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A Wild Pokemon-Charity-Stream Has Appeared!

This time last year I produced a blog for a fantastic Pokemon themed project that aimed to raise money for charity. The year before that I told people in chat. This year…  I am going to do both, and more! An exert from the blog read like this:

The project involved a group of students playing Pokemon games on webcam for 96 hours straight. The way in which they rasied money was simple, they would ask  people to donate cash to their chosen cause - which was the Japanese Earthquake…


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Charity, I Choose You!

Whilst growing up, one of the biggest impacts on my earlier years was a little anime called Pokemon, heard of it? Whether it was waking up extra early to watch Pokemon on SM:TV Live Saturday morning, going to school and playing with the trading cards or playing the legendary games Blue and Red. It's safe to say it played a massive part in my childhood xD. So turn forward time to just under a year ago, when a guy comes into the Ning chat, and announces a little project he has going with a few…


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Suction Cups

  Went to the store with the Mom today and saw a GAINT jar of nutella! Of course I had to pull out my vid camera and get a shot of it, this then turned into a filming of other such oddities in the shop like sheep heads and legs, hooves still attached.

  Yes, I did get stared at but hey, everyone gets to feel like a tourist once in a while. :)

  On a side note, I had no idea that you could buy jars are creepy different colored mini octopuses labeled Kraken. (yes, I know that’s…


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Project for Awesome and Truth or Fail



In which Hank reveals which charities will be receiving over $14,000 each!

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Stuffed with STUFF!

In which Hank gives an update on all of the things going on:

DFTBA $3 Shipping Sale

URLatron - Now $15!


VidCon Suggestions and Questions…


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technology hating nerd

i dont hate technology, its more technology hating me in fact it got so bad that the technical support guy at school thought i was makeing porblems on my laptop so i could go and see him :/ little did he know that i was asking everyone for help and no one knew what had happened.


the awkward and frequent trips to his office lasted about a year untill i decided to put up with the various and continually growing problems. then he takes everyones laptops for updating and he was…


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This is definitely an update and not a revival.

Because I definitely have updated this blog more than once since November 2010. *awkward shuffle. 


So, life is good. I'm still Carly, I still sing, and I still love Harry Potter. But over the last year, a new fandom as stretched across my horizon. I am, and forever will continue to be... a Whovian. 


Doctor Who is lovely. It's brilliant & fantastic. It's…


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The Computer Fully Obeys Murphy's Law

Whatever can go wrong, will. And it will always happen to me when I absolutely need something done.

All I want to do is use Compressor to render my video. Why won't you let me do that, computer? It's not an unreasonable request. You've done it with such ease in the past. What's different this time?

Too much open? Why are you trying to save anything to the hard drive? You're supposed to be using the external, after all.

This is a colorful way of saying: Today's… Continue

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BAEDA Failed

I have failed BAEDA. Sadness, but I have been feeling fabulous! I have a sweet new look, and some hot new confidence. But I think feeling better about myself made me realize that the people closest to me, don't seem to like me. They seem to not want to be around me, and not wanna talk to me. And maybe it's just because I've get some self-confidence now, but I don't think I deserve to be ignored like this. I shouldn't always have to go to them, or start talking to them; and I don't know how…


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Better Living Through Humiliation

First, I must apologize to my fellow Tenth Daughter of Memory participants for so spectacularly bungling the "River of Mnemosyne" Challenge and for a general lack of effort in general. I have no excuse other than my extreme lack of time management skills and slack attitude.

It won't happen again.

And, to ensure that it won't happen again, JeffScape and I have come up with… Continue

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Your School Hates You and it Wants You to Suffer :D

Two things: first, I apologize for the length of this. Second, I just want to let all you college students know that your school hates you and want you to suffer. Explanation below.


So, at the beginning of January, I got a tuition bill from my school. I noticed it was $4000 more than it should have been, due to a balance from last term. I knew this was wrong, but it didn't surprise me. As all Baruch students know, every semester there is a problem with the bills, resulting in…


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dear english teacher whose name shall remain anonymous for his or her own protection,


the LAST thing i wanted to do on my christmas holiday was write a literary essay. (actually, the last thing…


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Day 335: Happy New Year!

That's right, it is now officially  2011 and I am back to writing blogs. Though I have to say that it really hit me the other day that this is the final week of writing daily blogs. Next Sunday, January 9th, is the final day and then I will have been writing blogs for an entire year (except for a few days). It's weird to think that a year ago (approximately) I got this crazy idea to write a blog every day and now it's all about to come to fruition. How strange.


Anyway, the…


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Clive Sounds Like A N00b

He has been making them weekly for nearly a year, not including previous projects, yet he still manages to fail.

Project for awesome youtube channel:

Featured images:…


Added by Clive-φ-Davidson Ex-NM on December 13, 2010 at 3:30pm — 2 Comments

Car pooling fail

So my sister and I car pool once a week to the train station to get to school, though I only have one lab on said wednsdays I stay the extra time (i.e. the extra 8&1/2 hours until her class is finished at 8:30pm) to study. Well today is the OFFICIAL last day of classes before finals. I only had a lab practical and now, being in the end of semester stint of laziness, I am not studying but complaining about boredom.

I am currently sitting in a computer lab watching youtube and stalking fb… Continue

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Dance Vlog Fail


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Geek Grief

So I am a unrepentant geek, a very happily geeky gal. I love computers, but am more a big FAN of tech than I am any sort of expert. This point was driven home sharply by the misadventures with my computer the last three weeks.
I went to the computer recycling center in my area, because my computer had died. I got myself a new motherboard in hopes it would fix what ailed it. I went home only to discover the new board didn't fit in the old case. Much chagrined by determined I went BACK and…

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Random update thing.

Well my anime related blogs didn't do very well, I did about two and then stopped, but I do have a reason. I have recently been getting a few new games and so have been spending a lot of time on my Xbox, also it might be that I wasn't getting much interest in my anime blogs. This has resulted in me falling very far behind in my anime and I'm too into my games to catch up. To solve this problem I am going to be blogging game reviews until my anime interest returns. Hopefully these gaming ones…


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The other day I said I would speak at an event here in Missoula. I slept in, missed my speaking slot, and felt like a totally failure. So I read about some of the worst fails of all time to make myself feel better. I may have let some people down, but at least my fail didn't lead to the deaths of millions of… Continue

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I'm sorry, Nerdfighters, I failed.

On tuesday, when I started week two of the Project for writing, I announced that this week's subject would be Nerdfighters. As a Nerdfighter myself, and an avid watcher of Vlogbrothers, I felt that I could handle this task.

Unfortunately, through a series of unforseen circumstances, including english homework and a fractions fail, I realised that I am not yet ready to take on this challenge. But I feel that with a bit of help from…


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