at charitable "work". As such, I thought you would appreciate this new opportunity.

My friend (another nerdfighter) and I recently started a website that makes increasing awesome incredibly simple. After adding our browser extension, all…


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Kiss Chronicles: Giving away her first kiss for charity

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Google Is Alive!

In which Hank attempts to define what life is, argues that Google is in fact alive (albeit poorly) and then proves that individual lives have no (or extremely little) value for their own sake...with mouthwash.

To be clear:

1. I am not arguing that Google should be treated like a sentient life form. If Google is alive, it's alive the same way a virus is. The fact that it's alive does not change its ethical status. It is very interesting… Continue

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