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A Harry Potter Lesson in Stress

My life has seemed to get ever crazier as each day goes by, especially these past few. Exams, classprojects, social upheavals for some of my friends (social “upheaval” may be a slight exaggeration), visiting family, and what seems like no time to do it all leads to a lot of stress and very little sleep. However small these tasks may seem in the grand scope of things, to a college student such direct pressures feel like being dog-piled by a herd of elephants (again, maybe an…


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Holy Puppy Sized Elephants!

HPSE! (Holy Puppy Sized Elephants)

It's time for my awkward first blog post! I'm starting out like everyone else. With words from my brain, youtube, and my hate for world suck.


Let's see here. On the first day of school (which was two weeks ago) my teacher asked us if we could have any animal what would it be. Of course I said a puppy sized elephant. Then the entire time during class, all of the kids around me were arguing if it was real or not.




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In desperate need of answers.

So...I'm leaving for college in a week and am kind of getting paranoid. I feel like I'm going to forget to pack things but then I don't want to overpack.  (Do I bring every color pen, craft material, kitchen supplies, all of my flipflops, etc?!) My high school was kind of a joke so I never had to study...but because of that, I'm afraid that I'm going to fail my classes. It's a huge campus so I'm scared that I won't be able to find the friends that I want. I don't drink or party and won't…


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Chemistry and Truffles

Today I spent the hours sleeping and doing chemistry. I learned about hydrocarbons and alkenes and alkynes and alkanes. And eating candy.


Mmmm... delicious truffles.


I have to go back to school tomorrow, which I'm sure no one is really looking forward to. Me, I'd rather just stay at home all the time, eating chocolate and watching vlogbrothers. But no. I have school. Sigh. At least I get to see, you know, my friends. Which is really the only reason I go to…


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The Shawshank redemption reenacted by ELEPHANTS

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It comes naturally

So I was talking to my mom tonight and the conversation came around to Jerry Lewis. She knows I'm a huge Jerry Lewis fan and as such have dug up all the info on him i can, not that it amounts to much but we got around to how the Martin and Lewis team broke up in 1954, the year my mom was born. She told me that she had a crush on Jerry Lewis when she was younger and so of course it was then that I realized that my love off all things nerds came from her. Yes I love the geeks, the nerds, the… Continue

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