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This girl I like. She's pretty awesome. She's an Anglophile, Whovian, and Potterhead. She reads comic books, listens to awesome music, and she's very attractive. The best part is that she's a nerdfighter. She's virtually perfect. The thing is...I think she's hung up on some other guy.

I'm not gonna sit here and complain how nice guys finish last or whatever because that's bullshit. The "nice" guys who finish last are the one's who objectify and just wanna bang the "hot" girls;…


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Romance and Sex Questions in an Airport

In which John answers your questions about love, romance, sex, and romantic relationships while in the Indianapolis Airport. Included are hints on how to tell if your boyfriend or girlfriend is an asshat, how to find out if people like you, and my (refusal to) stand on birth control pills.

Venn diagram by Karen Kavett:…


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My life, my love, and what I've learned

     So, growing up is pretty complicated. I can't really stress that enough, and maybe some people out there that are possibly even older than me that really wouldn't relate. But I can say that I've grown up fast. And not in the way that you picture a 17 year old to be grown up, but I mean my life, my state of mind, and the ideas of the path I want to take have matured to the point that I see a lot of nearly 30 year olds struggling to get to. And it hasn't been easy. 

     I started…


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Exiting the FRIENDZONE

Have you been in the friendzone? Sucks, right? Well I've been around long enough to know what it's really about. And there's only one real solution...give up, either leave the relationship, or start acting like a real friend.

Join Kiva Now!…


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Who Cares?

So I am currently a student at University of Houston taking classes that will hopefully get me toward my goal of someday being a history teacher someday. I love history, especially American History so I think that being a teacher someday is an admirable goal. At the same time, I am currently in a relationship, with like the best possible girl in existence, and we get along really well. She is really great; for one she actually loves playing video-games WITH me and since we share this love of… Continue

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YouTube Survey: Balls and First Kisses

In which John answers the YouTube survey of Alex Day, aka Nerimon. Watch his survey here: He also discusses secret sister Maureen Johnson's amazing new book The Name of the Star, which came out yesterday. You can get it here:… Continue

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Peanut Butter Face Question Tuesday

In which John and his peanut butter face answer questions about romance, books, living (temporarily) in Amsterdam, speaking Dutch, his fancy new iphone that doesn't work, pirates, and who the eff Hank is, among other things.

Hanko de Mayo:

DFTBA t-shirts:… Continue

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Is My Boyfriend Gay? Is He Cheating?

I'll be in PLAINFIELD, IN THIS THURSDAY at 7PM. The Plainfield Public Library is located at 1120 Stafford Road. The event is free.

In which John answers the top 10 questions people ask google beginning "Is my b...," including: Is my boyfriend gay? Is my boyfriend cheating on me? Is my blood pressure high? Is my baby sick? Is my baby teething? Is my baby a boy or a girl? And most gallingly, is my baby sleeping too… Continue

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Tales of Nerd Love!

Will Grayson now in paperback!

TJ's blog:


In which john discusses some of the best stories of nerdfighterlike and gets champagne in his pants. May nerd love continue to spread through the… Continue

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The One with Dating Tips

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I'm trusting you, Nerdfighters.

How do Nerdfighters get over nerdfighter like?
Is it very nerdfighterly to have dated someone twice after being broken up with once?
How can I quit feeling pathetic for caring, and stupid for taking him back in the first place?
Last time I watched every single vlogbrothers video. This time, I have no idea what to do.

I felt like I could only carry these questions to nerdfighteria.

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The Sad Truth

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Dating Venn Diagram

Based on, possibly, my favorite thing that John has ever said.

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Advice on Dumb Boyfriends, Going to College, and More

The Mountain Goats Will Cure Your Bieber Fever:

Michael Buckley's Dear Buck:

In which John answers gives advice to real nerdfighters on the topic of dumb boyfriends who say they don't like smart girls, leaving home to go to…


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Great expectations that aren't really so great. This is not a book review.

So I was talking with this girl today when the conversation started getting a little flirty. I was constantly thinking about what I could say back to the girl to sound interested and flirty, but not come on too strong. I sent her something via text that, as I sent it, I thought did a good job of covering those bases. However, as I looked at it again, I decided I could have done better. This is when I realized that girls don't care how guys say things, as long as we mean what we say, but guys… Continue

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Faceless and Nameless

He is a man, not a boy. He calls me beautiful instead of hot. He kisses my forehead. He calls me back when I hang up on him. He is kind to strangers. He opens doors for me and gives me his jacket when I’m cold. He follows his dreams. He let’s me chase mine. He cares about the world’s injustices. He makes me laugh. He talks with me. He listens. He forgives. He is great with kids. He is eccentric and playful and intelligent. He has a deep inner world.

He is not greedy or shallow or… Continue

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Dating stories...

Okay, I'll be the first to say, I'm not a big fan of going out on a dates. Mostly because they are awkward. Even though for the most part the person is really nice. And all the dates I have been on were a little awkward but I wouldn't call it horrible. But yesterday I was discussing this with a couple of my friends and they all had, what we call "A Bad Case of the Dates". Apparently everyone and their mother has had a horrible date except me.

And I was wondering if anyone was willing… Continue

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Rejection, the Nothing of Everything, And I Wish I Was A Woman.

I have a fear of rejection.

It's true.

Well it's not a fear more or less the same way as one would be afraid of heights or death or moon light (Looking at you Remus Lupin) but more or less a fear in the same way i have a fear of unicorns... I don't fear them but i just really dislike them and don't want to associate myself with them.

Here's the thing overall, I haven't had much practice in getting rejected.

Well I've been rejected a lot, but in subtle ways in which i haven't… Continue

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Why July is awesome, Birthdays, and 'The List'

The month of July is the greatest month of the year. Why you ask? Well 1, Canada Day. 2, Independence Day. 3, one of my best friends birthday. 4, my mom's Birthday. 5, MY Birthday! This year July as been particularly awesome. On July 1st, Canada Day, it was raining so the fireworks were pushed back to the 2nd. Which happens to be my friends Birthday, meaning, she got fireworks on her Birthday. Now what's awesome-er than that?! And my mom, she gets fireworks on her birthday every year, because… Continue

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Geeks in Love

(Please forgive my complete disregard of grammar!)




Tonight was the end of school "beach party" dance thing, and I had a lot of fun unlike the last dance I went to in 6th grade. I was rocking it out and jumping and spinning around and yay!

During the chicken dance, I got up the courage and danced with Max the adorkable guy who always steals my glasses in class. And we did the whole arms locked spinning around thing and the… Continue

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