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Answering Questions

This is my answer to the questions John left us in one of the latest editions of Looking For Alaska.


Some intentionally vague and broad discussion questions”

  1. I think it is. Mainly because I believe that forgiveness isn’t answering “It’s okay” when someone says “I’m sorry”. Forgiveness is an internal process. Forgiveness is not about saying “I forgive you”. Forgiveness is about accepting that we all make mistakes, we always have…

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New Nerdfighter caught up - sort of an open letter to John and Hank

Okay.. Okay.. Feeling the semi-anxiety creeping up on me. First Nerdfighter blog-post. 

So, I watched my first whole vlogbrothers video on the 20th of october 2014. Now, almost one month later, i have caught up with you guys! 

I started from the beginning, so all your videos are watched to me! (all your bases are belong to us-jokes.. anyone?) I feels so strange to be "finished" with your videos. When you look at the video count There is 1242 videos, and it took me less than one…


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John Green and Being Beautiful.

This quote. There is so much truth in this quote. It's something that penetrates my heart. Because when I think about how many people get disregarded because of their outer appearance it makes me cringe inside. Not just for the people getting disregarded but for the people who could be missing out on a beautiful human being. That's what aches my soul. There are so many amazing humans that are so over looked because they aren't what society thinks is "BEAUTIFUL" . Well, here's what…


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Posted new YouTube video...

Here's the link to my latest video:
Please check it out and share, comment, etc.
It's about the labyrinth of Looking for Alaska.

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Hi. So, it's my first time to write a book review. And I' am quite exited on how it will turn out. First of all, English is not my forte, just tellin' yah. Please do your best to understand what I un…

Hi. So, it's my first time to write a book review. And I' am quite exited on how it will turn out. First of all, English is not my forte, just tellin' yah. Please do your best to understand what I understood from reading An Abundance of Katherines and please do read this book review not because you pity…


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Hey guys! So I just joined the beautiful thing that is tumblr and gwad I'm already addicted! I've followed hank and john (naturally) and also a whole pile of girly stuff like makeup artists and stuff. Also, I followed scandal (lurveee that stuff) and a couple of writers blogs! As well as some HG (AGHHHH I LOVE YOU PEETA) fanfiction a! Anyway, don't have timing for a long blog post! But I might give a small extract from my book! I'm now on page 67!! Wooooo!! Anyway, post any tips or happy… Continue

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What I learned from Paper Towns by John Green: A Contemplation in Six Parts

[Caution: contains spoilers]




Right off the bat, I will tell you this:  I loved Paper Towns.  Between this and The Fault in Our Stars (a.k.a. TFIOS), John Green manages to create a book that is quite actually depressing but somehow funny and entertaining.  TFIOS is, of course,…


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July 8th, 2013

Dear Reader(s),

I'm not exactly sure how to start this detailed telling of my life-so-far, so I'll describe the place I was born.

Carpinteria, California. Some may know of it, most may not. Carp is a small town about 15 minutes towards the coast from Santa Barbra. It's a small town, but bigger than the place I live now. This little hippie town is right on the beach. I remember growing up, seeing sand on all the main roads during March and April when it would get windy.



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inner thoughts

Uh, hello. I'm new here, and I was just wondering if anyone else has had this happen to them: Hearing things in someone else's voice after you read or watch something of theirs. Particularly if you really enjoyed that something. For example, right now every other thought in my brain right now is in John Green's voice, as creepy and as fangirlish as that sounds. It happens with books or articles as well; I read a really good one, or one that just has a message that really sticks with me, and…


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TLC: Suspicion

The Latin Chronicles

12 February 2013 21:04

The dusty books of class 23 hit the desk and released the particles of death that inhabited them. The yellow light that span through the curtains guarding the outside shone upon the desks as students moved and switched places. Although not a full lecture hall, it was not the smallest of classes, mostly those who were also studying History, English Literature or Performing arts. Room 309 housed daily Latin classes to those who wished…


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Megan Whitmer had a good day, John can make it better

