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hearts and flowers.

So, someone just asked on Facebook which has been my best valentines day so far. I wasn't the first one who answered so, I needed to read the answers ahead of mine.

And it was kind of weird at first, because everybody was like: 'the best valentines day for me, was…


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Exciting Times

Well, I don't know if anyone is actually reading this, but if you are, hello, and welcome to whatever the heck this is.

I mean, I know this is a blog post, but like. It's one of my blog posts. Which means it's a place of... weirdness and what-the-heckness and too many capital letters and keyboard smashes.


I did my exams a few months ago and I got my results this week. The SQA board's way of marking is totally confusing, but basically I got five As…


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I survived the Great Internet Drought of 2012-2013.

As of two days ago, my house got Internet. For the first time since September 2012. 

You got it, nerdy folk. I went through practically my entire junior year of high school in a public education system that assumes all students have Internet and assigns tasks as such. 

I deserve a medal. A big one. 

I had just gotten used to roughin' it at home, in the middle of no where, then BAM, we're back online, and all I wanna do is surf until I get keyboard calluses on my fingers…


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Hello world!

I don't really know what this is for so i'm just going to say HELLO NERDFIGHTERIA!!! I'm Kelly. I'm almost a Junior in College and I live in sunny Florida. Wanna introduce yourself? Feel free to leave a comment below with a little bit about you. Thanks for reading this!



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This is my first post and the blinking cusor is intimidating. In front of me is a beautiful blank canvas and I am expected to fill it with my thoughts and my mindless wonders.  My computer obviously shows no sympathy, the cursor just blinks and blinks (I think it's mocking me)... But if we want to get deep and philosophical I guess the blinking cursor and the blank canvas could be a metaphor for life. (Cheese Alert!!!) We are born so pure, innocent and naive, like the blank text box. We…

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What do I watch on TV?

It seems that everything has either ended or not started yet. Glee finished last week. Yes I like Glee and when I told one of my friends this she actually' aww'ed me like there was something seriously wrong with me. But don't worry I don't go around calling myself a 'Gleek'.

Doctor Who isn't starting until autumn, I read somewhere. I think I'm actually going crazy with withdrawal and have to watch old episodes to keep what's left of my sanity. Seeing as it's only just summmer I'm…


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What am i even doing

I just made this account and i'm already terribly confused. I thought i'd make a blog post because i found out how to? I have no idea what i am doing.



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Hooray I have finished my profile on this glorious website and now I've found out through on of John's older videos that I can write a blog post, so I might as well do that.  This website is so shiny and new and there is a photograph in the sidebar of Hank with a comparison shot of Commissioner Gordon, and a bunch of Dr. Who pictures, and Homestuck fanart, and what is that infernal beeping noise?  

So I realize I probably shouldn't use this as a place to thought dump, but that…


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Defenition of Nerdfighter(:

Nerdfighteria:-noun-1.Community of nerdfighters (no distinct place or area) - (see Nerdfighter defenition)

Nerdfighter:- - noun - 1. A person or other wordly creature or character who is by definition a nerd who works to decrease "worldsuck" by creature large amounts of awesome. 2. Hank Green and John Green.

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thirteen year old in need of a penpal

now if you are to comment saying I'd like to be your penpal you wont geet picked i would like some reasons why you want to be my penpal if you dont speak english please dont ask I'm sorry i only know english. below is a list of things I like and dislikes.

Some things I like- gaming, let's playing, marching band (witch i view as a sport), nintendo, mario, learning obscure facts and quotes, math, public speaking, math, science, mind games, Harry Potter, Artemis Fowl, The hunger games…


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Rewriting history

What makes a fact a fact? How is knowledge created?  Can something we know to be true not  necessarily be “correct”. Popular belief makes something to be "factual or correct" however it can actually be incorrect. An example of this could be the term 'survival of the fittest' which is attributed to Charles Darwin when in actual fact Herbert Spencer originally coined the term. But if a survey was concluded on laymen asking who… Continue

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Happy Birthday John-a letter to Nerdifigheria(well,a short letter)

So right now,it's 3:30 in the morning here. I couldn't sleep. It's also John Green's birthday, and he is one of the most awesome people in the history of the world, but we all know that.

Since my country and America have a significant time difference, it's still the 24th of August there. So Hank uploaded the video to wish John a happy birthday, and once Hank started talking about the firetrucking awesome present Nerdifighteria got,neh, made John,I teared up. And by the end of the…


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I Dreamt I Danced In Serenity

      I dreamt I stood in a field of grass, the breeze danced gently upon my face and played with strands of my hair.

     I was looking towards the west, the field of grass extended all the way to a line of trees, and through the trees i could see the glimmer of sunset on water. I looked behind me and saw grassy hills that gave way to sharp rocky formations which extended both ways around to meet far behind the trees and…


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HARRY POTTER!!!!!!!!!!! Part 2

Now that you have seen me essentially rant about the Harry Potter movies, let's look into why I thought the movies were good.


First of all, like last time, there may be spoilers in this blog, so ye have been warned.


If there is one thing I felt these movies did well, it was the casting. Everyone (for the most part) looked, sounded, and acted the part. It's hard to pick out favorites among the actors because all of them were so superb. I could spend an entire…


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HARRY POTTER!!!!!!!!!!!

I recently got back from a trip cross-country to watch my cousin get married. It was a wonderful trip and I greatly enjoyed it and I will tell you all about it. First, though, there is something more important to talk about.


I watched the final Harry Potter movie.


As such, I think it's fitting to give my opinion on the entire movie franchise. That is, my opinion on the movies. That was a weird way of putting it. Anywho, I'm going to split this up into two…


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This is cool..

Age: 16.

Birthday: may 7th.

Rules: Never forgetting to be awesome.


1. Last beverage: Mount. dew.

2. Last phone call: My mother.

3. Last text message: Reem.

4.Last song: MCR- Dead.

5. Last time you cried: Today.


6. Dated someone twice: No.

7. Been cheated on: No.

8. Kissed someone & regretted it: No.

9. Lost someone special: Not really, no.

10. Been…


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So I'm thinking about becoming an active Nerdfighter: First Post Here

Warning: Here's my incredible insecure post that I don't even believe truly belongs here but I'm just trying out to get a feel of this all and the response towards this. Be real, but don't rip me a new hole. I only want my ears pierced once each. And here. we. go.

"I thought you didn't like labels."

Lady, who are you to tell me what I like. "I think I changed my mind."

I used to not label myself. Well, I used to not do a lot of things. I used to promote family and…


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Ever Wonder...?

So today I have been wondering a lot, mind you, this is not really a new thing.

but, today a bit different, I started to think about a new painting Idea but I could really think of any!

I seriously don't want to do any more landscapes.

so, any Ideas fellow NerdFighters?


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The Good Girl Box: My labyrinth of boring

There was a vlogbrothers video recently in which john went back to the boarding school where he went to high school. The boarding school was also the setting for the fabulous book: Looking For Alaska. He talks

about his nostalgia for the place. The “Smoking hole” by the river, where he allegedly

smoked cigarettes while musing philosophically, the beautiful grounds, the mean

swan in the lake which is, miraculously, still alive and well, and the empty…


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Books, the short and sweet one...

..Guess who forgot that today is Tuesday and therefore needs to write out a books post pretty quickly? That's right, me.  I have all of my closest friends downstairs for our annual Christmas gathering .. and I'm upstairs hopelessly devoted to all you lovely nerdfighters.  Nerdfighters who made me cry like crazy for P4A. Well done all of you, I'm so proud to be part of this community.


Onto business!  December is quickly coming to an end, which means you have just over a week…


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