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Tony and I ^^^

This is not a real story, it's just a fantasy.. But I hope you'll like it and I hope it would make you smile and feel awesome XD

Tony and I

I'm sleeping in my bed...

It's 11 am...

suddenly someone knocks on…


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I'm not really sure why I made one of these.

I'll probably forget about this by the end of the week.

It's whatever.

Happy Friday.

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I have no idea what I am doing...

Because I have never been in a Ning before.


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Nerdfighteria Makes Me Happy


I write for a web magazine on my campus The Common Voice ( and we recently put up our first issue. EXICTEMENT LEVELS ARE SO HIGH! So, for my first article I wrote about something I was really passionate about. Something I really cared about. Of course, that thing is Nerdfighters and Nerdfighteria. The article started as a general YouTube is awesome but sort of morphed into Nerdfighters for the win. I'm quite pleased with it. I went sort of…


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Love isn't for anyone in High School and Below (An Opinionative Blog Post... Maybe a bit of a Rant)

[WARNING, IF YOU ARE READING THIS JUST SO YOU CAN START A GIANT FLAME WAR. GO AWAY!!! Only for serious mature people with opinions... Seriously.]

Hello NerdFighteria,

I am here with a heavy chest and a confused mind to let out my sorrows and discuss an important subject. Love. Especially High School Love. We've all gone through this hormonal change where we realize, oh, boys aren't icky after all. The thought makes me shudder. Even kids who are suppose to think…

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Day 266: Things That Amuse Me #26

For today's Things That Amuse Me, I'm going to talk about another website.

Things That Amuse Me #26: Oddee

Oddee is a website that I found relatively recently (probably about a year ago). It's a collection of lists of a variety of topics. It describes itself as "A Blog on Oddities: the odd, bizarre and strange things of our world." This is a very accurate description of this website.

It has such a variety of topics,…

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Charles W Video Blog Episode #064 - Broken, But Not As Bad As Everyone Thinks

Charles W Video Blog Episode #064

Broken, But Not As Bad As Everyone Thinks

Recorded on 10/03/10

In this episode, I decide to talk about something that is bothering me, the perceived state of the education system in this country.

Clive’s Angels (Clive designed my new logo…show him some love!!!)

My Blogger:… Continue

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Who am I?

I made it through week one of the PFW(see earlier blogpsts) a day early, and decided to put it up on here tonight, because i might forget tomorrow. so, without further ado, here is week one's challenge (write a mystery containing only on character):

Who am I?…


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What is that mysterious ringing noise?

I was watching one of the vlogbrothers videos a moment ago, and this website was up in another tab, and I kept hearing this weird noise that sounds like half a telephone ring. Maybe even just 1/8 of a telephone ring. It's the very beginning, before it's fully gotten into its ringing. And I was sitting there, thinking, "Hank should really just pause the camera and answer his strange-sounding phone." But he was completely ignoring it, and I was thinking, "Man, that guy is lazy and weird if he…


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Day 228: Things That Annoy Me #21 on a Thursday

I'm going to move Things That Annoy Me to today, because I'm going to be busy tomorrow. Why? I'll let you know on Saturday. It's a secret. I'm hoping to still be able to post a blog tomorrow, but it will be a short one if I do. So, anyway, today's Things That Annoy Me is triggered by an event that's not really recent and yet can't seem to die.

Things That Annoy Me #21: Intolerance to other religions

I'm not going to spend too much time on this…

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nerdfighting o.O

So, um, I'm in search of o a fellow PokeMaster to do the mono-type team challenge with every type on either HG/SS or Pearl. Um, if you happen to find this please contact me so we can race! That would be like totally awesome. PLEAAAAASEEEEEE contact me before the end of the summer. Or don't. Whichever. But come on people I'm desperate I am the only PokeMaster at my school and I'm desperate :/

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Day 180: I'm back

No Things That Annoy Me today.

I'm just writing a quick blog to let all of you know that I am back home and there were no dilemmas in my getting home. I had a fun week and I'll tell you all about it tomorrow.

Right now, I'm exhausted and am probably going to go upload pictures from vacation and put them on Facebook. Hope you all had a fun week.

What fun things have you done this week (or just what have you done this…

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Z's are not cool

I don't want to hate on one of the least-used letters of the alphabet, but using them instead of the proper 's' in plural forms isn't what I consider acceptable.

My friend started this Facebook private message thread involving our school friends.I was addressed in it. After a few days of being alive as a PM, it's pretty much just sitting there in our inboxes.

My friend (who I've known for ten years and have a strong friendship with) posted a "hey guyzzzzzzzzz" in the… Continue

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john was mentioned

I was watching the bbc program russel howads good new's and russel ask the audience '' who they wanted to be prime minister'' and somebody shouted out john green -go nerdfighters-

P.S. If you live in america or anywhere outside of england I don't think you can watch it sorry.

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Day 89: This I Believe

Last semester, the Honors Program gave all the Honors kids a book entitled "This I Believe." It was a collection of essays from famous people and not so famous people encompassing what they believe. For my Critical Thinking class, our teacher had us write our own. I decided today to post it here for people to read if they want to. And this way you can look into some of my writing.…


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hello nerdfighter world

hello. my name's george. :)
i don't even know who gets to see this and shizz but it looks like fun anyways.
i like uploading to youtube and being a nerfighter. i really want a nerdfighter top. like crazy.
i love john and hank. they rock my world. i've just found all of john's books after searching like crazy for them, cos sadly no one knows who he is in england. thats cos we're all stupid, uptight losers.
well thats about it from me. i don't even know who's…

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Day 82: People like potatoes?

So I recently found that a majority of people on campus like potatoes. I find this odd. Personally, potatoes only interest me in the mashed variety. The worst part was when the potatoes joined forces and tried to take over. It was not a fun time. Luckily, we were able to rise up against the forces of potatoes and destroy them. We've had nothing to eat but potatoes since.

Ok, seriously, there wasn't really a potato invasion. Today is April Fool's Day. So yay fun times! In…

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Thanks for helping me win the contest Nerdfighters

Thank you Nerdfighteria!!

It is largely because of your support that today I won the competition I had been losing a lot of sleep over since February 1st.

It was a view based competition being run by Samsung. I created a series entitled The 20-Something's Guide to Sustainable Living and needed to obtain the most views out of six people to win and I did it!

I will be going to New York (I'm Australian) and… Continue

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i feel lonely.


The weather is completely beautiful today; Like the kind of beautiful where you just want to spin around in circles and dance. I'm so excited for the warmness to get here, I can hardly wait. Today was a weird day. We had a fire drill because someone pulled the alarm and when we went out side I thought it would be a good idea to sit down. i sat in goose crap.. yeah pleasant. My life has just been spiraling out of control. And by the way that crazy guy whose posted… Continue

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nr.7 hi agien

i fínd myself writing at a school cpu at breaktime! the libery is getting new walls and closed perioductly after my last post, well anywhay, lets start!!!!!

u know, i hate life right now! heres why:

im having a play with my theater group in 2 weeks and the script issent even finished!!!! we have 2 weeks to learn the entire play! damn it!!!

my friend is sick so i have no one to talk to!

im failing in spanish, in…


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