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Tiny Chickens Invade, But Still I Vote

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Sometimes I get sick and make old-school vlogbrothers…


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2011 Presidential Anagrams!!

In which Hank delves into the mystery of the Republican presidential hopefuls using the inescapably useful and magical tool of the anagram!

Donations are still being accepted at

Also, everyone seems to agree that Hank and Katherine play Super Mario Bros. Wii is like the best thing…


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Nerdfighter hands! Oh... and an election.

My excitement level gets highest when talking about John & The Nerdfighters. <-- OooOooh, band name?!

I know that my Vulcan hands don't look perfect, but it's because I'm pretty much altering my bone structure to do… Continue

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Nerdfighterian Situation 30th September 09


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Hank Greenius

I love this

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Some Op-Eds

I have been going through a lot of stuff because of my low socio-economic status lately. I'm not going home for my spring break because my family can't afford it. I can't go to an event my fellow senior senators are planning because I can't afford it (or if I did go, I'd just sit there as they all bought stuff). I can't afford to go to Amanda's wedding because I would have to fly to it in the middle of my finals PLUS get a dress and all that stuff. And a lot of small things on campus that keep… Continue

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2008 Primaries

I feel like I don't talk about what I care about enough.

I care about the elections. But the thing is, I think democrats have the right moral ideas (well more than republicans) but the democrats are a little sketchy in foreign relations.

Well good thing I can't vote...unlike a lot of my friends, I'm only 16. And will be 17 in November.

Why did my parents start me in kindergarten early? Pffffffft.

Oh, and Obama is pulling up in the race,… Continue

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Voting Day!

I love voting!! I get all happy and sentimental and patriotic and love everyone I see at my polling place. It doesn't matter if they are voting the same way I am - they are participating in democracy, and this is a wonderful thing.

I could have gotten an absentee ballot, in fact we thought we would have to, since my husband had a training in Southern California originally scheduled for this week, but we ended up rescheduling that and getting to vote in person. There is…


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