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Hella Cool Literary Magazine Needs You! Hella Cool. Hella.

Are you a writer, artist, photographer, or macaroni sculptor? Do you want the chance to be published in a hella cool, independent literary magazine? Then send your work to The Fox Hat Review! Our deadline for the spring issue is February 22nd!

Dear Nerdfighters,

In 2014, we launched our first issue, which you can read by…


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A life saving project that needs funding. A balancing shoe for elderly people.

As much as I don't like advertising, this is worth it. Nerdfighteria is all for decreasing world suck, right?

This is a project by my dad - a shoe with motorized wheels in its heels designed to prevent elderly people from falling, which leads to bad injuries.…


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You're Pretty Damn Special

We all get a little down sometimes, and it sucks. However there’s a fine line between feeling bad and hating your very existence. Here’s something I tell myself when I feel down or depressed.

full size image…


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Premier of the Nerdfighteria Radio Show!!!!


My name is Liz Waite. I'm a Co-station manager and radio personality at Long Beach City College's radio station I recently got a new time and am planning on doing a show taking requests from and talking about what's happening in Nerdfighteria :D. With this being said, Nerdfighteria is notoriously brilliant at collaborating so I was hoping I could get some input from all of you.

If you can, please;

Tell me the names of any songs you'd like me to… Continue

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Hello Nerdfighteria, This is a version of the song Cups that I reworked to be centralized around Doctor Who. Enjoy :) *this is also my first ever youtube video!* lyrics available here

Hello Nerdfighteria,

This is a version of the song Cups that I reworked to be centralized around Doctor Who. Enjoy :)

*this is also my first ever youtube video!*

lyrics available here


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In my random wandering around the internet, I found this:

For all the Nerd/Geek girls out there, the ones that get the crap from their peers for being geeks/nerds.

Watch the video, scroll the tumbler, submit a story of your own. It is all good stuff.

You have NOTHING to prove, keep on doing what you're doing.


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my first post

Well this is my first blog post on Nerdfighters. I am excited to be a part of this community. My daughter and I have an Etsy site, She and I have decided that for P4A this year we will have an item (or collection) that we sell and donate the money from said item(s) to a charity. What say you Nerdfighters?? We have wanted to do a project like this for a while and well after talking about it,…


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Book Haul | #1

Hi! This would be my first blog here so yeah. lol. My first blog post would be about my books which obviously I want to share with you. I am starting to collect books since last year and I have fifteen books overall.

My first book that my grandparents bought me was 'The Shack' by Willam Paul Young. This book will always have a special place in my heart because this was the book that I did a report on, on our English class. 

Next is 'The Fault in Our Stars' by John…


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Happy Birthday Shakespeare!

Watch Mary's Hamlet monologue:

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100 Subscribers!

In which we celebrate have 104 Youtube subscribers!


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Project Document Your Life: February

Basically February was one long cup of tea...

*Really annoyed that the embed codes don't seem to be working anymore...*

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Mary talks about rejection as an actress in our latest video...

Have you ever been rejected? Leave a comment on Youtube!

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Outtakes and Tangents

Here are my bloopers from the last video...



As well as some footage in which I tangent on Doctor Who Convention 2012 and my tour of the actual TARDIS set...


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In case you missed it Barack Obama just told John "Don't Forget To Be Awesome" today during a live feed from the White House. Here is a poster he really should have used way back when. …


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So, we decided that we needed to make a Swot Sisters tumblr account. Just cause.

Follow for lots of geeky nerdy awesome and updates on our vlogs! We follow back! :D


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Thoughts From Places: TX

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Week 2!!!

Fellow nerdfighter Eliose Pearson has started an awesome project called the Project for Fiction (punning on Vlogbrothers' Project for Awesome.) The main point of the Project for Fiction is to get together a group of young writers to collaborate on an awesome multi chapter piece of fiction.

I'm super exited about it and can't wait to get to work on it. If any one is interested, use the link bellow.

P.S. I will also be posting this on…


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My First Vlog

Check it out! Walk to Mordor Challenge! NewtoWho Challenge! Intro to stuffs.


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A Story of Decreasing World Suck (Please excuse my punctuation:)

Last night, instead of reading A Farewell to Arms I decided to visit the website Chatroulette. Chatroullette is a website in which many people across the world gather to have a conversation with other people across the world whether it be by textual communication, through the mic, or with a webcam. My Friends and I had decided that we would try to find each other on this website and that task got stale after about 30 minutes so I decided to spice things up. If you do decide to check out this…


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1: The epic introduction

So, in an attempt to cleanse my body of the wretched feeling of boredom, I am going to try to blog. I haven't really 'blogged' before, so I'm not sure if there's some magic dust you must first sprinkle over yourself to make your posts good. I don't really know where to start, so I guess I'll just talk about myself.

  • I am nearly 14 years old, my birthday is on the 21st! 
  • I have been a nerdfighter since 2008, so that's pretty exciting.
  • I have a giant heart for…

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