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Crazy Nerdfighter Pick-Up Lines

I wanted to blog.

Though this is not entirely what I had in mind...I think this will suffice as something to blog about.

Viewer discretion is may not be able to handle the six pick-up lines I am about to type for you.



"So, I saw you wearing your Pizza John T-shirt a few days back, and, uh, I think it's pretty jokes."


"It might be just me, but something about the way your fingers furiously fly across your calculator is…


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On Humor

Here is a joke that's supposed to be funny to nearly everyone.  Maybe I'm a little outdated on my universal humor, but here it is.  You may have heard it before:


A cop gets a 911 emergency phone call from a man-

Man: Help!  I found him here!  I think he's dead!

Cop: Slow down slow down!  Check if he really is first!

Man: Alright

(Too loud gunshots ring out over the phone)

Man:  Yep, he's…


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Defying Wadsworth!

Laurena songs on iTunes:

In which John defies the so-called Wadsworth Constant, which maintains that the first 30% of all YouTube videos can safely be skipped, by giving you Halloween pumpkin tips, some quotes from James Joyce's Ulysses, The Fault in Our Stars, his signature, and so… Continue

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3 Haikus About Random stuff( and a joke)

Where are my pants, huh?

I left them right on the Bench

No Rex, those are mine


Son it's time to talk

Oh no, he just said that(gulp).

You need to learn Pi.


Goats are really weird.

They ate my homework for days.

My teacher says, Riiiight.


Knock knock

 who's there

interrupting cow





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Question Tuesday! (...on Wednesday)

The new book in the Nerdfighter Blurbing Book Club:

In which John discusses books, inspiration, reading, Europe, the Let It Snow movie deal, and being ridden by celebrity chef Paula Deen.

Pizza John shirts:… Continue

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31 Jokes for NERDS!

In which Hank tells some seriously nerdy jokes. Harry Potter, theoretical physics, Star Trek, Star Wars, Chemistry, Engineering, Philosophy, Math, Computer's all fair game.

I chose 31 because I knew I wasn't going to hit 50 and I wanted to do a prime number.

I made this video before Humpy Hank became a thing...but something tells me… Continue

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The Thread:

In which John discusses the career of Ivan IV, aka Ivan the Terrible, Russia's first self-declared Tsar (or czar depending on your transliteration). Further proof that history is… Continue

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Favorite Bad Jokes

This is a post of bad jokes. It may be added to at any time, so check back to see if more has been added.


A 9th grader was being rushed by her parents to hurry up and get dressed to go out to dinner.

Mom : Sweety, go get…


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Jingle Yoohoo!

I bet you've never heard anyone play jingle bells with yoohoo bottles!

I filled the yoohoo bottles with water till they were the right pitch :-) and then decided to play jingle bells on… Continue

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Funny Halloween Jokes!

Okay, so I've been seriously neglecting the Ning lately. On the other hand, I haven't been seriously neglecting my other project, The Minute Vlog. I'm going to start posting the weekdaily videos here, starting with this one. You can find my channel at… Continue

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Zebra Has Teeth

So about 6 months ago my buddy will and I recorded a song called "Zebra Has Teeth". We made it out of being bored and a week later we recorded a music video at the laundromat.

About 3 days ago my buddy finally edited the video and we now have our new music video "Zebra Has Teeth".

It was recorded on Will's Canon 5d Mark II... such a beautiful… Continue

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Eggs-celent Cooking Jokes

Today I thought I'd do a cooking vlog for ya'll.... I say ya'll because we're going southwestern style with this one… Continue

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Favorite October Jokes

I like october so I decided to share a few of my favorite october jokes… Continue

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How To Be a Nerdfighter: A Vlogbrothers FAQ

In which John and Hank give a brief overview of the first three years of the vlogbrothers youtube channel, discussing, among other topics: Puppy sized elephants, the Yeti, the Katherine, their real jobs, nerdfighters, nerdfighteria, Hank's web site, John's books, John's refusal to blink, Ze Frank, decepticons, DFTBA, stuff on heads, gatherings, french the llama, puff levels, giant squids of angers, tiny chicken disease, secret siblings, in your pants, and other details… Continue

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So I was bouncing around youtube instead of doing homework and this video came up on the most viewed videos of the day. (So it's very possible that you might have seen it by now.) As I'm watching it, i'm half expecting the prof to whip the camera back and forth saying "nerd jokes! nerd jokes! nerd jokes!"

I hope you guys… Continue

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What "BRB" Really Means...

So Cait and I were talking online and then I had to go afk, and this is what resulted:

Me: [talking about which name for a poem I wrote]

Me: so hard to decide...

Me: brb

Cait: k

---5 minutes later---

Me: okay so the bathroom called

Me: and he was all like

Me: "dude i havent seen you in like two days"

Me: and i'm all like

Me: "thats crazy i totally- omg you're right i was at dads"

Me: "oohh" the bathroom replied

Me:… Continue

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50 In Your Pants jokes in less than 4 minutes

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Some In My Pants Books...

So I glanced over to the bookshelf as I was sitting in the living room, and I noticed that quite a few of the story titles made some rather comical In My Pants jokes.. Here is a list of a few that I found particularly funny.

In no particular order...

- Girl's Poker Night

- Mama Makes Up Her Mind

- The Gilded Chamber

- Galileo's Daughter

- A Map of the World

- Three Cups of Tea

- Stones from the… Continue

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I'll be doing school this year online.

I'm actually really looking forward to it! I suppose I should have more social tendencies, but I'm a NERD. I'm allowed to love being a homebody.

Plus, free internet. And a free laptop. Though I have to give the laptop back by summer. Sadness.

Still, I'm pretty excited.

On another tangent!

I started a vlog with a friend of mine.

My friends… Continue

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The Goo Goo Dolls and Jokes

*WARNING* If you are viewing this because you hate the Goo Goo Dolls, think they are "gay", etc. then read no farther. I love the Goo's and would never slam them in my life. This I just think is lame and a tad bit funny. And, oh yes, I was bored.

Knock knock.
Who's there?
Iris who?
Iris I were at a Goo Goo Dolls concert.

Okay just had to get that out of me. The last statement is very true. And bye!

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