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Online Video about Online Video

In which Hank does not show you lots of clips from VidCon because that would just be mean...also because there's no way he'd have enough time to edit a vlog like that in time to put it online.

Good lord I am tired, but VidCon is awesome, I wish you were all here.

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The Egg

Just a short preamble this was inspired by a line from Bill Hicks that went we are one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively. So here you go enjoy.

The Egg

By Daniel Brennan


Adam was cruising along in his average family saloon when through an all too prevalent defect with the braking system he slammed into a typical oak and as is commonplace with this type of collision his brain ricocheted around his skull and disintegrated like it had been in…


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Why is the Hank gone?

As I search tumblr, it seems to me that I am the only person who still makes Humpy Hank gifs. (making the name “Hipster Hank” almost true) I find this sad, why did Humpy Hank fade away like it did?

Is it that there simply isn’t anything left for Hank to Hump? Is it not funny anymore? Or is it that the Nerdfighters have forgotten about the…


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It's Hanko de Mayo! We all know Hank loves the James Webb Space Telescope, so hopefully he'll like our gift. In addition to his gift, nerdfighteria is celebrating Hank's birthday by letting our elected officials know that Increasing Awesome through scientific exploration is important to us. You'll find the email I wrote my congressperson and senators below. You can copy it,…


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A Film to Decrease Worldsuck

Hannah Lindgren, Paul Weller, and I are film students at Ball State University, and we recently got permission from John and Hank Green via Twitter to produce a documentary about Nerdfighteria, the Vlogbrothers, and Vidcon. We are really excited about this project, and this summer we will be flying out to Anaheim, CA to film at Vidcon! Paul Weller and I will be the cinematographers, while Hannah Lindgren is the producer and editor.

Check out the official website for a A Film to…


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And so it begins... We have permission! Thank you so much to everyone who tweeted on our behalf to get our permission. My dad was the lucky one to get the response! Here's what's next for "A Film to…

And so it begins...

We have permission! Thank you so much to everyone who tweeted on our behalf to get our permission. My dad was the lucky one to get the response!

Here's what's next for "A Film to Decrease Worldsuck:"

  • Within the next week or so you'll see…

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Introducing Lizzie Bennet

In which Hank discusses his new and very peculiar project, The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, a vlog-based adaptation of Pride and Prejudice.

The first two episodes are out now, you can see them here:

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The Importance Of time, John Green and A Surreal Experience

So Im glad John liked my thoughts from places video and hope nerdfighteria likes this one as well,

I will be making another one tomorrow. Thanks for watching, like and Subscribe if you do.

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Sharpie Face Question Tuesday

Check out Crash Course!

The Fault in Our Stars:

I'll be in Amsterdam THIS FRIDAY evening. Ticket info:…


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Life is Weird. Also beautiful.

If you'd like to keep a couple old friends atop the bestseller list, you can pick up The Fault in Our Stars and/or Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children at your local bookstore or from amazon. TFiOS: Miss Peregrine:

Ransom's brilliant YouTube…


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The fault in our stars: book review

Hi there

Yesterday I started reading the fault in our stars, so naturally I finished it today.

I never really wrote like a book review, except for Dutch class (a bit like English in the US, only in Dutch, if that makes sense :S}, so I am so sorry if it isn't like good or anything. Tips and advice are always welcome ;D.


I think this book is my favourite John Green book. I loved all he's other books, but this book was just SO AWESOME, when I…


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Book Review: Looking for Alaska, by John Green

Is it funny that the last book I read by John Green is the first book he wrote?  There are so many quotes everywhere ("everywhere" = tumblr) and although I was always careful to skip over those posts, I'm still amazed that I remained spoiler-less.  Amazed and gratified.

Because I've heard/seen several people say that Looking for Alaska has almost the same plot as Paper Towns, which as you know was my favourite JG book until The Fault In Our Stars.…


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How It Felt

In which John makes a video for future John, future Hank, and future Katherine about what happened at the 2012 Tour de Nerdfighting and how it felt. Thanks to everyone who came out for the tour this year, to all the awesome independent bookstores and theaters that hosted us, and to the nice nerdfighter who held the camera.

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Book Review: The Fault In Our Stars, by John Green (***hopefully no spoilers, but there are quotes***)

So, I finished reading TFIOS about half an hour ago, and have been trying to figure out a way to express my akdjfaeifhadhfs without spoiling anything.  So here I go.

It's amazing.  Spectacular.  Nothing short of absolutely beautiful.

[sidenote: my j-scribble is green, when I opened the book for the first time I actually sat and stared at the signature for a few minutes, kind of in awe, I guess because John Green's hand actually wrote on this exact piece of…


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Get your copy now:

"The Fault in Our Stars is John Green at his best. You laugh, you cry, and then you come back for more." -- Markus Zusak, bestselling and Printz Honor­ winning author of The Book Thief

"An achingly beautiful story" SLJ Starred Review

"A smartly-crafted, intellectual explosion…


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Book Review: "Paper Towns" by John Green

Out of all of John Green’s books, for some unknown reason Paper Towns was the one I wanted to read the most. Unfortunately I couldn’t find it at any library near by. Then my made-of-awesome brother (TheGinge) gave it to me for Christmas! It surpassed whatever expectations I had for it (not sure what those were) and it is definitely my favourite John Green book so far. I was walking around the house singing “This is such a good book, oh my lordy this is such a good boooooooook”. I…


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Firsts, Christmas, and Blogging.

So I'm posting a blog. Today has been filled with new, Internet-related things. I've finally started a Ning, like I've been meaning to do for too long, started up a Twitter, and now here I am.

I've always wanted to do things like this. Blogging, vlogging, tweeting. The problem is that I never feel like what I have to say is significant. I watch the channels I'm subscribed to and I go, "WHY can't I formulate thoughts and stories like THAT?" (I'm looking at you, Frezned.) I mean, I'm…


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Sharpie Face and Little Hank: The Project for Awesome's Aftermath

Donate at, get my zombie apocalypse story at, or buy remixes of Alex Day's (brilliant!) "Forever Yours" at All proceeds from all these endeavors go to charity.

Tour de…


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Our Grandfather

So, bad news...

Cello Wars:

English Teacher Analyzes Alex Day:



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Still pluggin' away!

Hey there nerdfighteria! I'm Professor NotOne, I make video blogs kind of similar to the vlogbrothers! I love watching their videos. 

My videos are very similar to the concept of Crash Course - I often teach about my classes at college! I have a feeling their videos will be a lot more professional than mine and better liked, but I'd love if some nerdfighters started watching and commenting and sharing! 

The videos can all be found by searching "professor notone"…


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