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Here, Have an Info-Dump!

Greetings, fellow Nerdfighters! I'm Saoirse (pronounced seer-sha) and since I have no idea what to put in this post, here is a list of 10 Facts You May Not Know But Will Probably Find Interesting:

1. Those three asterisks (***) used to show a passing of time or just a break in the text of a story is called a dinkus. Please rejoice in this fact.

2. The word "tomato" has its roots in the Aztec word "xitomatl"... which roughly means…


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To Blog or Not to Blog

...apparently, the former.

Yo, whaddup. I don't know what that was. Do you know how hard it is to come up with a good greeting? Yeah...

I don't have a lot of friends. That's a compelling way to start, isn't it? I don't get to have deep conversations much. I'm not very good at talking in general. But I have a lot of thoughts. I have a lot of feels. And I don't get to express them to anyone else much. But I like writing. Hence, blog.

If you want to know what I'm about, you…


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Oddly Productive Mornings Make for an Awesome Brie

I don't often have these amazing productive mornings that I am having at this very moment. So this is fun.

Let's ignore the fact that I haven't slept in 20 hours, and running on love and muscle milk. Ignore it. Just for a moment, please. Thank you. Okay, soooo...…


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80's movies and Encouraging words

This quote from The Breakfast Club is one of my favorites.

I've noticed, in my short time on this earth, so many people doing the opposite of what this quote says. But don't we all fall victim to trying to impress people? I use the word victim because in the end we're usually the ones getting…


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New here, and the thoughts I've been having on defining "Nerd."

Hello all,

So, while I've been following the Vlogbrothers and have read a few John Green books, I don't think I necessarily fit into the category of what might be considered a "nerd."

Not that I have any desire to.

The term "nerd" becomes problematic in its own right. 

Let's find a definition and go from there. (I hope that Wikipedia will suffice for now.)…


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2¢ Adice Booth

I really enjoy listening to people and helping them with whatever little life questions they may have. I'm most certainly not a professional when it comes to therapy stuff. I feel as though I see things/situations differently than the "common other" person. From my personal experience, It's very hard to find unique advise.

I'm going to set up a little booth this weekend, Fri-Sun, and see who stops by.

Besides giving out advise, I'll walk around town and drop 75% of whatever…


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Junior Life (An intro)

With the upcoming school year starting, i've decided to start posting a blog to document my junior year experience. i may not post everyday, but i will try to post every 2-3 days. if you'd like to follow my (hopefully) interesting story, that'd be great! :D if not, that's cool too. well i hope to have a post for you guys tomorrow, but until then, stay classy ~~~

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Today began. Most days do, I suppose, but unlike most days that begin, today I am writing my very first blog post on the Ning.

You're welcome.

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Faith in Humanity

So, just some background information before my story starts. I have an identical twin brother and we had both moved from our hometown about a year ago. That being said, many people get us mixed up. Most people call me by my brothers name because he is the more popular one. I happen to walk into a Starbucks and someone I went to school with and didn't know very well from a few years back not only recognized me, but correctly called me by my first and last name. That honestly made my day,…


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My First Blog Entry

So I'm fairly new to the nerdfighting scene. I've been a nerdfighter for about a year now. I'm 15 and from Texas. I'm a book nerd and a science geek. I love sci-fi and I recently got in to Doctor Who. I'm still on season (series?) 6 so I'm very behind. I love BBC Sherlock. I'm also obsessed with a podcast produced by Nate DiMeo called " The Memory Palace" and if you like history you should check it out here. So that's about…


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I survived the Great Internet Drought of 2012-2013.

As of two days ago, my house got Internet. For the first time since September 2012. 

You got it, nerdy folk. I went through practically my entire junior year of high school in a public education system that assumes all students have Internet and assigns tasks as such. 

I deserve a medal. A big one. 

I had just gotten used to roughin' it at home, in the middle of no where, then BAM, we're back online, and all I wanna do is surf until I get keyboard calluses on my fingers…


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Okay, it's my first time posting here, so forgive me for sounding so stupid. I must admit though, becoming a nerdfighter was more awesome than I expected.

So why am I here? Why did it take so freaking long for me to make this account? Well, okay. Honestly, I only found out about the vlogbrothers recently. Yeah, I know, SHAAAME. It took me a bit longer to realize that wow, okay, these guys are definitely worth the subscribe and the stalking that comes with a new fandom. And I found…


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1: The epic introduction

So, in an attempt to cleanse my body of the wretched feeling of boredom, I am going to try to blog. I haven't really 'blogged' before, so I'm not sure if there's some magic dust you must first sprinkle over yourself to make your posts good. I don't really know where to start, so I guess I'll just talk about myself.

  • I am nearly 14 years old, my birthday is on the 21st! 
  • I have been a nerdfighter since 2008, so that's pretty exciting.
  • I have a giant heart for…

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New Here

Friday July 06, 2012 1:22AM

After much deliberation on making up my own DFTBA initialism, I'm finally a nerdfighter. Yay!Took me gazillion centuries to join, though. 

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Vlog one - Thoughts on vlogging and my first attempt

A fellow nerdfighter convinced me to started to up a vlog.

In which I try to tell you a little about who I am and what I do, and succeed at neither. The next one will have a real subject though, I promise!

The main reason I'm starting this up is to improve my public speaking really, or maybe just my speaking in general. When I'm watching accomplished youtubers I can't help but notice how engaging…


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First post!

... in which I decide that this will be a music blog! I will post videos every time I come across something awesome. Recommendations are always welcome!

So today I was alterted through Spirit of Metal that the new Diablo Swing Orchestra (avant-garde metal. In the case of this band, expect metal+jazz+classical inspired singing) album- Pandora's Pinata-  was out and kicked ass. I am listening to the single at the moment, which is quite on the happy side of the force, and very colourful…


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Not very good at this

So this is the first blog I've ever tried to make and hopefully this will not go too horribly over the course of my writings. As the title implies I am not very good at this sort of thing and am as of this moment not entirely sure what to write about. So for now I guess I'll treat this like a sort of daily journal or whatever.

My name... will remain a secret, however know that there is meaning behind the one i have posted. That being said, my "first name" is a character I have created…


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Things That Are Cool

First NF blog post, so I figured I'd start off with something profound and meaningful, something that gives insight into my innermost psyche.

That's right...a list of 13 things that are cool (at least in my opinion). :D


1. Nutella. Chocolate-hazelnut spread of awesome that has the consistency and nutritional value of cake frosting. This is at the forefront of my mind at present, because I'm going to be making Nutella brownies after lunch.


2. Learning…


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Hm. I'll give this a shot, I s'pose.

I've kind of always wanted to try blogging. It always seemed like an interesting way to get view points across. Besides, blogging could be a way of making sure I check my Nerdfighters account on a regular basis, although not much happens on it anyway, but that's probably due to the fact that I don't check it very

Anyway, blogging. What am I supposed to write about? I'm pretty sure none of my friends from school or anything are on here, and if they are, they don't know that…


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April 28: "That" Moment (when I first caught a whiff of Nerdfighteria..)

Do you know that quote where John Green talks about nerds being able to obssess over things shamelessly?

Well, I do that. A while ago it was Glee; then I switched to Hunger Games, then I became obsessed with Cassandra Clare. Two weeks ago it was guitars. Last week, I was really into Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. This week.....*drumroll* it's rock n' roll. I've gotten every single Aerosmith cd known to man. As well as ACDC of course (:


One thing that has remained…


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