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Movie Violence and Real Violence

Listen Jena, the awful killings in Aurora shocked and saddened us all, but in our grief, many of us have once again started pointing fingers of blame at violent movies and video games. It’s a rhetorical crutch we’ve leaned on too often in the face of national tragedy. We can’t blame television when the problem is older than electricity.

The Plan…


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Bane's Voice in The Dark Night Rises


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Dickensian Dark Knight (Bat-Spoilers)

Listen Jena, I did my best to stay calm throughout The Dark Knight Rises. When Selina Kyle kicked Bruce’s cane out from under him, when I realized Bruce’s limp was from the fall at the end of The Dark Knight, when Alfred and Bruce discussed Rachel, and when Batman faced Bane in the sewer, I managed not to cry out or jump to my feet. But when Gordon quoted Dickens, when lines from A Tale of Two Cities were uttered in a Batman movie, I had to cover…


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Three (Bookish) Ways to Prepare for "The Dark Knight Rises"

Listen Jena, when he was young, poor, and hungry in Paris, Hemingway used to go to museums. He said his hunger brightened the colors of every painting he saw. With critics giving The Dark Knight Rises a standing ovation at an advanced screening, the wait for this movie is killing me. So, rather than sit and listen to my stomach rumble, I thought it best to let the hunger brighten some other good pop. Here are three ways to prepare for The Dark Knight…


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Evil Clive is Evil


Ah, a delicious version of the TARDIS, I dare say I would enjoy devouring it. Especially if The Doctor was inside.

Oh, what a WONDERFUL IDEA. I shall have an ARMY OF EVIL FRUIT MEN. Hmmm. Maybe that is a little…


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Batman and A Tale of Two Cities

Listen, Jena, it turns out Charles Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities was a key inspiration for The Dark Knight Rises. Seeing as the 200th anniversary of Dickens’ birth is this coming February 7, I thought it’d be nice to explore the themes Christopher Nolan might be drawing on.

It’s clear that Gotham explodes with civil unrest in the film. The trailer shows scenes of a wealthy house being  raided, the people inside it dragged down the stairs and…


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Fake and Closet Nerds

     Would you rather be a fake nerd or a closet nerd? I kind of get mad at both of them. The fake nerd is probably the one that makes me most angry. I find it's mostly girls, though. Girls who pretend to be interested in Skyrim, because it's what their boyfriend plays. Meanwhile, I was counting down the days for it to be released. The girls who act like they like Pokemon, by talking about how cute Pikachu is, while not even knowing that Magicarp is like the coolest thing ever, after…


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Top 100 Books: Review #4

I finished reading His Dark Material the other day and now it's time for the review. So here it is, the review of the 3rd book on the list: His Dark Materials trilogy.


I have read this book before, so this is the first book that I had actually read before (Hitchhiker's was close, since it was read to me). I really enjoyed it when I first read it (and the few times after that). When I picked it up to read it again, it had been awhile, and I was wondering how it would hold up.…


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The Monster I've Created

*I warn you now this is not a pretty tale, it has no happy ending, not yet at least. Read it if you can, for I doubt you will get very far. Stories of darkness never are very fun to read, and aren’t very popular either, but nonetheless they happen.

         It’s going to be another sleepless night I…


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Something I randomly wrote BAEDA 2

White is a weird idea. It means purity yet gets dirty so easily, like nothing is able to stay pure for long.  Like the world cannot have pure things in it for long. I feel like black would be a better symbol, not because it can stay clean but because it can absorb everything; it can take the world on and still be clean. Darkness is stronger than light because while light can make the dark disappear but the dark will always come back stronger and demolish the light. We must fight back…


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Fate has bent my will against me

How am I ever to see

What else there is in life, in love

With your face distracting me?

Come sit closer, draw much nearer

let my love poison your mind

What else am I supposed to do

When your presence makes me blind?

Will my love stop you from taking

chances that will help your life?

Am I halting your journey onward?

Am I the one causing you strife?

