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The Doctor’s Reboot

I saw Doctor Who’s Christmas Special this week.

It was full of excitement, comedy, magic and everything else that the British TV show never fails to deliver. The Doctor was funny and unpredictable as he was coming close to the end of his 11th life (it’s easier just to say that it’s his 11th). Clara was, as always, an awesome companion and there were plenty of baddies to keep me going for an entire hour.



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Twitter and Thank You Letters

I don't have a twitter account, I do not "tweet", mainly for the reasons that it scares me the amount of influence 140 characters has over anything, and that the people on there are, sometimes, imbeciles. However, I respect and occasionally fear the intelligent, tech-and-social-savvy users; if you are one of these people, congratulations.

What annoys me, however, is the attention span of the human consciousness. 

Here, in the UK, the most popular tag on twitter…


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Project for Awesome and Truth or Fail



In which Hank reveals which charities will be receiving over $14,000 each!

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Firsts, Christmas, and Blogging.

So I'm posting a blog. Today has been filled with new, Internet-related things. I've finally started a Ning, like I've been meaning to do for too long, started up a Twitter, and now here I am.

I've always wanted to do things like this. Blogging, vlogging, tweeting. The problem is that I never feel like what I have to say is significant. I watch the channels I'm subscribed to and I go, "WHY can't I formulate thoughts and stories like THAT?" (I'm looking at you, Frezned.) I mean, I'm…


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Six Merry Facts about "A Christmas Carol"

Listen, Jena, I know I’ve gone on about Charles Dickens a bit this month, but it’s Christmas time, and no writer helps us define and celebrate the season like Dickens. So here are six interesting facts about his miniature masterpiece, A Christmas Carol.

  1. Dickens wrote the book in just two months (October and November, 1843).
  2. The first printing of 6,000 copies sold out in days.
  3. Within six weeks of its publication on December 19, 1843,…

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Mrs. Charles Dickens vs. Me

Listen, Jena, if you get around to reading this entry, it won’t be because the title pulled you in. It’ll be because you love me, for some reason. This got me thinking about writing and mortality, and made me wonder; who’s better suited to enjoy Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol: his wife Catherine, or me?

Dickens dabbled in mesmerism. He was an actor, a philanthropist, a maker of amazing punch, and able to read his works aloud so effectively that women…


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My DFTBA Project for December 2011

Inspired by the Vlog Brothers and nerd fighteria.  I am trying to be awesome and teach my kids to be the same.

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2 topics - asking for help

Hey I'm Holly,


There two things I want discuss and to get help for.


1. The first is "What are you looking for this Christmas" Christmas Billboard Project. My high schools class project of creating a billboard that will be on display within our city and then postcards of our billboard image to be sent around the world. 

My part in this project is the website & blog and I am now also working on spreading the message locally & globally.



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*This is by far the most favorite note I have ever wrote, and one of my best pieces in my opinion. It has so much meaning, and fairly good imagry.

The bitter cold air nipped at the tip of my nose as I stared fixedly at the golden glowing lights, waiting arms out for the platter of homemade fudge mum was going to hand me. In my anxious anticipation I stamp my feet impatiently, longing for the warmth and familiar setting of the house beyond.

“Now, be careful Emily,” my… Continue

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Manda's Song

I have written a parody. It is about Amanda. If you don't know Amanda, you probably should. It is a parody of Santa Baby, and the whole song is me basically hitting on Amanda. Hopefully, our respective boyfriends don't kill me *nervous laugh*. Anyways, this song is a parody of a Christmas song, and is also a Christmas song, and therefore might be a tad early, but here goes anyway.


Manda Baby: A parody of Santa Baby by Eartha Kitt

Manda baby, slip yourself…


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Specialist Bookshop, ProsAndCons

There's one in my town. Is there one in yours? WHAT? You have more than one?

OK, OK, be grateful, Claire, it's not going to 1) kill you, or 2) make you change bookshops. Seriously. My one's better than yours. It's SO COOL. And there's a Lord of the Rings 50th anniversary edition, which makes me go cross eyed, because it's a beautiful hard-backed all-in-one edition, but it costs 42 euros, so it's out of the question, worst luck, but I like to look at it. It's in an ACTUAL glass case,…


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Dumbledore In Doctor Who Christmas special 2010

Hi all, Happy new year!


Did anyone else love Michael Gambon in Doctor Who? The second I saw him i thought, "When did I start watching Harry Potter, I thought this was Doctor Who."


Gambon really is a marvelous actor, like a chameleon, really, he can adapt to any role. At first he was a foul old man, and by the end he had gone through all of the personalities known to man. Bravo!


I can honestly say I did not see that coming but I didn't expect…


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The One with Bad Impressions

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To: You - - From: The Vlogbrothers

In which Hank shows everyone all of his awesome presents. Thanks to everyone for my awesome… Continue

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Ugly Christmas Sweater SPECIAL EDITION

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Day 334: One Last Thing

I forgot to mention this yesterday, so I'll go ahead and write a very short blog today (I originally wasn't going to, due to it being Christmas and all).


I'm leaving for my Grandparents today and possibly won't be back until New Year's Eve, so don't expect any blogs from me this week, as I will be spending time with family (well, that was a sentence and a half).


I hope you all have a wonderful day and, for those who celebrate it, have a merry Christmas!

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Day 333: Things That Annoy Me #35

It's true. I didn't post a blog yesterday. I kind of forgot about it. But now, let's move on to today's Things That Annoy Me (and the final Christmas themed Things That Annoy Me).


Things That Annoy Me #35: People who put up Christmas decorations right after Halloween and then remove them the day after Christmas (wow, that was a long one)


Like my blog about My Favorite Things not being a Christmas song, this is really something that's not really that important.…


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A Christmas Carol (in a minute)

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Twas the day before the night before Christmas.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to my fellow Nerdfighters. I'm enjoying my winter break from college very much and I hope you all are enjoying this time of the year as well.

I'm glad P4A went so well. It really shows how powerful the Vlogbrothers and the Nerdfighters have become. We must remember the power of compound Nerdfighting. I can only remember one circumstance where it has failed. Each of us is awesome in our own way, and by combining our awesomeness we can accomplish… Continue

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Christmas post

Look, whatever comes into my head's being written down...




Awesome word


Stop that


Need to stop


I know, right!?

Okay, enough of that...

How're you? Christmas? Religion?

I love and hate religion

It gives people great comfort and yet, it can spark huge wars. Like a controversial massage chair. I'm athiest so, yeah.

But, I mean, I had an experience on…


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