I met Megan Whitmer on twitter a short time ago and we hit it off over her love of John's novels. She was an aspiring YA novelist and shared my passion for John's works (her favorite is Katherine's). She is a great person, and long story short, she found out yesterday her book is getting published. John, as you know, there is no more exciting news (other than "honey I'm pregnant) than finding out you got a book deal. She announced her news via a video that is saturated with joy and will…


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I just finished Looking For Alaska for the second time in my life. The first time I read it I was in seventh grade and didn't like it all that much. Now, 6 years later, I am a nerdfighter and I have …

I just finished Looking For Alaska for the second time in my life. The first time I read it I was in seventh grade and didn't like it all that much. Now, 6 years later, I am a nerdfighter and I have read all of John Green's books. The second time reading Looking for Alaska was definitely more impressionable than the first time. It meant a lot more to me. I am so glad that I gave it a second chance and that I read all of John's books even though I didn't like the first one I had read.  


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Attention Quincy College students

I will be attempting to create a "Quincy College Nerdfighters" club with the help of Lori Earl, Esther Earl's mother. I will try to be the best club "president" ever but I need your help. Currently I have 3 members, including myself. And two waiting for response. So if you or anyone you know goes to Quincy College in Quincy Mass let me know. I can add them to the list. Please, Thank you and DFTBA!

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This is my 1st Blog post I just wanted to share a story

So i went into a book shop... a bit high street bookshop we have in england.... I was looking for paper town but couldnt find it anywhere

So i go up to the till and ask the woman at the desk... Could you tell me where Paper towns by John green is. 

So she takes me to the other side of the shop. 

On the way there she starts asking if i've read any other of his books and I told her that i have read all of them…


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Thanks john

dear john,

I never was the kind of guy that read much,id rather play a videogame, watch TV or play rugby, but one day, as I was touring UK I saw the fault in our stars in a bookshelf and, being a nerd fighter, i felt I had to buy it.I had never read any book that wasn't imposed to me by my school, and this book reading thing was all new to me, but I decided to give your's a shot. I read the whole damn book in two days, and considering that my average reading speed is a page every two…


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Dear Mister-John-Riding-Shotgun-Green,

Right, I’ve named you Mr. Riding Shotgun. This isn’t a prank. I’ve read three of your books and, though it’s not surprising(well almost),  that “term” is always present. Im not sure with your others books though, that, actually, fueled up my curiosity, hence, I swear, I will read all of it. My interest on your writings however, doesn’t end with that reason.…

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Now Over Me, The Second Installation.

Now Over Me.

Written By Ben Paulukiewicz [Jin-Ja]


So I stood there, my ipod in my ears, my feet following the person in front, inside the corridors of the school, like one big game of follow the leader.

At my school, there were no uniforms, so I wore jeans, canvas shoes, a tee shirt and my favourite cotton dark cream jacket.

My friends thought I was Nathan Drake from the Uncharted Series.

I didn’t see it.  The jeans I wore were…


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Feeling More Alive: Fahrenheit 451's The Hearth and the Salamander

In which John discusses Part 1 of Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451, "The Hearth and the Salamander," including discussions of Guy Montag, Clarisse, the complicated relationship between technology and nature, and more. Huzzah for the Nerdfighter Book Club!

If you like learning, try crashcourse:…


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Fire is the word: destruction/ devistation/ disturbance/ ecological need

(Hello all just a friendly warning before you read I am dyslexic so be patient with me)

Part of my thesis with the Shultz fire is focusing on the historical managment of the area and also the public perception of fire that has helped shap how managment towards fire has effected the ecological health of dry forested areas.

I will kepp this short so discution can be the ruling topic.  I will keep to the three main topics that have shaped fire managment in…


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Tycho Brahe & Mandera Parsberg

I was looking through a videos and found this. it is a googlewhack the names above and a reference john makes in the below video. These guys were both Danish noble men and got in a dispute Tycho got his nose cut off. Tycho was also a talent astronomer who people speculate was killed by Kepler. 

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