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_Frost/Nixon_*: Is it different this time?

*How come using the little HTML thingies in the box for writing a blog post won't make words in the title italicized? I swear I've seen people with italics in blog titles before, so how the hell does a person do that?! Gosh, I fail...

Frost/Nixon was my favorite of the movies I saw over the winter break. I'll admit it probably isn't the best, but its subject matter is poignant and current enough for me that I liked it the most (and the superb acting of the entire cast, as well… Continue

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Why Undecideds are Undecided and Why This is a Problem: MAKE UP UR MINDZ!

(I have been working on this sporadically for a few days, so coherence may be lacking... Patience, friends: it's a virtue.)

The undecided voters are always the ones that get pandered to the most when push comes to shove and the elections are getting closer and closer. And if you think about it, the methods have little to nothing to do with the real issues, like health care, foreign or energy policy, taxes, jobs, etc. No, what gets played up to them are personality issues like what… Continue

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Hank Greenius

I love this

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I'd delete it, but my picks for the Cabinet in that entry are still pretty much the same.

No, I was wrong, Hillary hasn't been announced as the running mate. There was an inaccurate headline at the bottom of the screen that set me off-guard, and I didn't bother looking it up because I thought, ok, well, there ya go, you know? And the way they were talking made it sound like she'd show up at the Convention and say, "Well, actually, VP isn't good enouch, bitches!" So I jumped the… Continue

Added by Gabrielle on August 19, 2008 at 12:47pm — 2 Comments

The ticket and the Cabinet (YAY HILLARY!!)

So, it's official. Hillary Clinton has been announced by the Obama campaign as his running mate. (Normally, I'd post some sort of link to an article, but honestly, if you can't find something on your own by just Googling it really quick... I'm so sorry- you should stop reading right now, for if you're that dense, you'll have no idea what I'm talking about, anyway.) Hell. Yes. This is absolutely AWESOME, in my opinion. I would have preferred her as the actual nominee, but this is better than the… Continue

Added by Gabrielle on August 15, 2008 at 11:57pm — 7 Comments

Shame on you, Andrea Mitchell ("Burn Goody Clinton")

I was watching Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC today, talking to some guy for the Democratic Party, and the topic was Hillary Clinton. She did a lengthier version of this report. She showed more footage of Hillary and harped on Bill a lot longer by interrogating the man she was interviewing. I was completely baffled and utterly appalled at how bloodthirsty Andrea was, how she tried to take everything the man said about Hillary and the Obama… Continue

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A Political Rant- Ignore If You Don't Like Politics

After seeing Hank's new video, I couldn't hold it in anymore and needed to rant. I posted this on a note in Facebook, but I may as well copy-paste it here.

I'm so sick of Obama, and I was sick of him a year or so ago. At least over the summer. But I think even before that.

I'd like to ask what specific policy he has talked about that is better

than Hillary's. If you compare them, they're barely different at all.

Listen carefully to how they talk. They say… Continue

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I is Tagged

My problem will be when I run out of friends, since I don't have many as of yet. Am I antisocial? No, just afraid of seeming internet stalker/creepy to others. I feel strange enough reading blogs of people I've never met in person on a regular basis (but it's getting more frequent because Nerdfighter blogs are so fascinating and fun).

Anyhoo, five facts about me, eh?

1. When I was I believe thirteen months old, my mom was in the shower and I was alone with my sister, eighteen… Continue

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