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Learning To Hate

Hello everyone.

So, about 5 years ago, a little while after I moved to Seattle, I started going to Jackson High School. I had just turned 16. And I remember one day, I was in Ms. Blevin’s World History class. I had only been in public school for a couple weeks, and until that point, I’d been a nice, relatively sheltered home-schooler with no concept on really how to judge or exclude people for basically any reason. This kid, a young man, came in to give our teacher a note, and as he…


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Deciding to post your unfinished story on a favorite website helps you with writing!

So today I decided to post the story I'm currently writing on a forum that I visit very often. I created the post and was about to copy and paste the first paragraph. I opened my story in WORD and just as I was getting ready to select-copy, I noticed a grammar mistake. I quickly fixed it and again was about to copy the paragraph, when I noticed another mistake. I fixed that one too. And then a third mistake appeared  And a fourth. And a fifth. It was at this time that I began to notice that…


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Self Knowing

When sick you dream of getting better.

Dream of a different life.

You think that things will never change and the emptiness you feel will never be filled.

You're young, you can't speak out, you can't tell a soul how you feel,  what you think.

Now a days everyone has a disease, a illness of some form, so if you speak up

you want attention, if your sick you better have cancer, because your only mental if you attempt to kill. I would never attempt to kill, but I've been…


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Yeah, Me too.

Do you ever look up and wait for the sky to just fall on top of you?

Ever think that perhaps the world is going to cave in because you find yourself atrocious?

Do you ever just stop in the middle of the empty street because you think, Perhaps a car will come along to end it all?

Yeah me too.…


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Real Life is Real Suck

Real Life. A List.

Bills, Payments, Loans, Fees, Charges, Interest rates, remembering family birthdays, chores, work, gas money, driving, cleaning, drama, fighting, issues, problems, finances, struggle, debt, credit cards, bank accounts, plastic, fake, suicide, explosions, darkness, black, bleak, dim, dull, bored.

Real Life. A Math…


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Social Network Editorial

This is an editorial I had to write for school.....arrgghh I don't like it...

In the world today everyone hope that this social network fad is passing. But in

reality everyone knows it will most likely stick around. The people cannot be sufficed with

calling their friends. They need to go on Twitter and read peoples tweets to find out every

little thing people are doing wether it be amusing or utterly humilitating.

The biggest argument that social…


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Thoughts on Protesting

The following was posted by Josh Braun as a discussion, I have edited out the language as it is unecessary to the point being made. 


I understand that people have the right to freedom of speech and freedom to assemble and protest, and I'm all for that, but some of the stuff that these "Pro-life" people have done has been absolutely insane.



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The Monster I've Created

*I warn you now this is not a pretty tale, it has no happy ending, not yet at least. Read it if you can, for I doubt you will get very far. Stories of darkness never are very fun to read, and aren’t very popular either, but nonetheless they happen.

         It’s going to be another sleepless night I…


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I Am Not a P#$$Y - this video contains mild swear words.

In which Hank rants about being taunted while riding his bike (which is, btw, very unsettling) and then talks a bit about bullying and he he dealt with it (he didn't) and how you should deal with it (survive.)

The thing about bullies is that they are weak people. The bike taunting story is true, but it's also a metaphor. Bullies bully because they are weak, not… Continue

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Nameless Face...

Hows about a poem?


You tell me your name,

But I do not understand.

They call after you, and I don’t hear it.

Staring down upon because you must,

Your face confused.

I see you as something… Continue

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Ever Wonder...?

So today I have been wondering a lot, mind you, this is not really a new thing.

but, today a bit different, I started to think about a new painting Idea but I could really think of any!

I seriously don't want to do any more landscapes.

so, any Ideas fellow NerdFighters?


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Waiter Haters

ok i've wanted to do a blog now for a while so here it goes :) .


ok so the first thing i wanna talk about are waiter haters. now i dont expect many people to know what this is although i'd be surprised if most people here dont. so i'll explain just in case, a waiter hater is somebody who judges…


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Your School Hates You and it Wants You to Suffer :D

Two things: first, I apologize for the length of this. Second, I just want to let all you college students know that your school hates you and want you to suffer. Explanation below.


So, at the beginning of January, I got a tuition bill from my school. I noticed it was $4000 more than it should have been, due to a balance from last term. I knew this was wrong, but it didn't surprise me. As all Baruch students know, every semester there is a problem with the bills, resulting in…


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I hate valentines

I've never been good with words but I've always been pretty decent with music.

I put my feelings about valentines day into a…


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Going to Canada... TOMORROW!

Yes, so I'm off to Canada till Wednesday 26th (back home in England on the 27th, hate overnight flights). Skiing in Panorama resort! Should be nice. Traveling not so nice as I hate flying (think I mentioned it in my last blog), but might be made a little better since I'll be wearing my DFTBA t-shirt at the airport and most likely talking into a camera! So I'll be wittering away into a camera trying to keep calm and not to forget to be awesome. Same while on the plane. Will be reading and…


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Being ME.

I like anime.

I don't think you heard me... I like ANIME


I've just recently finished my first term at 6th Form (it's an English thing...) with lovely passing 'C' grades - which, I should probably let you know, is said with great sarcasm as I should be getting at least B's by now.


The problem is: anime!



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Life: Live It

The world keeps turnin

Life goes on

People may leave

You will stay

You can't stop it

Hope is golden

Hate is coal

One stays forever

One burns; it's gone

Some may say:

coal turn to diamond

But only with pressure and time

It changes into something new

Hate becomes love

Coal becomes diamond

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Day 82: People like potatoes?

So I recently found that a majority of people on campus like potatoes. I find this odd. Personally, potatoes only interest me in the mashed variety. The worst part was when the potatoes joined forces and tried to take over. It was not a fun time. Luckily, we were able to rise up against the forces of potatoes and destroy them. We've had nothing to eat but potatoes since.

Ok, seriously, there wasn't really a potato invasion. Today is April Fool's Day. So yay fun times! In…

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nr.7 hi agien

i fínd myself writing at a school cpu at breaktime! the libery is getting new walls and closed perioductly after my last post, well anywhay, lets start!!!!!

u know, i hate life right now! heres why:

im having a play with my theater group in 2 weeks and the script issent even finished!!!! we have 2 weeks to learn the entire play! damn it!!!

my friend is sick so i have no one to talk to!

im failing in spanish, in…


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for the last couple of weeks if been finding myself more and more at the mall. I live in this small town in the armpit of Texas and there is not much to do. so me and my friends( dont even look like were friends) go to the mall and we usually just watch a movie and such .... its just getting boring. i want to do something that will change how i view this little town or the people here. there so into the mainstream media that even the good looking guys get rejected just because of "not being… Continue

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