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Today has been quite overwhelming in my journey as a college student. I promise you that when I graduated high school I did not think I would be where I am today. While overall, I feel like I should be disappointed, but surprisingly I'm not. In the two years since I've graduated high school I have made many friends and I've learned quite a bit about myself. I know that if I originally had pursued the degree I was originally after, I would not have been happy with the outcome.



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Cancer Sucks

Nearing the end of my first semester in school I was diagnosed with Stage 2 Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Cancer is difficult in the first place, but when it cuts through the your first year of high school you start to hate it even more. I didn't understand it. Not really, not in its entirety. I understood the sharpness of its edges. The way it could make a whole into halves. The way it swooped in on black sticky wings and turned bright days into dark ones. That i could understand, but the simplicity…


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The End of an Era

So last week I graduated high school. It's funny, because at the ceremony, so many people were so upset and emotional- let's just say I got more than my fair share of tears all over my blazer. But I didn't cry at all. I know I should be sad about leaving, but really- I'm just excited.

Not it's not just your typical teenager 'I hate everyone; I'm so glad I never have to see anyone ever again; you all ruined my life' sentiments, although I'd be lying if I said that I'd never thought…


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Book Review: High Rhulain, by Brian Jacques (minor spoilers)

After all of those wonderfully depressing books I read in the winter, I was quite ready for my Redwall fix.  And there are still at least five Tales of Redwall that I haven't yet read (I believe there are 21 or 23 altogether).

This is one of the tales which branches out beyond the borders of Mossflower, even further than Salamandastron, the mountain of hares and badgers.  The climax of this tale takes place on Green Isle, an island on the Western Sea to which a young Redwall…


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Growing up and Adulthood Questions Answered

In which Hank doesn't go to an airport to answer your questions about growing up and adulthood. Everything from how to make friends to what taxes are like.

Mongols shirt:

No Edge Poster:…


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Things I've Learned

Things I’ve Learned from Middle School

1. Microwave your sponge for a minute every week to kill the germs on it.

Forreal. This is a handy tip from Mr. Ordons, my 6th grade earth science teacher. He was something of a health nut and had us log our meals for a week, among other things. But, he assured us, he has his weaknesses too! I remember him pulling out a box of girl scout cookies and saying that he’ll eat a fourth of a box in a day…


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Everybody's changing and I don't feel right

I was talking to Julian today when he was driving me home. My iPod was on shuffle and Everybody changes came on. Everybody Changes. Everybody changes? Everybody changes!

            I'm not sure how much I believe that. I keep seeing people on facebook and twitter saying things like "thank god I'm not who I was in high school" or "so glad I changed". I haven't changed... not really. The only thing that has really changed is the way I wear my hair.

I'm the exact same person.

-I would… Continue

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Grab it By The Testicle

A poem for the college and high school graduates of the year 2011 (and future years as well...I believe it all applies.) Also, past years, if we can ever figure out how make YouTube videos go back in time.

Also, I would like to offer this video to graduates of schools (or whatever it is they have) on other planets. all of you...get ready to...KEEP LEARNING! With less structure and fewer metrics for… Continue

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Moe and the Lawns

When John Green was younger he came up with a list of band names for various styles of music. One of those band names was "Moe and the Lawns."

I think about that name every time I have to mow the lawn, which I did today. As I mowed, I thought about how society forms some rather strange customs. When did people first begin the process of maintaining lawns? What was the purpose? Aside from keeping the yard from getting extraordinarily muddy, of course. But why do we spend so much time… Continue

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Stories From MV #1 - The Pastorial Office

     I believe in my post yesterday I mentioned the Pastorial Office and how I have many fond memories of that room (  see...I did say that :P).  I guess now is as good a time as any to say that most people are aware that "pastorial" isn't a word and that it's supposed to be "pastoral", but the people who read the announcements for as long as I can…


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1/13: High Jump and the Zodiac

Today I have two very random and entirely unrelated topics.


Topic 1: HIGH JUMP!

I am a high jumper. This is a track event where you…


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allright kids...let's talk bullys**t

So, besides me, what was your opinion on the latest Glee episode and its important message? (in case you forgot or missed the episode, it was bullying.)
I used to be a huge target for bullying-and why not? I am tall, awkward, spacey, and a smarty-pants. I have a kooky style-and I'm not exactly the love guru. And I used to hate myself for that.
But now, I feel okay about it--because I know everyone has at least one feature that they dislike about themselves.
Don't get…

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Probability 101

In which Hank discusses the basics of probability, the art of finding meaning in randomness. And it's there, it's all over, everywhere! Master these simple rules and you'll always know what's coming...except not really.

Thanks to Karen Kavett for the graphics!… Continue

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Love isn't for anyone in High School and Below (An Opinionative Blog Post... Maybe a bit of a Rant)

[WARNING, IF YOU ARE READING THIS JUST SO YOU CAN START A GIANT FLAME WAR. GO AWAY!!! Only for serious mature people with opinions... Seriously.]

Hello NerdFighteria,

I am here with a heavy chest and a confused mind to let out my sorrows and discuss an important subject. Love. Especially High School Love. We've all gone through this hormonal change where we realize, oh, boys aren't icky after all. The thought makes me shudder. Even kids who are suppose to think…

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Facebook "friends"

So, today I edited my friend list on Facebook. I must say it feels good. Often I wouldn't post things because I didn't want people I use to know to see them, then I thought...

I am not required to keep anyone on my Facebook! It is mine!

So after about half a second of guilt I went through and deleted all the "friends" I…

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Skipping class to make a difference

Well first off yay first blog post. "HAPPY DANCE"

I feel conflicted today. I am skipping college classes which I hate missing, not only is it the principle of the thing but they are two of my favorite classes of all time American Sign Language 1 and Fencing. Come on who doesn't want to be a Nerdfighting pirate ninja in a class.

But I'm skipping them to teach high school students how to make a motor to encourage them to go to college and study the…

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How Facebook can make a girl madly jealous about a boy, but yet make her feel like a creepy person.

I guess this can go both ways, but here it goes:

-Girl logs into Facebook.

-She has a crush on a guy and is friends with him online.

-He has made a post and/or became friends with someone, so she decides to go on his profile.

-Of course, she tells herself she isn't checking out his page for the tenth time today, just checking to see if he liked anything else she might…


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Hogwarts & High School

This is something I wrote for my blog entitled "Idealistic Cynicism: Nothing is Safe." However, I think that this community will appreciate it more than people at home originally did.

J. K. Rowling, renowned author of the Harry Potter series, truly hit the mark when it came to adolescence and growing up in middle school and high school. Everyone knows that her description of teenage angst is a perfect representation of real life, but not everyone can immediately see the…

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Moving & High School

Good Afternoon Nerdfighters, it's Saturday!

Two weeks ago I moved away from Jacksonville, FL, the city I'd lived in for almost 14 years. I am now 1,000 miles north, in the state of New Jersey. Culture shock! For one, it's like, cold here in the mornings, at night, and when it's raining. It's really strange to put on a light jacket or long sleeves in the middle of August for me, but I do have to say I prefer it to a regular heat index of 108 degrees fahrenheit. I found New…


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Stuffed and Starved by Raj Patel, Analysis of Chapter 5, The Customer is Our Enemy: A Brief Introduction to the Food System Business

While Chapter 5 of Stuffed and Starved is called The Customer is Our Enemy: A Brief Introduction to the Food System Business, it focuses very little on the customer. I am very interested in the customer's role in this

industry, but Raj Patel's real focus for this chapter is interesting as well. He focuses on the "crony-capitalism" of the food industry. Crony-capitalism are my own words, taken from Ron Paul…


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