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11/12 - Random thoughts of the day

Hello Nerdfighters and people in the interwebs,

So, I've always wanted to put together a little blog of things I think during the day, things I do, etc. While I know few people will give a rat's ass about my thoughts and things I do.... if I've learn something from the past two months of craziness ( lost my jobs, moved into my parents place, got my yoga training certification,working on phd applications, etc.) is that I need to act on the things I say. I talk a lot...A LOT... ask…


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A song, for Esther Day

Hi Everyone,

Last year, when my mom was in the hospital, I discovered the Vlogbrothers, Nerdfighters, and the story of Esther Earl. Feeling inspired and a bit depressed, I wrote this song. I decided that I would record it today for Esther Day.

I hope it helps you if you need it. It was cathartic to write.

(I don’t want to push this sort of thing, but if you do like it, it’s only a dollar on my bandcamp page. :) You can also find the lyrics on the song…


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Getting Back In The Swing of Things

As you'll notice if you look at my activity on this site - or my activity on any site, really, I'm not really a regular poster. I don't follow some sort of schedule, I never really think ahead about the kind of things I'm going to talk about or post about. The majority of my blogs, fiction profiles, facebook, forums, etc, etc are all sporadic. I'll make a youtube video and post it one week and then accidentally wait a month before the next and it's been at least a year since I've posted on…


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My Pockets

     For as long as I can remember I have had this fear of being bored. I don't like having nothing to do so I have always had something in my pocket to keep me entertained. It was probably best since I had a stay-at-home-mom and until I was in school I followed my mother around in all her errands. It kept me (relatively) behaved and let her focus on what she needed to do.…


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Selling Tee Shirts to raise money!

Hey guys I'm selling tshirts in order to raise money to kickstart my business. I need to sell 50 of them by the end of this week. They are only 15 dollars and it would mean so much to me if you could share the link or pick one up for yourself.

I'm selling them here:

Please help me out I would really appreciate it!

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The Fault in Our Stars Trailer is live!

As the majority of the Nerdfighting community will already know, TFIOS had its trailer released not so long ago and can be viewed below. I personally cannot wait for this (so far) seemingly amazing adaptation!.



Dave J.


Added by Dave Johnson on January 30, 2014 at 9:30am — 3 Comments

July 8th, 2013

Dear Reader(s),

I'm not exactly sure how to start this detailed telling of my life-so-far, so I'll describe the place I was born.

Carpinteria, California. Some may know of it, most may not. Carp is a small town about 15 minutes towards the coast from Santa Barbra. It's a small town, but bigger than the place I live now. This little hippie town is right on the beach. I remember growing up, seeing sand on all the main roads during March and April when it would get windy.



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Faith in Humanity

So, just some background information before my story starts. I have an identical twin brother and we had both moved from our hometown about a year ago. That being said, many people get us mixed up. Most people call me by my brothers name because he is the more popular one. I happen to walk into a Starbucks and someone I went to school with and didn't know very well from a few years back not only recognized me, but correctly called me by my first and last name. That honestly made my day,…


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inner thoughts

Uh, hello. I'm new here, and I was just wondering if anyone else has had this happen to them: Hearing things in someone else's voice after you read or watch something of theirs. Particularly if you really enjoyed that something. For example, right now every other thought in my brain right now is in John Green's voice, as creepy and as fangirlish as that sounds. It happens with books or articles as well; I read a really good one, or one that just has a message that really sticks with me, and…


Added by Natalie H. on May 28, 2013 at 6:00pm — 2 Comments

i'm new, forgive me.

i should be studying algebra two, but nah..

Last night, in the wee hours of the night (12:00, because i'm tough like that) i read "Daddy" by Sylvia Plath. talk about intense, eh? i highly recommend reading it once and daring in the thought. 

my questions:

does she hate her father?

does she love her father?

why compare him to this cult of people?

could we today, ever understand this feeling? in this little world where no ones starves, troubles…


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"Succinct" isn't something I've mastered to a T yet. I've got cynicism, drawing, fantabulous hair and bountiful levels of aspirations and optimism (highly aware of the juxtaposition to the cynicism) all mastered and under my Batman belt, stored in my repertoire of things I have mastered to a T, but succinctness, dancing and larger wrists are all things that I have not got mastered to a T. 

I've attempted to create blogs in the past, and have either gone off on tangents, been…


Added by Simon Allan on December 9, 2012 at 3:00pm — 1 Comment

Started Catcher in the Rye and Opinions (no spoilers)

So I started Catcher in the Rye this evening gotten to chapter 4 and have to say I'm enjoying myself thoroughly which to be honest surprises me because usually I don't do well with most books that are considered classic. However I find Holdens narrative witty and interesting but most of all identifiable. 

So reading Catcher in the Rye has reminded me of something I've been thing about lately how peoples opinion affect our own opinions and how this isn't always good.  So the…


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Halloween Competition Time and a Research Project...

So All Hallows Eve is approaching… The one night of the year where creatures that go bump in the night (and I am not just talking about Itai going to the bathroom) crawl out of the woodwork and lurk in search of prey… or just candy! It is a time of merriment and spooky fun as many people across the world don costumes themed on the occult and the scary to celebrate Halloween. In the spirit of this time of year we want to see just how creative the Nerdfighter community can be!



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Just a Dandelion


I am just a dandelion – as every person inhabiting planet earth. Eternity is a concept beyond my grasps and comprehensions. It comprises of thousands, billions of momentary lives – like mine and yours. We flicker on and out. We are here one moment and the next we may be gone. How much…


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Put a Penny in the Slot

Listen Jena (and unborn child), in the wake of my blitz of Batman blogs several weeks back, I did not expect so many nice people to read. What I did expect, though, was that someone would eventually accuse me of giving Christopher Nolan too much credit. I think maybe I did, but that is the best way to enjoy a good story.

Many students struggle in English class with the question of the author’s intent. The teacher (or some…


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oh the little things

it seems interesting how as we go through life things become less and less wondrous as we get used to our routines we stop noticing amazing things for instance the amazing things about the places we live in today for instance i had not been to seaport and besides the fact that i vomited there due to lack of food and possibly slight dehydration i found it amazing being there again i usually don't go because i figure "oh I've been there before" or "im to busy" or the obvious "im to lazy" but…


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to that anonymous nerdfighter who goes around glasgow putting letters into books

So I recently bought Looking for Alaska, when I was on vacation in Glasgow.

I'd meant to read it for years.

And I didn't start reading until I was back home.

And as I opened the book, out fell this letter.

And here's what it said:…


Added by Lena Katharina on September 8, 2012 at 8:00am — 2 Comments

Thanks john

dear john,

I never was the kind of guy that read much,id rather play a videogame, watch TV or play rugby, but one day, as I was touring UK I saw the fault in our stars in a bookshelf and, being a nerd fighter, i felt I had to buy it.I had never read any book that wasn't imposed to me by my school, and this book reading thing was all new to me, but I decided to give your's a shot. I read the whole damn book in two days, and considering that my average reading speed is a page every two…


Added by Juan Pablo Suazo on August 31, 2012 at 6:57pm — 1 Comment

Swot Sisters Begins

My sister Mary and I have just started a Vlogbrothers-esque Nerdfighters vlog. Please take a moment to check it out! Subscribe, Like, Comment and Share if you like what you see! DFTBA!

Video behind the cut!

Added by Sarah Hickox on August 22, 2012 at 6:00pm — No Comments

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