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Fierce Chap1

Chapter 1

Sierra's POV

I try to put Ryan out of my mind, but it’s hard. His words stain me more than he might think.…


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The position of Fem-nerd, or Femineity in nerd culture

Since i was a little girl i have watched and grown up with star trek, my little brother and i learnt all the words to the beginning sequence, my best friend was even named after one of the characters, in other words i was a massive nerd. In my high school years I was defiantly an outcast, but at the age of 14 i discovered Harajuku fashion and anime, these were my new loves, i spent hours looking at fashion shows and reading blogs about Harajuku. My Friends were not as enthusiastic about…


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Hair loss, Cancer, and Sadness. Please read and comment. Need encouragements

I'm honestly so sick and tired of not having cancer anymore, but also not having hair. I feel that now that the cancer is gone things should be normal again, but they're not. Things are far from normal. I feel ugly and weird and un-ladylike. I constantly get sympathetic stares from strangers and foreign glances from other teenage girls. I don't want to be a cancer teen anymore, because I'm not a cancer teen. I'm just not. I'm done its finished, when can I have my beautiful hair back?! When… Continue

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The name is Eve.... HELLO :D

A few basics:


-uni student (want to be a vet/actress)

- LOVE to act, been acting for 13+ years... would like to be the doctors next companion? why not. #YOLO

[i perform monologues on youtube: JoKe123Productions... add me? feel free to watch!]

-i am a gamer.. I ADORE tomb raider and tf2. (asdfghjkl is the name..add me?)

-i video edit in my spare time

-i love to cosplay (working on my castiel…


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I just posted fan fiction!

If you like Harry Potter go to this website! I wrote a fan fiction two years ago for NaNoWrimo, and you should check it out. Read it at this link:

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missy Margo made Me Think.

I just finished reading Paper Towns by the awesome John Green.  But when I noticed Nerdfighter lingo in the text I'm like: I haven't finished reading this book and I like it already.  But then I stopped and started to think.  On my birthday I went to the movies with my boyfriend at that time.  Evan Henry as I will call him since that is his first and middle name as he regrets me ever finding out his middle name.  (We were dating when I found out too so he was utterly caught off guard when I…


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Made of Magic

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Girl Scout Cookies and LGBT Youth

Hi, my name is Leah and I am a senior girl scout. I have been in girl scouts for nearly ten years and I can safely say that girl scouts is my second family. Girl Scout Cookie season is again upon us. I would like to reach out to all Nerdfighters to encourage you to buy a box when you see girls selling in front of stores or door to door. Girl Scouts is one of the few groups which focus on kids but also are in full support of LGBT rights. LGBT parents are allowed…


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First Trock Song - 'Still Waiting' 

This is my first attempt at a trock song, so I thought I'd share it with you guys :)

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Favorite Jellicle Cat - Vidcon Edition

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The Fundamental Problem of not being Natalie Portman

The Fundamental Problem of not being Natalie Portman

I’m writing this bog post at 7:09 on a Thursday morning because I frankly think it’s the only way I’ll get to sleep, and I’m not even sure if I will afterwards, which kind of sucks. I didn’t sleep much last night, I didn’t cry, as much of the day lead me to believe, I just stared at a wall and tried to be placid.

But the moment I woke up, the first thought in my head, was “I am not Natalie…


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Eheheheheh, sorry for goin' AWOL there, people. I kinda forgot to post a blog explaining that I'd be gone for a couple days at a camp. Basically, I went to this super hippy-ish thing with my mom for a few days, and was EXTREMELY traumatized by the nudity at the pool. I mean, seriously. A thirteen year old girl (okay, two months shy of thirteen) should not be around that many naked old dudes, no matter how un-perverted all of them are. Everyone was really nice, though. I met an ADORABLE little… Continue

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Doctor Who Has Lost His Best Companion

Elisabeth Sladen, best known for playing Sarah Jane Smith on Doctor Who and later in her own spin-off series The Sarah Jane… Continue

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The Good Girl Box: My labyrinth of boring

There was a vlogbrothers video recently in which john went back to the boarding school where he went to high school. The boarding school was also the setting for the fabulous book: Looking For Alaska. He talks

about his nostalgia for the place. The “Smoking hole” by the river, where he allegedly

smoked cigarettes while musing philosophically, the beautiful grounds, the mean

swan in the lake which is, miraculously, still alive and well, and the empty…


Added by Abi Young on January 3, 2011 at 10:24pm — 2 Comments

How do I dial it back?

Things I know

I talk a lot.

I talk fast.

My friends tune me out when they begin to lose interest.

Things I don't know

How to fix it.


I know I'm long winded and my stories are never any good because it takes to long to get to the punch line. I get it. When I love something I talk about it all the time so my friends are probably tired of hearing about Harry Potter, Gossip Girl, and just how cute I am. I understand that even if you are listening that words… Continue

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nerdfighting o.O

So, um, I'm in search of o a fellow PokeMaster to do the mono-type team challenge with every type on either HG/SS or Pearl. Um, if you happen to find this please contact me so we can race! That would be like totally awesome. PLEAAAAASEEEEEE contact me before the end of the summer. Or don't. Whichever. But come on people I'm desperate I am the only PokeMaster at my school and I'm desperate :/

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I wrote a novel

I wrote a novel this year. It's called Living On, and it's about a girl in a mental hospital learning to let go and move on from toxic things and people in her life. I'm planning on trying to get it published shortly and would loooove it if you followed my blog:


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Rapping Battle Blog (Battle Raps)


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Nerds in fashion

So today I've been web surfing/ browsing dresses and such to avoid a last minute scramble when prom time comes around. I'M GOING TO PROM BTW! EEK! Dan asked me last night. I'm excited :] but back on subject, while i was hunting on the internet for the best deals i could find, I wondered off into the jewelry of There I found the girl nerdfighter necklace, and I thought "now girls without nerd glasses can wear nerd glasses too" and I was like "this is awesome,… Continue

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my new story...part one

Okay, before i begin, I would really like to have your criticism so I can improve in the future. Also, I am typing fast because i'm in a rush, so there may be a few errors. And lastly, sorry it's late but i will be uploading more every saturday. And keep in mind...I'm only a kid, kay? Thank you!


part one, by: Bryce Hagan

As I left the school, the crisp, woodland smell immediately rushed into my nose. The feeling of damp air must have made me slump because when my… Continue

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