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You are all invited to the milk party!

Wherein I have a conversation with myself and spill some milk.

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Ravalli County, Montana wants to kick out the Feds - or at least the EPA.

So, according to TPM the citizens of Ravalli County Montana want to form their own militia, kick out the EPA, require any federal government employee to get written permission before "approaching" any "Citizen" and allow said "Citizens" to carry whatever kind of firearm they please.

Clearly, these folks are a few fries short of a happy meal. I wonder… Continue

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Take a walk with me - see below for directions

Hey, it's been months, I know. Oh well, I'm here now.

I've just got so many troubles, so many things I can't keep up with!

I love Nerdfighters, so why did I stop watching??

I don't have the will to effectively stick with anything!!

I had straight A's...all honors, now I'm getting Bs because I don't feeeeeel like doing homework. I can't even keep up with facebook, look at my poor Farmville field!! Those poor little buddies are probably wilting and dry! And my… Continue

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Relationship counseling via txt messaging

One of my friends started txting me toward the end of my bi-weekly grocery shopping expedition last week about her latest melt down. She is dating another of my friends and my doom forecast is coming true, i am now in the middle of two crazy people. I knew this was going to happen! I seem to attract slightly unbalanced people and about a year ago 2 of them decided they were in love over a weekend of much alcohol and crying about nothing. At the time they lived 500 miles apart, had different… Continue

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Palin is "outlandish" (yes, yes she is!)

On Friday, Sarah Palin posted the following "note" about the health care bill on Facebook:

As more Americans delve into the disturbing details of the nationalized health care plan that the current administration is rushing through Congress, our collective jaw is dropping, and we’re saying not just no, but hell no!

The Democrats promise that a government health care system will reduce the…

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IDEA: Segments of the hit children television show "Reading Rainbow" that never made it past the editing table.

This is my second installment of a series that I hope to last on and off for a while.Tell me what you think! I appreciated everyone's comments and feedback on my "Creepy Rainbow" video. It truly made this idea… Continue

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Iran you're bringing me down

Dear Ayatollah Khamenei,

It's when you do things like this that I wonder if you care about your people. You're the 'supreme leader' of a guardian council, commander of the military and former president I really would like to believe you're looking out for your people but when you do things like this it's just obvious you aren't. You've said in public you agree with crazy pants Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on most things (at least you currently don't want Iran to go Nuclear but that could… Continue

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Blast from the past!

So I just moved into a new apartment and we have a sweet cable hook up so we get all the good channels... you know.. vh1, MTV2, G4, like 4 HBO's anyways... I'm literally watching "Ren and Stimpy" right now on MTV2 and I can not believe that back in the day it was a kids show!! I mean I remember it being gross when I was younger.. I also remember my friends not being allowed to watch it.. but c'mon it was on Nickelodeon!! In the day time!! lol It's funny what they could get away with back in the… Continue

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So, yeah. Summer's pretty much here. The semester's over, so I'm back to working full time.


Goin' to get mad crazy this summer.

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Some court cases from this week

I should be playing DnD right now, but my character is indisposed, ergo I have some time to putz around on the compy a bit. I haven't blogged in a while, so...

1) Ted Stevens gets off on a technicality

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for upholding the law and stomping out corruption. But I can't stand it when corruption enables more corruption because in the process of… Continue

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BEDA Day 11: A Wrinkle in...What the Hell?!

I've just realized that I never actually write about my day-to-day activities in this blog...And I'm not going to in this post either. My life isn't all that interesting, though, so you're not missing anything.

I've been sick all week, which is unfortunate because it is my spring break. This particular sickness has involved a massive migraine, which prevents me from doing much reading. But I couldn't just not read, so I chose an easy book.A comforting book from my childhood -… Continue

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well hello im new just started yesterday.

the picture abuve i did not do a firend did it for me on

diviantart ddr master michiru.well not to much to say but i hope

i meet some new interesting ppl here.thats all for me… Continue

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A blog! kinda.

I'm really bored right now.


Since I have nothing to do I figured I'd post a little bloggy blog. Unfortunately...I have nothing to talk about. Mayhap I shall speak a little about my week.

This week I . . . wrote a paper. Wow, interesting.

Omg! I saw Stardust for the first time last night. It was so good!!!!!! By good I mean it was amazing. I just want to watch it over and over and over again. I love boys in vests. The ghosts were so… Continue

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NFI week 13: Colab Video

Me and Q talk about what some people think of Brazil.

(and it seems to be causing a little confusion: I'm not moving, I'm just saying I don't live in a forest… Continue

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BEDA 'blog everyday in April'. I'm going to try this and see how much I fail. I'm seeing fail by day 8 if not sooner.

So today I took my neighbor to see his Parole Officer. His car is working but this treatment he's on is making him hallucinate. Yeah that's fun I already have to tell people there aren't invisible dogs or other men in the room at work and the CIA isn't on the phone but dealing with it when I come isn't what I want. No the elephants in the yard aren't real and… Continue

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My Blog... and Stuff

This is my blog. Well not THIS, but this link is where you can find it:

Because in addition to being a nerd fighter, I am a crazy taco. I'm so crazy, that it took three A's to spell crazy. So yeah.

Love for my Sarah,


PS: John and Hank = my role models. So much full of awesome.

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Blast From the Past

So I was goofing around on the internet today, and I came across a picture of my old friends, the Power Rangers. Only I had no idea that's who they were, because they looked vastly different than they did when I was a little kid. Apparently, they've gone through several makeovers - er, perhaps "image changes" sounds more powerful and rangerly than "makeovers" - over the years, and now they are a lot different than I remember - namely, a lot flashier.

This got me thinking about other… Continue

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I Don't Understand: A Blog (Rant) on Politics

[Disclaimer: This blog post starts out fairly calm and rational. As I wrote, however, my rationality deteriorated. By the end of the post, I just lost it. Read at your own risk. It will be a long, rambling rant.]

I think it's fairly safe for me to say that I am moderately intelligent. I'm no genius but I'm relatively smart. Now, I've never presumed that my education and my book smarts mean that I will understand the world completely, but it helps. I've always prided myself on my… Continue

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La Bamba

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A Love Letter to My PC


Really, computer? I thought we'd come to an understanding of sorts. You are gonna hold out until I graduate. That's juuuuust over a semester. You can totally do it, right?


See, after your antics today, I'm beginning to doubt that.

I brought you a new AC/DC power pack last weekend. Yup, this is the FOURTH you've gone through. Truly, I'm impressed with your ability to kill power packs. The first one died because the pin in your… Continue

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