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WOW its been so long sence I've had the time to come to Mypants.. I really miss it but college has been a nightmare.. a good nightmare.. but a nightmare.

That being said I should probably reintroduce myself. I am Hannah melto, And I am a student at Kansas City Art Institute, studing Animation. I am on my senior year and am one semester into my SGA ( senior graduatoin animation) and that is why I have returned here to my nerdfighter friends. It sucks that I desided to run my…


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"Succinct" isn't something I've mastered to a T yet. I've got cynicism, drawing, fantabulous hair and bountiful levels of aspirations and optimism (highly aware of the juxtaposition to the cynicism) all mastered and under my Batman belt, stored in my repertoire of things I have mastered to a T, but succinctness, dancing and larger wrists are all things that I have not got mastered to a T. 

I've attempted to create blogs in the past, and have either gone off on tangents, been…


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In which I re-write "The haunted Mansion" and complain a great deal.

In which I re-write "The haunted Mansion" and complain a great deal.


The Haunted Mansion: How it should have ended.  

I have just finished watching "Disney’s The Haunted Mansion", I was thinking how many opportunities the script writers missed to write a genuinely entertaining and challenging script, all by omitting one character.…


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LEGO Millenium Falcon Fun

Michael Aranda ( recently moved to Missoula to help with the production of SciShow and Crashcourse.

I was at Target and I saw this Millenium Falcon and I needed it, so we spent like four hours last night constructing it. And then I spent another four hours this morning making this…


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Batman and A Tale of Two Cities

Listen, Jena, it turns out Charles Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities was a key inspiration for The Dark Knight Rises. Seeing as the 200th anniversary of Dickens’ birth is this coming February 7, I thought it’d be nice to explore the themes Christopher Nolan might be drawing on.

It’s clear that Gotham explodes with civil unrest in the film. The trailer shows scenes of a wealthy house being  raided, the people inside it dragged down the stairs and…


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50 Movies in UNDER 100 Seconds!!

I made a video combining 50 movies in under 100 seconds, is your favourite movie in there?

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Top 5 Zombie Apocalypses OF ALL TIME

In which John counts down his top five favorite zombie apocalypses of all time, from video game zombies to novelistic zombies to vampire zombies to movie zombies to...well, you get the picture. I also talk a bit about the broader eschatological urges of humans.

Sorry I'm uploading late. I'm in Grand Haven, Michigan recording an audio version of The Fault in Our Stars. More…


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7 Truths, 1 Lie!

This video contains one lie! Which is it?

In which John discusses Ivan the Terrible's lost library, Marie Curie, Hank as a tomato, and various other April Foolery.


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Why BAD trailers can RUIN films

Trailers. Trailers can be exiting, I find they are part of the whole cinema experience and I often look forward to the trailers more than the film itself. However... they can also utterly and entirely ruin an otherwise good film.

This can happen in FOUR ways. The first tends only to happen with franchises or big star movies. A prime example of this for me would be The Half Blood Prince. If you have too many trailers, and release too much information/images/general information about… Continue

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QUESTION FRIDAY: Spelling is Hard Edition

Esther bracelets:



Paper Towns:


Zombicorns: (Thanks to everyone who donated!)

In… Continue

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10 facts about me.

1. I have seen every single episode of Doctor Who since they brought it back.


2. I have a compulsive need to buy notebooks. Even if they're crap.


3. I've been to seven different schools.


4. I have a talent for wrapping gifts, and get annoyed when people just rip open presents, ruining the time and effort I took getting the bow perfectly central.


5. I wish I could write songs. Whenever I try, it sounds like a deaf child with no…


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The Lost Art of Movie Posters

here is an old saying: “Don’t judge a book by its cover.”

Unfortunately the same saying does not apply to movies. Audiences can

be drawn or diverted by the artwork splashed over a 27×41 inch canvas.

Bright colors, sexy people, and exotic places have all been used to

entice viewers into theater seats since the inception of Hollywood.

While these items seem essential to selling a movie, they’ve lacked the

bang that once helped to create the buzz in movie… Continue

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Movie Review: Away We Go (2009)

Sam Mendes seems to have a love/hate relationship with the suburbs. Often times he’ll bury the complacent, shut in, mentality of the people living there and expose the somewhat disturbing lives hiding behind their cookie cutter walls. His latest film, Away We Go, does a complete 180 degree turn from what the director has pushed on us through several films. Written by author and editor Dave Eggers, Away We Go is less about the giant rat trap that is the American Dream and…


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Speed of time, entertainment & memory loss

Morning Blog readers!

Another week gone another Tuesday come around rather quick, hell before you know it, it'll be May.... SEE another month flown over it's going to be Christmas again in the blink of a eye.

For me I would have to say the fact that my week is spread out into things to do each day it means my days fly over, like for example I do these blogs every Tue/Thur I play football every Wed and Thur I'm at…

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good days and bad days

  • i cant decide if today is a good day or a bad day today....

  • on the plus my job (after school club) im designing and drawing an Alice in Wonderland (animated version) wall far we have the tree with the cheshire cat, the catterpillar and bread and butterflies on toadstools, the white rabbit and the mad hatters table with a few teapots and cups....

still to be coloured- alice, teacups and the unbirthday…


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Production Journal #1

Hi fellow nerd fighters,

Just wanted to half apologize for my last blog, but in reality I don't think it has been read by anyone so I'm free and clear of guilt there. I just wanted to make one that was less introspective and more fun and interesting. So it begins.

The project I was alluding to is going to take place in a video format, and has the working title "The Real New York Chef." Most of you who have ever known, been or worked with a chef probably already get what… Continue

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Nothing To Talk About

So, I've been trying to write a blog for the past few hours now and nothing is coming.

It's not that I don't have anything to write about. There's the cruise I took with my family last month, the state of my film work, the flooding of my street and my car and the NEAR flooding of my apartment, the fact that I'm going to turn 30 in seven days...

The list goes on.

I, however, have just been sitting here staring at a blank… Continue

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Fun Times at the Movie Films

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Vitamin D and the Sundance Kid

If you ever want to feel that your life is worthy of entrance to the Sundance Festival put some indie tunes in your ipod, stuff the buds in your ears, press play, and take a walk through your stunningly unspectacular suburban neighborhood.

Also, you should take a walk because if you read a lot of blogs you’re probably low on Vitamin D. Vitamin D is one of those quirks of nature that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy about the universe. Our bodies naturally make all the Vitamin D we… Continue

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Holiday To-Do List

Ice Skating


Go To Kao San Road - now made impossible due to the war in Israel and thus constant alerts about kidnappings of Israelis there

Clubbing - made impossible due to an epic fail on my part

Go Karting


Ocean World

Grey's Anatomy Marathon

Movie Night

Heroes Marathon

Go to Pattaya

Guitar Hero

Watch Cinderella the Musical

Do work. O_o

In Chiang… Continue

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