What can you do to see me… Continue

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The Vic Mignogna Panel Video

The one where Vic cosplays as Dark Mousy and talks about Brotherhood for a good two minutes or so. Also, does a lot of short jokes with a Hitsugaya cosplayer. Yeah, I know my camera sucks, but I swear I tried my damnedest to get everything… Continue

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Explain My Language -TBK

Okay this is for The Black Knight

Sorry for confusing you so throughly during the chat but here is the explaination that anyone that is wondering about how I speak might want to understand first.

1 thing you need to understand is that I am an Army brat, in other words I've moved about 17 times in my living years. During that time I lived out of the country twice. Sense I don't want to go to much into details I will try to be exact on somethings while vague on others. First… Continue

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Hey Nerdfighters

Okay so I went on Nerd Fighter chat today and I don't know if I'll be able to towards the end of day anymore due to something I like to call OPPS ......

OPPS.. Though usually reasonable and fun to get along with has crossed the line. Due to OPPS I nearly got grounded for all eternity. My Parents due not trust the internet and neither due I which is why I'm pretty guarded about personal information. As you might have noticed, I have not post my last name,… Continue

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InBetween NerdFighter


OKay I'm a new nerdfighter! and of course I've been called a nerd by my sister plenty of times... gotta' love that sibling rivalry! But basically I'm an inbetween Nerd at the moument. I've always loved music and art and drama and such. and I lOVE to perform.. but I have an interesting problem. In order to explain this I will put it into a couple of parts.

Part 1- Dreams Die

I, like many little girls, had a lot of dreams at a young age. The first was to be… Continue

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I'm a Poemer...

If anyone is a fan of Get Fuzzy, Bucky calls poets poemers :D

So, this poem took me forever in that I'd leave it for a few weeks then come back to it then leave it and rewrite entire stanzas but this is my final product (for now):

Their King

The night hid his monstrous deed

His daughter need not know

She slept peacefully

No heartache in her soul

Early morning began to bloom

And light flooded the sky

Soon the people would… Continue

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Girly Geekgasms!!!! MORE BATMAN MUSIC

I'm a Batman fangirl. I have a rep for it with some of my Ning friends. In the past, I blogged about the first version of the soundtrack for The Dark Knight, so think of this as sort of a semi-sequel.

I was listening to my Dark Knight soundtrack this morning, in digital form because I bought the CD and copied it onto my computer. As such, I for some reason thought I was missing a track.… Continue

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A Picture Taken at the Point of Rejection

I did not mean to frighten you

With words so harsh and looks so cold

I did not mean to scare you off

With tears so fresh and hearts so old.

I do not wish to harm you dear

With these words I cannot say

I wish to only share my heart-

have you wish for me to stay.

But the look I see is one of fear

Your eyes are filled to brim

Your hands are clenched, and smile false

Your brow is dark and grim.

The one result I wished to… Continue

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BEDA:Eighteen Music & Dark Orbs

Why is it that when a really great music thing rolls into the area (by area I mean up to three hours away)I have to work the next morning and have no one to go with because it's on a tuesday night?

Neko Case is going to be in Cleveland and I want to go. Better yet it's $5 since I'm on the venue's mailing list. WHY MUST THE FORCES BE AGAINST ME WHEN IT COMES TO ALL THINGS AWESOME!?!?!?!?!

Stupid dark orbs.

Dark Orbs - Once upon a time I visited a psychic (I… Continue

Added by letterhead.loyalty on April 18, 2009 at 4:03pm — No Comments sucks hairy balls sometimes

I pre-ordered Paper Towns from ^them^, but the "track packages" thing says I won't get it until the 23rd. That's so un-good that I want to stab something with a spoon. ("Because it's dull, you twit, it'll hurt more.") (Name that movie/actor!) Seriously, this is a bad thing. Not only am I going to get my book late, but this means I'll probably not get The Dark Knight when I want it, too. I pre-ordered that (separately) so it would be on the doorstep when I get home from work the… Continue

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