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Advice for all of the people!!

My dear nerdfighters,

A couple of nerdfighters and I have started an online advice column to try and help people with issues that they need advice about. The facebook page is Anonymous Advice or you can email us at

Since we have three people who are managing the column, we have split the subjects into 3 different areas. We have…


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A Trip To Remember

I traveled to Great Lakes, Illinois, to see my boyfriend graduate from Navy basic training. I can honestly say that this was one of the most rewarding and enlightening trips I have taken...



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A Book I Have Not Read

One of my favorite quotes is "My best friend is a person who will give me a book I have not read." This hasn't entirely held true for me throughout my life, as there is not a lot of book exchanging going on between myself and my friends, but it seems that the only people who ever give me books as presents are either family, or some of my closest friends. So if I think about it, I can find some merit and truth about this quote in my own life.

What I don't like, is when someone tells me…


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Inspiration and the Usage of time

Ok, so I'm one of those writers that needs inspiration to write well, which I suppose stems from me being one of those people that needs a lot of motivation to do anything. Well, it seems I am often short on both inspiration and motivation, which causes writing not to happen. A lot of other stuff doesn't happen as well, but I'm focusing on writing for now. 

When I do find the inspiration and/or motivation to write, I find that most of the time I spend 'writing' I actually spend…


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I sometimes wonder about the reactions I get when I let somebody read something I've written. I want to be a writer, so I'm always writing things and if I think they're particularly good, or if I'm especially proud of them I'll show them to a few trusted people. I always get praise, it seems. I can't recall a single time anyone told me that something I'd written was bad or that they didn't like it. this makes me wonder if these people are telling me the truth. Writers can be pretty sensitive…


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I dyed my hair red today, just like I wanted to. It turned out pretty good and I'm happy with it. I went and posted pictures on all the necessary social networking sites, and I'll probably put one on here later. everyone's reactions have been very positive, as one expects when you post a picture you are obviously pleased with. 

So this of course got me thinking. 

Yesterday and Friday I told people that I wanted to dye my hair red and the majority all responded…


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I have recently decided to dye my hair red. I am a brunette, and have never dyed my hair before. I got the stuff to do it today, and my roommate has promised to help me. We will probably dye it either tomorrow, or next week sometime. 

When I told my roommates and some of the other people in my life that I wanted to dye my hair red, I was a little surprised by their reactions. Almost everyone's first reaction was "Why?" What do you mean, why? Because I want to. Because I can. Because…


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Forgivness and stubborn...ness

A video about forgiveness. I tried not to make it possible for anyone I know to actually know who I'm talking about, but I hope the message still got through.

Check it out here or under.

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Faction Before Blood

So, I have decided to write another blog.

I havn't in a while...and I wanted to, mainly because of a lot of recent turns my life has taken and my need to write about it some kind of way. I had been trying unsuccessfully to blog about something that I will cover in this blog, but somehow I just couldn't. Thankfully, in a full-on rant session email that I sent to a close friend of mine last night, I have loosened up my soul just enough to blog, I think.

In case you don't already…


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First Vlog Entry! - Megan and Christina (two NYU student writer/musician)

hey guys! Christina here (megan's at work). We just posted our first vlog post detailing our morbid family histories and fledgling artistic careers. Megan's a writer and I'm a musician. Check it out…


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Nerds at the Beach: A REUNION VIDEO!

In which John and Hank return to the seashore, scene of their first reunion video, to prove that they are still massive nerds. Also, Hank is briefly shirtless....ladies.

I have a tumblr:

And a facebook:…


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A long lost relative

I was at my little brothers birthday the other day and while I my father, his brother and their wifes sat around the coffee table and chatted.  Somehow, as these things often do the talk quickly turned to family history, then a off hand comment caught my attention: "The man I am named after is probably long dead." probably?

As it turns out my great grandmothers brother went out of the country, to the Americas, among other places, he was in written contact with his sister for some time…


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Ranting About University - Part One.

I hate University. Plain and simple, right? Wrong! Being the eldest child, makes my parents think that I have to set a good example for my little brother and sisters. I don't want to. I want to be me and run off to America or London and get a part acting, because it's practically and impossibility here (here being Australia, if anyone wishes to dispute that, I welcome thee). Alas, I'm stuck in University, studying to teach people my passion because…


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Wednesday, February 1, 2012: Nerdfighters in 2012, Vlogbrothers, Acquaintanceship, Mothership

Hey, I've had a blog for a while, but I decided to post it here as well- hope you enjoy it!!!…

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Давно вроде бы зарегистрировалась на данном сайте, но так трудно влиться вообще в среду и что-то начать обсуждать, так как особо я здесь никого не знаю.

Очень хочется здесь найти друзей и общаться. Пишу на русском чтобы проверить может кто знает данный язык, или быть может кто переведёт этот пост в переводчике. В следующий раз обещаю писать на английском

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Our Grandfather

So, bad news...

Cello Wars:

English Teacher Analyzes Alex Day:



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My DFTBA Project for December 2011

Inspired by the Vlog Brothers and nerd fighteria.  I am trying to be awesome and teach my kids to be the same.

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Life in a [freakin] Day

Some of you may not of heard about Life in a Day, I would of hoped that you had, as it is a creation of the awesomeness that is youtube. For those of you that don't know Life in a Day is a film put together by a production company called Scot Free, but it was filmed by youtubers from all over the world on a single day- July 24th 2010. Now I'm guessing that most of you can't really remember what you were doing on July 24th 2010, well nor can I to tell the truth but I can remember what a…


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Host a Foreign Exchange Student

Host a foreign student is not as easy as we all think, it has many problems so before getting any student to your home as a host consult to the host family expert or adviser or you can investigate yourself about the foreign student. There are so many different ways to become a host family.

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*This is by far the most favorite note I have ever wrote, and one of my best pieces in my opinion. It has so much meaning, and fairly good imagry.

The bitter cold air nipped at the tip of my nose as I stared fixedly at the golden glowing lights, waiting arms out for the platter of homemade fudge mum was going to hand me. In my anxious anticipation I stamp my feet impatiently, longing for the warmth and familiar setting of the house beyond.

“Now, be careful Emily,” my… Continue

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