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Dork Walks: 'Naki New Year

For New Years Day, my Dad and I went up the Potaema Track - a swamp walk close to Mt Taranaki. This is quite a short walkway, and it's also wheelchair accessible, which I think is hella rad. It was a nice day, but there was too much cloud to actually SEE the mountain. I got some cool shots along the track though.…


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Take a Cute Break!

In light of the fact that a lot of my posts recently have been political, controversial, and serious topics, I thought I’d go with something a little lighter today. This is a video that I found on Facebook that is simply the cutest thing! If it doesn’t make you smile then it is very possible that you don’t have a heart.

Click here to see the video! It's worth…


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Attack of the plot bunnies

I currently have multiple plot bunnies attacking my imagination and distracting me from boring daily life. While normally this is grand, keep in mind that too many plot bunnies to manage means some of the bunnies get neglected and die :( I don't like it when my plot bunnies die. Nor do they it seems as they tend to migrate to other people if I leave them alone too long. 

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TALKING CAT | Jamiesface

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In which Hank discusses the extreme dangers of puppies, kittens, puppies cuddling with kittens and our continuing path toward hypercuteness and what it means for our lives and the lives of our children.

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World's Smallest Animals

In which Hank talks about the smallest animals in the world in a variety of categorizes, moving from vertebrates to reptiles to amphibians to fish to birds to mammals to primates to dogs to horses to cats.

Featured Animals!



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Chapter TWO of The Fault in Our Stars

Listen to Chapter 1:

In which John Green's publisher agrees to let him read you the second chapter of his forthcoming book, The Fault in Our Stars. If you want to listen to me read this entire thing (with fewer mistakes), you can order the TFiOS box set:…


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Adorable Baby and Insufficient Cartography

In which Henry learns some words, and John discusses a Sunday with family, the insufficiency of all maps (and all videos), and the awesome of nerdfighteria.

Asheville tickets:

My… Continue

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Where Are All The YouTubers?

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i saw him <3

so im sitting in my room with an ice pack on my mouth becuz of this rly rly rly gross infection!

ewwwwie! i know XD and im watching tv and this mtv comercial came on. my jaw dropped to the floor, his hair was sliked back and he was in a suit!

oh!mj! (oh micheal jackson!) have i ever mentioned that i have the biggest crush on harry pot-- i mean daniel radcliffe? okay! u got me, maybe its my random obsession with harry potter that im attracted too but still can u say cute!!…


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New Blog, Easter and Nostalgia

          I've decided, as a writer, that I should really have blog. Almost all writers have some sort of digital blogging or vlogging website. See John Green (DFTBA), Scott Westefeld, JK Rowling, Cassandra Clare ect. all have some sort of website to let their readers/viewers know what's going on both in their writing life and their personal life.

          After watching the wonderful videos of the Vlogbrothers, I fell in love with the Nerdfighters. Both John Green's writing and…


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CAT BLENDER!!! Help me win NerdFighters!


I am in a competition for the most hits on my youtube video against my brother and sister.  I'm in second place with CAT BLENDER!!!  Can you help a nerd out?!  That would be fantastic.  Feel free to post this video anywhere you know it'll get hits.  I want to see what this community can do!!!  :D



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Making Adorable Music

Preorder a giraffe shirt:… Continue

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A Very Special Guest

Hank's Facebook:

John's Facebook:

In which John is attacked by a giant baby and reunites with a very special guest on vacation in Sonoma, California. We miss you, Mom and… Continue

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Adorable Baby is Adorable

In which John Green sings a lullaby of his own devising about all the things he will buy his baby in the event a mockingbird fails to sing. These things include a quilt, the sultanate of Oman, a diamond ring, and polka dots, among many others. Stay tuned at the end for some serious…

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Nerds in fashion

So today I've been web surfing/ browsing dresses and such to avoid a last minute scramble when prom time comes around. I'M GOING TO PROM BTW! EEK! Dan asked me last night. I'm excited :] but back on subject, while i was hunting on the internet for the best deals i could find, I wondered off into the jewelry of There I found the girl nerdfighter necklace, and I thought "now girls without nerd glasses can wear nerd glasses too" and I was like "this is awesome,… Continue

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Bromance is AWESOME!!!

In which I imagine Bros complexly.

My favorite part: "DUDE why you gotta set my cup of butter on top of my grits?!"




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Sad Panda Poster

by me

I do so enjoy the build function on I was making this

for my little sister, when I saw the "poster" function and couldn't contain myself. And then I started making lol-something after lol-something.… Continue

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The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Wherein "I'm going to the zoo", make a birthday call, receive my customized duct tape wallet by Karen Kavett, talk about my new job and a donating for a good cause and recommend a horror movie.

Miltwonkid's first battle cry:

Miltownkid's second battle cry:

Karren Kavett's webpage to order a customized duct tape wallet and other cool… Continue

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