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Hello Nerdfighteria!

So this is my first blog post outside of Tumblr.

Dun dun DUN!

Corny music aside, it's great to be here floating around in Nerdfighterdum with you all.

I suppose I should give you a rundown.

I'm Naomi, although I tend to go by my screen name, Airri. You may address me as either.

I am a young Australian Nerdfighter in training (although I suspect all Nerdfighters are forever in training. We learn all the time, people). I am short-sighted, have double jointed…


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Yiss! You guessed right. That thing you do when you have stuff in your to do list, but don't do your important stuff because laziness, or some other damn thing posesses your body: you play videogames, watch youtube videos, you tweet, you facebook, you tumble, you clean your room, you go for a snack, you watch the telly, you, you, you, you do, do, do, do. Everything. BUT WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO!

And yes, you guessed right. I AM procrastinating. I really hate it, I really do. And really, I…


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Excessive internal monologues make for very good blog posts.

So, I was filling out a university application mock the other day and I was suddenly hit with how little I had to write on it. I mean am I really that disinteresting?

So unless you count being able to watch two straight series of Doctor Who in a single day as an achievement; really I have none. Hobbies and Interests, does fangirling count as a hobby? Well apparently not, and two hours and a whole lot of coffee later I still hadn’t come up with anything. Then I realised, I do have an…


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1. Spend the night outside

2. Sleep for more than 12 hours

3. Attempt to stay awake as long as possible

4. Dance in the middle of the street

5. Swim in ocean

6. Go skinny dipping

7. Get lost

8. Bake cookies

9. Finish 5 books

10. Go to a convention

11. Catch a frog

12. Make a new friend

13. LOTR drinking game

14. Find a …


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Here's an Idea

Tell me something interesting, seriously. 

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First Blog Post

Oh hey there Nerd fighters. Didn't see you there. Haha, just kidding of course I did. Your awesome is so visible it's ultravisible and may even give me a tan.

I have no idea what to do for this first blog post on the ning since my blog posts on Tumblr are actually mostly about stuff my followers already sort of are aware about. And are not actually that awesome. 

But I'm sure I'll figure out something!

Like how my Quidditch team is going or…


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Defenition of Nerdfighter(:

Nerdfighteria:-noun-1.Community of nerdfighters (no distinct place or area) - (see Nerdfighter defenition)

Nerdfighter:- - noun - 1. A person or other wordly creature or character who is by definition a nerd who works to decrease "worldsuck" by creature large amounts of awesome. 2. Hank Green and John Green.

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What do you guys look for in a vlog?

I'm just wondering cause you know certain people like certain things. But what do you look for in a vlog? A specific topic or a kind of attitude?

Added by Tiffany Nicole on October 25, 2011 at 5:41pm — 6 Comments


Okay so it's been a while. Joined nerdfighters, started a collab. video, started college. Got all excited, but it's been nearly a month now and the magic's gone.

I do not want to be some deadbeat nerdfighter. I want to do something, anything. Jump of a cliff for charity, organize a gathering to meet new people. Heck, i'd even shave my head to stir some reaction (.... Okay not that last part).


Basically, I want being a nerdfighter to mean something, not just an empty…


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Do you want to see a movie for "Paper Towns"?

Help me get John to see this post so i can get the movie rights by reading the post script :) 


I have been a long time Nerdfighter, but a first time "poster". I own a small film company in Ocala, FL, just about an hour outside of Orlando, FL. I have been making films for about 4 years but have never posted on Youtube because I have only worked on other peoples movies, shorts, music videos etc. I was thinking about making a movie for about the past 2…


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Why Do We Walk With Our Eyes Closed?

 So the other day in Geography, I was sitting around, thinking about the test we were about to have, and BAM!

A thought rolled across my mind that had nothing to do with school anxiety. I find this always to happen when I'm stressed out, and it's usually welcome because I concentrate better afterwards. This thought was the title of the blog, 'Why Do We Walk With Our Eyes Closed?" 


 I kept thinking about how it sounded really amazing and inspirational, but I had nothing…


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January Happenings.

Not an awful lot has really happened in January. Most of my friends have now gone back to university, good luck to them and best wishes (and to everyone at university); learning more things on the ukulele, such as Carry On My Wayward Son by Kansas; slowly trying to get fitter and healthier.... Oh! And going to Canada on Saturday for skiing and to see my brother who is currently on a ski instructor course out there in a resort called…


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Giraffe Love: A Terrifying Introduction to Nature at Work (and Play)

Giraffe love shirt: PREORDERS will be open for two more weeks; shirts will ship first week of November.

In which John discusses the sexuality and mating habits of the giraffe, giraffe bisexuality, the importance of people who love giraffes who love giraffes to the vlogbrothers youtube channel, and his brother's cute but totally misleading t-shirted illustration of giraffes in… Continue

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Charles W Video Blog Episode #056

Charles W Video Blog Episode #056

Danke Schoen

Recorded on 07/19/10

In this episode, I talk about getting my first smartphone, why I didn’t post a video yesterday, and my fun plans for this week including extra videos. I also talk a little bit about the Harry Potter Alliance winning $250,000 from Chase.

Be sure to leave comments below on what I should do in Chicago this weekend.

The quote for this week’s video is from the… Continue

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Day 140: Monkey!

I suppose you're wondering why I labeled this blog 'Monkey!' I don't really know. It seemed like a good thing to do at the time.

Hi everyone reading this. How are you today? I'm doing well. It's a bit hot for my liking, but that happens. I'm still in that production of Twelfth Night. It's going well. I think we'll be ready by Friday.

So, I figured that I should explain what this is all about. By this, I mean the blogs. After all, it's possible…

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Why is the Sky Blue and Other Questions Answered

My brother had a baby but my brother is stupid at I made a video so his son would know all he needs to know about the wold.

What are rainbows?

why is the sky blue?

where does the sun go at night?

how to clouds stay up?

Where do babies come from?

How does the internet work?

What is a Horcrux...etc…


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Day 79: So, why do you think I'm taking Aural Skills?

Last semester I found out an interesting piece of truth (that was a unique way of putting that, Jeffrey). Apparently, the college is unaware that I am a music minor. Really? I auditioned for the music program, I'm taking aural skills, music theory, and recital attendance (probably the stupidest class that exists) and you don't know I'm a music minor? Really? That fills me with confidence, BGSU.

In other news of things that annoy me, I have now tried numerous times to take a…

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Charles W Video Blog Episode #037 - Crazy Charles' House of Donations

Charles W Video Blog Episode #037

Crazy Charles’ House of Donations

Recorded on 01/24/10

In this episode, I discuss why I didn’t do a video blog last week (or a movie review like I promised), Dan Brown (Not the author) and his appearance on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, and my yearly fundraising effort for Big Brothers Big Sisters, which kicks off this week.

Dan Brown (pogobat) YouTube Channel:…


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the start of number 29

ok so just shaved today and I'm ready to start number 29 on my list of things to do which is grow an epic beard or at least the closes thing to an epic beard that I check it out DFTBA.

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25 things to do

Oh Snap you guys! this is my first blog post I've really ever done and I don't know how effective this will be or how exciting I'll be but anyways I recently made a quick list of 25 things I want to do before I die, I know its another bucket list, and I'm planning on doing all that I can and document as much of it as I can. Now, this list is only 25 things long now but I want people to help me with it so I'll leave a link to my video on youtube and please help me add to this list. If you… Continue

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