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thoughts n°1

I am not an american and really have no particular intrest in the sport (appart from it's system of distributing funds equally amongst teams to promote fairness, unusually socialist for the US), but I recently came to thinking that american football could be improved upon immeasurably by adding two players on each team whose job it would be to use the blue and orange portal guns, so the ground would be portal-able and each player would have a portal-able area on his chest and back.



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BEDA Day Twelve! Crazy at Clarks and Doctor Whoooooness! - New Alien revealed!

Hey Nerdfighters, so it's Tuesday day 12 of Blogging everyday in April and i've been really hyper today. like REALLY hyper!


Example, this morning before going off to work, i did my photo for "Nerdfighter - 30 Day Photo Challenge" which was to take a photo of yourself…


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Participatory Geometry

CBC Awards:

In which John discusses the Butler Bulldogs astonishing second…


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Cancer Sniffing Dog

In which Hank celebrates the Packers, Rants about Coke, is pleased with a labrador, and announces The Agents of Awesome.

VYou Accounts…


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Is bronchitis contagious? Is black a color?

To summarize: Is Benjamin Franklin a President? No. Was Benjamin Franklin a President? Still no. Is beyonce pregnant? No. Is beezid a scam? Not technically, but it's definitely a huge rip-off. Is Brett Favre married? Yes. Is Bam Margera married? Yes, technically. Is bleach over? NEVER! Is bronchitis contagious? Oh my, yes. Is black a color? That turns out to be a really interesting question that depends on your definition of "black" and your definition of "color." Is… Continue

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Fridays are for Happy Dancing.

I've spent all day today in a sleepy haze. And what I love about Fridays is that I can do that and still do all of my classwork because it's Friday and we had a pep rally (or the Freshmen and the Seniors did) so, no one wanted to give us much work anyway.

Personally, I've never been one for pep rallies because I'm generally not a peppy person, and I'm not fond of football. Plus, it's always really hot in the gym.

I am about to fall… Continue

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There is one thing that I've always been good at and thats catching things.

Catching footballs, basketballs, baseballs, germs, colds.... yes I'm still sick *sigh* and I seemed to get worse today.

I really hope I get better soon cause my throat feels all icky!

The bad news is I'm sick on my birthday... the good news is that I got halo reach so at least I have something to do while being sick.… Continue

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Er, football?

I don't like football, or sports that aren't Quidditch in general. But, for some reason, I keep going to the games. I guess it's to hang out with my friends. But anyway.

It's Friday! I went out to eat, bought face paint, and had a super fun 'sword' fight with three of my closest friends, it was epic.

I don't have school on Monday, thank God. I really don't like school, too many people.

So, what did you guys do today?

(sorry it's short, but I don't… Continue

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FIFA world cup was painstaking!

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In which Hank talks about winning, and why it's important, and what it actually is. Because winning, I don't think, means what we think it means. And despite the fact that, in the end, we all lose, the frustration and pain of losing is extremely important to humanity, and also to the feeling of win.


Oh, and USA beat Algeria or…


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Oh Inspiration

Ahhhhhhh!!!!! (I know that no one could hear...but I totally made that noise as I typed it...because I'm cool like that)

So I have to write this paper for composition called a "INFORMATIVE SURPRISING ESSAY"...which I had never heard of before I went to class on Wednesday...but is essentially informs people about a topic but then puts a surprising twist on it (didn't see that one coming...).

But anyways examples the…

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reluctant football game, model trains, and comments

ok, sorry guys i've been kinda busy lately and haven't had a chance to get on much, but i have made the time for all of you.

well... i have no idea if anyone reads this anyway so idk xD, you know what, just because i want to know if people are reading this leave a comment if you read even like one sentence of my blog. :D

Last Friday i was dragged by my heels to the highschool varsity game by my dad because he said it "beats laying on your fat ass at home" so i tried to find… Continue

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Teh Footballz

What's up, M'nerds?

Well, kids, I got to cover my first football game for the newspaper last night.

I remembered then why I loved football so much. It's the cool fall weather, the roar of the crowd, the license to act like an idiot for the love of your team. Ah, good times.

As I enjoyed some pizza in the press box (bonus points!), I remembered fondly the days of marching band. Yes, my happy little cheeseballs, I used to be a trumpet player in the marching band.… Continue

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Football, books and school related things.

ok first things first.

Tomorrow is the first game of the rutgers' college football season and my father and i have season tickets so we shall be going to every home game. Tomorrow, however, y uncle who also has season tickets can't find a baby-sitter so he and his wife can't come. My dad's friend, carmello also can't come because his fiance' has his balls in her purse, so he's not allowed to come. my uncle sold his tickets to his friend who my dad and i know. and carmello sold his… Continue

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Football beats baseball: More!

I can't believe I failed to mention what's about to come, but seriously... More reason to think football is America's new pastime.

Pretty much everybody has at least heard of the Heisman Trophy, even if they're not really sure what it is- they know it has something to do with college football. As this article points out, not many people realize there's… Continue

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Football beats baseball

Since the Superbowl is going to take place relatively soon, and since I'm such an NFL enthusiast, I'd like to make an assertion: football has replaced baseball as "America's pastime."

Hold the phone, right? No, seriously, I think this is true. Let's just start with some observations in my own experiences.

First, something I see every day- and have seen every day for as long as I can… Continue

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Ranting- Ignore, I just needed to get it off of my chest somehow...

I live with a friend that graduated with me from Whitman, along with a couple that graduated in 2003 and their daughter. This friend goes by the nickname of “Fluffy,” and I guess I’ll refer to him as that for the duration of this rant. Anyhoo, on Sunday evenings, our household hosts “TV night,” wherein everyone that wants to partake that we’re friends with can get together at our house and watch the next couple episodes in whatever series we’re on at the time. Last year, my senior year, the two… Continue

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O.J.'s Award

Draft One, and pending QT's approval

Dear Mr. Simpson,

In light of your recent acquittal and current imprisonment, as well as your overall history of rather n00bish behavior, we of the "N00bcake of the Week Society" have decided to bestow upon you the equivocally notorious "N00bcake of the Week" award for the week of Friday, October 17th, 2008. We of the Foundation are fully aware of your remarkable football career and your contributions to the film industry. No… Continue

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O.J.- Some Background (It's long, for a reason)

For this week's N00bcake of the Week award, I called dibs and proclaimed O.J. Simpson, in light of his recent conviction. However, it occurred to me very quickly that a number of the Nerdfighters that follow the N00bcake discussion are only vaguely familiar with the older murder trial and didn't even realize he had been put on trial for something else recently. So I decided to do… Continue

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College Life

Just a quick update before I run to my college Algebra class.

I've officially moved and I'm actually posting this from the Loftin Student Center at San Antonio College. I go to class from 9 AM to 12:50 PM, catch the bus to Uncle John and Aunt Donna's, and then head over to Woodridge to pick Shea and Aaron up with Papo. I see my uncle and cousins more than I see my parents and siblings.

Aaron's playing football with the 98 Patriots this year and so far that's how I've been… Continue

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