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I'm Back!

I thought I'd make another blog post just to be like... YO! I'M ALIVE! :D It's been about 3 years since I made my last blog post, and obviously a lot can happen in 3 years. For starters, I've actually READ some BOOKS - the thing that 18-year-old me had a total aversion to. I've even developed an affection/obsession with Harry Potter - the thing that 18-year-old me had a slight aversion to. All my life I've been conflicted over matters of literature... but now I'm pretty sure I adore books,…


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A Harry Potter Lesson in Stress

My life has seemed to get ever crazier as each day goes by, especially these past few. Exams, classprojects, social upheavals for some of my friends (social “upheaval” may be a slight exaggeration), visiting family, and what seems like no time to do it all leads to a lot of stress and very little sleep. However small these tasks may seem in the grand scope of things, to a college student such direct pressures feel like being dog-piled by a herd of elephants (again, maybe an…


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Book Club of Awesome????

So, I have just created a page detailing my summer "Re-Reading Harry Potter" Book Club idea that I've had for a while now.

Check that out if you're interested :)

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I just posted fan fiction!

If you like Harry Potter go to this website! I wrote a fan fiction two years ago for NaNoWrimo, and you should check it out. Read it at this link:

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Nerdfighter Eclectanerd Song

In which my sister and I sing a song explaining what kind of Nerdfighters we are.

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To Be Anything At All: Thoughts from Places, Chicago and LeakyCon 2012

In which John discusses the surprises and pleasures of being anything at all while attending the Harry Potter conference LeakyCon and walking around downtown Chicago. Also, I read from some humiliating high school fiction.

Brazilian nerdfighters:…


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Hank's tour diary from the very quick, three-day tour he took with Harry and the Potters and Potter Puppet Pals. They're still on tour (and will be for a while) without me, and the show is REALLY REALLY GREAT! Tickets are generally $10 and VERY WORTH IT…


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Wizard Violinist Wanted for Ascendio - compensation is a $75 day pass!

Hey all!  We are searching for a 2nd violinist for the pit of "Tales of Beetle the Bard" - a musical happening at Ascendio this July.  This might be the last Harry Potter conference run by the hpef :(  So if you've always wanted to go to Hogwarts but couldn't afford it... and you play the violin...

We are offering a free Friday pass worth $75 to anybody who can play in the pit with us.  It's run by Lena Gabrielle (aka the Butterbeer Experience), and is going to be so much fun!…


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J.K. Rowling new book

from my blog:

Hi there

so you probably already heard the news that J.K. ROWLING IS RELEASING A NEW BOOK!…


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I'm the doctor... RUN!

Ladies and gentlemen, your mind is now victim to my words. You will absorb them slowly, and as the letters seep down into your soul and steal your heart, you will smile because you know deep down inside,  that I'm no where near as brilliant as I think I am :)

Hello there. If you're reading this, you've stumbled upon my nerdfighters account and I applaud your stumbles because it gives us a chance to meet. :)


Let's see... I'm Donna, nineteen, awesome.

My life…


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I have a new Wrock/Trock/Fandom band.  We sing about of fandoms, and random things.  Check out our first song under the YouTube channel: RoboticLlama.

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now today is near to my heart. i will be sorting charlie mcdonell. he is one of my favorite you tubers ad can bring me up when i am down. i am sure this is the same with all of you totally cool people who watch him aswell. He got me into one of my new favorite tv shows Dr. Who. I will battle anyone who likes the tenth doctor etter then the eleventh. Anyways, he makes my day. Now i guess you would want to know what househe is ininmy mind. Now, i think he is th obvious choice,…


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Jena did you know Die Hard was a book first? Nothing Lasts Forever, by Roderick Thorp, renamed Die Hard later to tie in with the movie. From what I can tell, it’s a good thing the Bruce Willis flick is not a faithful adaptation.

This got me thinking about originalists, who…


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27 Part Video

This video comes to you in Twenty-Seven Parts! Man...this was a pretty dang difficult video to make...I can't even remember what it's about....a lot of stuff.

You can keep donating to the Foundation to Decrease WorldSuck here:

Check out the Quidditch World Cup this weekend!…


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Teaching Myself The Uke

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Summer Concerts 2011

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Attending My First Wrock Show

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Will He Kiss You? Am I a Muggle? It's Question Friday.

In which John answers questions about The Fault in Our Stars, Looking for Alaska, whether and when that boy you're dating will kiss you, his muggle nature, Scotland's national animal (which is not the bagpipe), manga, paradoxes, and many other things.

Preorder The Fault in Our Stars from Amazon:

Or from B&N:

Or from your… Continue

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Growing Up With Harry: House Identity

            Ever since the beginning, I knew which house I belonged to. It was something instinctive, something that I had known as soon as I met Harry. As soon as I met Ron, who explained what houses even were. As soon as I met Hermione, who waltzed in, sat down, and informed me that,  ”Ravenclaw wouldn’t be so bad.” I knew from the moment the Sorting Hat leapt to life and sang out:

“Or perhaps in…


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Growing Up With Harry: On Defending Snape

                             I know this piece may be extremely controversial but, it is an opinon and if you don’t like it, you can go get your own.

                I hate Snape, I have since the very first potions class with Harry. I also hate when people blindly ignore what he did to the poor students under his authority. He was mean and a bully, every single potions class in every single book either Neville has an…


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