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Rereading The Fault in Our Stars

Hello fellow Nerdfighters,

After rereading The Fault in Our Stars for a second time, I have newly-found insights I felt like writing down.…


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I Tell People More Than I Should

I tell people about my life so that they can look out for me. I don't like it when people who I'm close to are put in the dark. Today five years ago, I saw my dad alive for the last time. He heard me say "I love you" for the very last time. It was the last time that I hugged him. It was the end to my life as I knew it. Tomorrow is the anniversary of his death. I'll go to school, do my work, and have friends supporting me the whole day. And it will pass with and underlying sadness.



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Freaking out

I think I'm having a quarter life crisis, (you can do that right?) I have a great job, a loving boyfriend and a nice house, and at 22 that's not bad. But I feel like my life is settling onto a path too soon. Like, soon I'll be marrying and having kids and it all feels wrong and too soon! I'm starting to feel like my life isn't going to take any twists and turns like I had hoped. I want to travel, and I want to write, and I want to experience everything I possibly can. I want to have the…


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How Books Have Changed My Life

Lots of people don't appreciate reading, in fact, most people at my school despise it. I think that is really sad because they can make such a big impact on how you see the world.

Before receiving the first Harry Potter book, I was very shy and didn't engage with many people. After receiving that novel I fell deep into the complex plot of the series and soon after, I was finished. I didn't even feel a change, but I noticed I started to make different kind of friends. People…


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Dear June

Inspired by EmilyOfNewGloom's Letters to July, I've spent the last year doing a video letter to each month. Here's June 2014.

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Simple Pleasures

     I can't sleep; my brain is just too awake and ready to work. So I'm going to empty it out a touch and see if that makes it a little easier to settle down and rest.

     Life is hectic, complicated, and overwhelming right from the get-go and it doesn't seem to really calm down much after that. 

     Some people find calm and clarity early in life, or what they can get any ways, and others never do. Happiness is a difficult thing sometimes. Finding things,…


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Seeing TFIOS on the big screen.

Hello my friends!

 I know it's been a very long time since I've updated you on my life (not that anyone seemed to notice!) The lack of views doesn't bother me too mush as this is more of an outlet for me to get everything out. More of an online diary if you will. I've finished some very stressful exams and played some pretty exciting matches.

 My life has been going pretty good lately and I think I've definitely happier since school finished. Recently, I went to see The Fault…


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My Pockets

     For as long as I can remember I have had this fear of being bored. I don't like having nothing to do so I have always had something in my pocket to keep me entertained. It was probably best since I had a stay-at-home-mom and until I was in school I followed my mother around in all her errands. It kept me (relatively) behaved and let her focus on what she needed to do.…


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I've been through a lot. Things people shouldn't have to deal with until they are much older. My mom had cancer when she was pregnant with me and survived. When I was 10, my dad died of cancer, the day before I turned 11. Since then I have been diagnosed with depression and anxiety. 

The Fault in Our Stars changed my view on cancer. I knew the effect it had on people but I didn't understand the emotions they were going through until…


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Document Your Life: Dear May

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Anecdotal boredom.

So I was waiting in a waiting room, (Which sounds repetitive and unoriginal--which is why it stands) and because the waiting room was practically empty and the receptionist had disappeared to wherever it is that receptionists go when the waiting room has one person in it--and they're clearly waiting for their mother, (in my case) I was awash in my own personal sea of boredom. I had my kindle but after the first hour I was tired of reading (gasp--inconceivable!). So like any female worth her…


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It's spring YAY

I've been keeping some secrets for along time now and I've finally got up the courage to tell some friends of mine. I don't actually know what's going to happen but I thought that writing a blog post about it might help. It's depressing when you feel alone and I know it was the right decision to share how I felt, but I can't help but regret it a little. But my friends have always been there for me so, they deserve for me to have some faith in them.:-)

You know the fact that it's getting… Continue

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Why is it so hard to have confidence in your writing? Is it because society tells us that if we love ourselves that we are cocky jerks? Why can't loving yourself and your writing be ok?

Writing is so emotional. Well, for me anyway. It's like taking a singular blood vessel from my body by myself and giving it to someone saying "Please take care of this. I need it back." It's so nerve-wracking because a literal part of you is in someone else's hands! YOUR DNA AND CELLS ARE IN SOMEONE'S…


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Hello! Nice to meet you, I'm...

I kind of felt like being new and all to Nerdfighteria, and still learning what to do my part meant that I should do an introduction.  So hello!  I'm Tori, it's nice to meet you.

 I'm 16 and ready to take on the world, as much as I can.  I grew up in Wyoming and it was here that I became a little more who I am now.  I love video-games, don't even get me started.  I…


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Hey guys! So I just joined the beautiful thing that is tumblr and gwad I'm already addicted! I've followed hank and john (naturally) and also a whole pile of girly stuff like makeup artists and stuff. Also, I followed scandal (lurveee that stuff) and a couple of writers blogs! As well as some HG (AGHHHH I LOVE YOU PEETA) fanfiction a! Anyway, don't have timing for a long blog post! But I might give a small extract from my book! I'm now on page 67!! Wooooo!! Anyway, post any tips or happy… Continue

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Keep Moving Forward


“Keep moving forward” is one of the major tag-lines in the Disney movie Meet the Robinson’s. For any of you who haven’t seen the movie (you need to go watch it this instant!) a boy named Lewis travels forward into the future of his own life – although he is unaware that it is his own life – and has to fix his time machine. When he claims he doesn’t even know what he’s…


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2¢ Adice Booth

I really enjoy listening to people and helping them with whatever little life questions they may have. I'm most certainly not a professional when it comes to therapy stuff. I feel as though I see things/situations differently than the "common other" person. From my personal experience, It's very hard to find unique advise.

I'm going to set up a little booth this weekend, Fri-Sun, and see who stops by.

Besides giving out advise, I'll walk around town and drop 75% of whatever…


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An extract from my diary - Fear

Hello, I am a male, strait, 15 year old, British Nerdfighter, to be honest probably one of the few, and I have decided to write out an extract from my diary from 6th Aug 2013. It is about fear.

'I have noticed that when I let myself go deep into my actual personality, I am very scared. For a while now I have been blocking that up and been a very different me. I have become an onlooker of myself (which is part of a conversation I had with my Mum on the car journey here). I…


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July 8th, 2013 (Continued)

Dear Reader(s),

        Leaving Carpinteria meant leaving a big part of me behind. Even at 6 years old I understood that. It meant leaving behind the Starbucks workers that knew mine and my Dad's order by heart, it meant leaving behind every family member I had ever met outside of my direct family. That was the hardest part.

       Everyone see's Hawaii as paradise, unless they live there. The commercials advertising Hawaii display resort beaches, resort restaurants, and, well,…


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July 8th, 2013

Dear Reader(s),

I'm not exactly sure how to start this detailed telling of my life-so-far, so I'll describe the place I was born.

Carpinteria, California. Some may know of it, most may not. Carp is a small town about 15 minutes towards the coast from Santa Barbra. It's a small town, but bigger than the place I live now. This little hippie town is right on the beach. I remember growing up, seeing sand on all the main roads during March and April when it would get windy.



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